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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1上主這樣說:「你們應當持守公道,履行正義,因為我的救恩就要來到,我的正義就要出現。」1This is what Yahweh says: Maintain what is right and do what is just, for my salvation is close at hand, my justice is soon to come.
2遵守安息日而不予以褻瀆,防範自己的手而不做惡事,行這事的人,與固守此道的人子,是有福的。2Blessed is the mortal who does these things, and perseveres in them, who does not defile the sabbath and who refrains from evil.
3歸依上主異邦人不應說:「上主必將我由他的民族中分別出來!」閹人也不應說:「看!我是一棵枯樹!」3Let no foreigner say, "Surely Yahweh will exclude me from his people." Neither let the castrated man say, "I have become a mere dry tree."
4因為上主這樣說:「對那些遵守我安息日,揀選我所悅意的和固守我盟約的閹人,4For this is what Yahweh says: To the castrated men who keep my sabbaths, who choose to do what pleases me and remain faithful to my covenant:
5我要在我的屋內,在我的牆垣內,賜給他們比子女還好的記念碑和美名,我要賜給他們一個永久不能泯滅的名字。5I will give them in my house and within its walls, a memorial and a name that are worth more than sons and daughters; I will give them a name that will never die away or be forgotten.
6至於那些歸依上主,事奉他,愛慕上主的名,作他的僕人,又都遵守安息日而不予以褻瀆,並固守我盟約的異邦人,6Yahweh says to the foreigners who join him, serving him and loving his name, keeping his sabbath unprofaned and remaining faithful to his covenant:
7我要領他們上我的聖山,使他們在我祈禱的殿裡歡樂,他們的全燔祭和犧牲在我的祭壇上要蒙受悅納,因為我的殿宇將稱為萬民的祈禱所。」7I will bring them to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. I will accept on my altar their burnt offerings and sacrifices, for my house will be called a house of prayer for all the nations.
8這是聚集四散的以色列民的吾主上主的斷語:「我還要召集其他民族歸於已聚集的人。」8Thus says the Lord God, Yahweh, who gathers the exiles of Israel: There are others I will gather besides those already gathered.
9田間的一切走獸,林中的一切野獸,你們都來吞噬罷!9All you wild beasts, come and devour, all you beasts of the forests!
10我民族的守望者都是瞎子,什麼也看不清:都是啞巴狗,不能叫喚,只會作夢,偃臥,貪睡。10Blind are Israel's watchmen: they all see nothing. They are dumb watchdogs they are unable to bark. Lying down and dreaming, they love to slumber.
11他們又是貪食的狗,總不知足;都是什麼也不明瞭的牧人,只顧自己的道路,各求各自的利益。11Greedy dogs that are never satisfied; shepherds of no discretion, they all turn their own way, everyone of them to his own gain.
12「來罷!我去拿酒,讓我們痛飲美酒;明天如今天一樣,並且更要豐盛。」12"Come, bring wine," they say, "and let us all get drunk, and tomorrow will be as today, or perhaps even a happier day."
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