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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1萬民,你們前來聆聽!列邦,你們要側耳靜聽!大地與充塞其中的一切,世界與其所有的產物,都要諦聽!1Come, O nations, hear and take heed, O peoples! Listen, O earth and all that is in you; listen, O world and all that comes from you.
2因為上主向萬民生了氣,對他們的一切軍隊發了怒,他注定了他們的劫數,命定了他們遭受屠殺。2The wrath of Yahweh is upon all nations. His fury is upon all their armies. He has doomed them, he has given them over for slaughter.
3他們的被殺者被棄於外,他們屍體的腥臭浮浮上騰,他們的血溶化了諸山。3Their slain will be thrown away, stench coming from the carcasses, mountains will flow with blood.
4天上的萬象必將解體,諸天要如卷軸般捲起;天上的星辰必將隕墜,有如葡萄葉的凋零,有如無花果葉的萎謝。4The heavens will dissolve and the skies roll up like a scroll, all their hosts shall fall, as the leaf falls from its vine, as the fruit falls from its tree.
5當上主的刀在天上痛飲之後,看哪!它將落在厄東,落在他所毀滅的百姓身上,實行懲罰。5My sword waited in the heavens; and look, it descends upon Edom, to judge the people I have doomed.
6上主的刀劍染滿了血,漬滿了脂油,是羔羊和羚羊的血,以及公羊腎臟的脂油:因為上主在波責辣舉行了一番祭祀,在厄東地方施行了一場屠殺。6The sword of Yahweh is bathed in blood and covered with fat - the blood of goats and lambs, the fat of the saddle of rams. For Yahweh has a sacrifice in Bozrah, a great slaughter in the land of Edom.
7野牛與肥畜必同墮死,牛犢與公牛必同跌斃。他們的地區浸滿了血,他們的地面漬染了脂油。7Wild oxen will fall and young steers with the bulls. Their land will be drenched with blood; their soil enriched with fat.
8因為這是上主復讎的日子,是為報復熙雍敵人的一年。8For Yahweh has a day of vengeance, Zion's defender has a year of recompense.
9她的河水將變為瀝青,她的土壤將變為硫磺:大地成了燃灼的瀝青,9The streams of Edom will become pitch, her soil will be turned into brimstone, her land will be burning pitch.
10晝夜燃燒不息,濃煙永遠上升;世世代代成為荒野,永久無人經過此地。10Never will its fire be quenched, night or day, forever will its smoke go up. From generation to generation the land will lie desolate and none will ever pass through it.
11鵜鶘和刺蝟據守其地,鴞鴟和烏鴉棲於其間;上主將以破壞性的繩墨和毀滅性的線錘測量那地。11It will be the haunt of pelican and wild hog, the dwelling place of the owl and the hawk. God has decided to make it empty, he has destined it to be desolate.
12顯貴中沒有一個在那裡能夠建國,她所有王侯都歸於烏有。12There will be no more kings to be proclaimed, no princes to be acclaimed, for the nobility will vanish in a kingdom doomed to perish.
13她的宮闕將生滿荊棘,她的堡壘將繁生蒺藜和薊草;她將成為豺狼的洞穴,鴕鳥的苑囿。13Thorns will grow over the castles, nettles and brambles over the citadels; the place will be a haunt of reptiles, an abode of owls and ostriches.
14野貓在那裡將與野狗相會,野羊將呼叫牠的同類;夜間的魑魅將在那裡休憩,尋得一個安息的處所。14Wild beasts will meet there, wild goats will call to one another; there will the night creatures alight to find for themselves a resting place.
15箭頭蛇將在那裡築穴、下蛋、伏卵,並加以孵化;鷙鳥群集其間,雌雄相配。15There will the great owl make her nest to lay and hatch and also find rest. There will the vultures gather, each with its mate.
16你們可查看上主的書,且閱讀一下,牠們中一種也不會缺少,沒有一個沒有配偶的,因為上主的口已這樣命定,他的神集合了牠們。16Seek and read from the book of Yahweh: not one of them will be missing, for his mouth has given the order and his spirit has brought them together.
17上主親自要為牠們抽籤,他親手用繩索將為牠們分開這地;牠們將永久佔有這地,世世代代住在那裡。17He has cast the lot for them. His hand has divided it among them. They will possess the land forever, and from generation to generation they shall dwell there.
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