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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1「那由厄東而來,身穿染紅了的衣服,那由波責辣而來,衣著華麗,力量強大,闊步前進的是誰啊﹖」「是宣佈正義,具有拯救大能的我。」1Who is this coming from Edom, majestically arrayed in crimson garments from Bozrah, marching in great strength? "It is I, proclaiming justice, I who am powerful to save."
2「你的服裝怎麼成了紅色,你的衣服好似一個踏酒醡的呢﹖」2Why are your clothes red, and your garments like those of men who tread the winepress?
3「因為唯獨我一人踐踏了酒醡,我的人民中沒有一個與我在一起。我在怒氣中踐踏了他們,我在怒火中蹂躪了他們,因此他們的血液濺到我的衣服上,我的服裝就完全染污了。3"Alone I have trod the grapes; not one of my people was with me. I trampled them in my anger, I trod them down in my wrath, their lifeblood spattering my garments, staining with crimson all my raiment.
4因為復仇的日子已在我心中,我施救的歲月已經來到。4For I had set a day of vengeance and my year of redemption had come.
5我四下觀看,但沒有人輔助;我驚愕四顧,但沒有人支持;因此惟有用我的手臂自行拯救,以我的怒氣來支持自己。5I looked about: there was no one to help. I was appalled: there was no one to give support. My own arm, then, brought about the victory, and I was supported by my own fury.
6我在怒氣中踐踏了民眾,我在怒火中粉碎了他們,使他們的鮮血流倒地下。」6I crushed the peoples in my anger, I trampled them down in my wrath, and on the earth I poured their lifeblood."
7我要依照上主以他的大慈大悲賜與我們的一切,和對以色列家所賜的宏福,稱頌上主的慈惠和上主可讚頌的作為。7I will sing in praise of Yahweh and recall his kindness, according to all that he has done for us, his great goodness to the family of Israel. He has granted us mercy in the abundance of his blessings.
8他曾說過:「他們的確是我的百姓,不行虛偽的子民;」因此他成了他們一切困難中的拯救者。8For he said: "Surely they are my people, sons who will not be disloyal." So he proved himself their Savior
9並不是使者,也不是天使拯救他們,而是他自己。他以自己的愛情和憐憫贖回了他們;在往日,他時常扶持他們,懷抱他們。9in all their trials. It was not a messenger or an angel but he himself who delivered them. Out of his love and mercy, he redeemed them, lifting them up and carrying them throughout the days of old.
10但是他們成了叛徒,刺傷了他的聖神;因此他變成了他們的敵人,親自攻擊他們。10Yet they rebelled, giving grief to his holy Spirit. So he turned and became their enemy, fighting against them.
11那時,他們想起古來的日子,想起他的僕人梅瑟。那引領羊群的牧者出離海洋的在那裡呢﹖那曾在他心中賦與自己聖神的在那裡呢﹖11His people then remembered the days of old, the days of Moses. Where is he who brought them out of the sea, the shepherd of his flock? Where is he who in the midst of them poured out his holy Spirit,
12那在梅瑟右邊以其榮耀的手臂,在百姓前分開海水,使自己獲得永遠聲譽的在那裡呢﹖12who sent his own power to accompany Moses, who divided the waters before them, winning for himself eternal renown,
13那領導他們走過深淵,有如馬行於曠野而不顛躓的在那裡呢﹖13who made them go through the depths as easily as a horse in the wilderness?
14上主的神怎樣領導走獸下到山谷,你也怎樣領導了你的百姓,好使你獲得一個光榮的名號。14Like cattle going down into the valley, they did not stumble. The spirit of Yahweh led them to their rest; you guided your people, winning for yourself glorious renown.
15如今求你從天垂顧,從你光榮的聖所俯視! 你的熱愛,你的大能和你的同情心在那裡呢﹖求你不要停止你的慈悲,15Look down from heaven, look down from your holy and glorious throne. Where is your zeal and your strength, the yearning of your heart and your compassion? How long will you ignore our pain?
16因為你是我們的父親;亞巴郎雖不認識我們,以色列雖不記得我們,你上主卻是我們的父親,「我們自古以來的救主」就是你的名。16For you are our Father, whereas Abraham does not know us nor has Israel any knowledge of us. But you, O Yahweh, are our Father, from the beginning, you are our redeemer: this is your name.
17上主! 你為什麼讓我們離開你的道路﹖使我們的心變硬而不敬畏你﹖求你為了你的僕人,為了你產業的各支派,回心轉意罷!17Why have you made us stray from your ways? Why have you let our heart become hard so that we do not fear you? Return for the sake of your servants, the tribes of your inheritance.
18你為什麼讓惡人踐踏你的聖殿﹖為什麼讓我們的敵人蹂躪你的聖所﹖18Why have irreligious people invaded your sanctuary? Why have our enemies trampled it down?
19我們儼然成了一個從未受你治理,從未屬你名下的民族。啊! 望你衝破諸天降下,諸山在你面前震盪。19For too long we have become like those you do not rule, like those who do not bear your name. Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down! The mountains would quake at your presence.
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