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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1禍哉,那些南下埃及求救,依靠戰馬,信賴他戰車眾多,依恃他們鐵騎驍勇,而不望以色列的聖者,也不求問上主的人!1Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help, who pin their hopes on cavalry, putting their trust in chariots because they are many, relying on horsemen because they are strong. Why did they not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult Yahweh?
2但是上主仍然能降下災禍,他決不收回自己的言語;他必要起來攻擊惡人的家,攻擊助人作惡的人。2And yet he is very wise, and from him disaster will come. He does not go back on his word; he will rise against the evildoers, and cut off the help the wicked waited for.
3埃及人是人,並不是神;他們的戰馬是血肉,並不是靈;只要上主一伸手,施助的人必將仆倒,受助的人必要顛覆:二者同歸於盡。3The Egyptians are men, not God; their horses are flesh, not spirit. When Yahweh stretches forth his hand, the helper and the one he helped will fall and perish together.
4因為上主曾這樣對我說:「猶如壯獅或幼獅為了獵物而怒吼,即使召集許多牧人攻擊牠,牠並不因他們的叫囂而畏懼,也不因他們的喧嚷而驚慌;同樣,萬軍的上主必要降下,為熙雍和她的丘嶺作戰。4For thus the Lord has spoken: Just as a lion or a lion cub growls over its prey and is neither frightened nor disturbed by the shouts of the shepherd, so will Yahweh Sabaoth descend to fight on Mount Zion.
5有如飛鳥展翼護雛,萬軍的上主也要這樣扞衛耶路撒冷,加以保護、拯救、憐恤、保存。」5Like birds that hover, so will Yahweh Sabaoth shield Jerusalem: he will protect and deliver, rescue and save.
6以色列子民啊!再歸到你們所遠離的上主那裡罷!6Return, O children of Israel, to him you have so wickedly betrayed.
7因為到那一天,人人必要拋棄自己的銀偶像和金偶像,即你們以污穢的手所製造的。7On that day each one of you will throw away the idols of silver and gold that his sinful hands have made.
8亞述必將傾覆於超人的刀下,超人的刀必將吞噬她;她將由刀劍面前逃走,她的壯丁必要充作苦役。8Assyria will fall by a sword not wielded by a man. They will be devoured by a sword not held by a mortal. They will flee before the sword, their young men will be captured and put to forced labor.
9她的磐石,由於震驚必要逃避,她的王侯,由於恐慌必將放棄軍旗:這是在熙雍有火,在耶路撒冷有爐的上主的斷語。9They will desert their post and the officers, in terror, will abandon the standard." It is Yahweh who speaks, whose fire is in Zion and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.
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