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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1熙雍起來,起來!披上你的威能!耶路撒泠聖城!穿上你華麗的衣服,因為未受割損和不潔的人,再不得進入你內。1Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Zion; put on your glorious garments, O Jerusalem, holy city. For never will the uncircumcised or the unclean enter you again.
2被擄的耶路撒泠!抖下灰塵,起來罷!被俘的熙雍女子!解下你頸項上的鎖鏈罷!2Shake the dust off yourself and rise up, O Jerusalem. Loose the bonds from your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion.
3因為上主這樣說:「你們是無代價被出賣的,也無需用金錢贖回。」3For thus says Yahweh: You were sold for no amount, you will be redeemed without money.
4吾主上主這樣說:「我的百姓昔日曾下到埃及,僑居在那裡,而後亞述又無故地虐待了她;4Thus says the Lord God: In the beginning my people lived as aliens in Egypt; then Assyria oppressed them without reason.
5如今我還在這裡作什麼?上主的斷語。我的百姓已無故地被擄去,治理他的人又自誇自大──上主的斷語──我的名又天天不斷地受褻瀆。5But now, what am I doing here? says Yahweh. My people have been carried off for no money and their masters make a boast of it; all day long my name is scorned.
6為此我的百姓必要認得我的名,到那一天他們必明白:那說:「看!我在這裡!」的那一位,就是我。」6Therefore my people will know my name; therefore they will know on that day that it is I who say: "Here I am!"
7那傳佈喜訊,宣佈和平,傳報佳音,宣佈救恩,給熙雍說「你的天主為王了!」的腳步,在山上是多麼美麗啊!7How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who herald peace and happiness, who proclaim salvation and announce to Zion: "Your God is king!"
8請聽,你的守望者都提高了喉嚨,一起歡呼,因為他們親眼看見上主返回了熙雍。8Together your watchmen raise their voices in praise and song; they see Yahweh face to face returning to Zion.
9耶路撒泠的廢墟啊!你們要興高采烈,一起歡呼,因為上主安慰了自己的百姓,救贖了耶路撒泠。9Break into shouts of joy, O ruins of Jerusalem, for Yahweh consoles his people and redeems Jerusalem.
10上主在萬民眼前顯露了自己的聖臂,大地四極看見了我們天主的救恩。10Yahweh has bared his holy arm in the eyes of the nations; all the ends of the earth, in alarm, will witness God's salvation.
11離開!離開!從那裡出來罷!不要觸摸不潔之物!你們攜帶上主器皿的人,從巴比倫中間出來,聖潔自己罷!11Depart, depart from that nation, come out! Touch nothing unclean. Purify yourselves, you who bear all Yahweh's holy vessels.
12你們出走,不必慌張,更不必奔逃而去,因為上主要走在你們前面,以色列的天主將作你們的後盾。12Yet not in escape, or in fright, will you come out, you will not leave in headlong flight; for ahead is Yahweh, your vanguard, and behind, the God of Israel, your rearguard.
13請看,我的僕人必要成功,必要受尊榮,必要被舉揚,且極受崇奉。13It is now when my servant will succeed; he will be exalted and highly praised.
14就如許多人對他不勝驚愕,因為他的容貌損傷得已不像人,他的形狀已不像人子;14Just as many have been horrified at his disfigured appearance: "Is this a man? He does not look like one,"
15同樣眾民族也都要對他不勝驚異,眾君王在他面前都要閉口,因為他們看見了從未向他們講述過的事,聽見了從未聽說過的事。15so will nations be astounded, kings will stand speechless, for they will see something never told, they will witness something never heard of.
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