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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1那一天,猶大地要詠唱這首歌曲:「我們有座堅城,以救援作城牆與外郭。1On that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah: We have a strong city, he himself has set up walls and fortifications to protect us.
2你們打開城門,好讓遵守信實的正義民族進去。2Open the gates! Let the righteous nation enter, she who is firm in faithfulness.
3你的意志堅定,因而你保全了永久的和平,故此人對你有信賴。3You keep in perfect peace the one of steadfast mind, the one who trusts in you.
4你們應永遠信賴上主,因為上主是永固的磐石。4Trust in Yahweh forever, for Yahweh is an everlasting Rock.
5他曾屈服了居高位的人,推翻了高聳的城市,將她推翻在地,使她粉碎,化為塵埃。5He brought down those who dwell on high, he laid low the lofty city, he razed it to the ground, leveled it to the dust,
6踐踏她的,卻是困苦人的腳,是貧窮人的腳。」6Now it is trampled the poor and the lowly tread upon it.
7義人的道路是正直的,你上主啊,削平了正直人的途徑。7Let the righteous walk in righteousness. You make smooth the path of the just,
8的確,上主!我們在你正義的路上期待你!你的名號,你的記念,是我們心靈的欲望。8and we only seek the way of your laws, O Yahweh. Your name and your memory are the desire of our hearts.
9我們的心靈在夜間渴望你,我們的心神在清晨尋覓你,因為當你的決斷顯於大地時,世上的居民都要學習正義。9My soul yearns for you in the night; for you my spirit keeps vigil. When your judgments come to earth, the world's inhabitants learn to be upright.
10惡人雖然蒙受了憐憫,仍然不學習正義,在世上依然顛倒是非,毫不顧及上主的威嚴。10But when favor is shown to the wicked, he does not learn to be just. He does evil in a land of righteousness and fails to see Yahweh's majesty.
11上主!你的手雖已高舉,但他們仍看不見;願他們見到你對百姓的熱忱而感到慚愧;並願你為你仇敵所保留的烈火吞滅他們!11Yahweh, your hand is lifted up, but they fail to see that. Let them see your zeal for your people, that they may be put to shame. Let your enemies be burned in the fire of your anger.
12上主!是你賜與了我們和平,因為凡我們所做的,都是你為我們成就的!12Yahweh, please give us peace; for all that we accomplish is your work.
13上主,我們的天主!除你以外,還有別的主宰治理過我們;然而我們所稱揚的,只有你,你的名號。13O Yahweh, our God, other lords besides you have ruled us, but it is your name alone that we honor.
14死去的人不會再活,幽魂也不會復生,因為你如此懲罰了,並消滅了他們,使他們所有的記念盡被遺忘。14They are now dead, never to rise again, for you have passed sentence on them. You have wiped out all remembrance of them.
15你增加了本國的人民,上主,你增加了本國的人民,你得了光榮,你拓展了國家所有的邊界。15You have enlarged the nation, O Yahweh; you have given glory to your name; you have widened the borders of the country.
16上主!我們在困難之中尋求了你,我們在壓迫之中呼求了你,因為那是你對我們的懲罰。16For they sought you in distress, they cried out to you in the time of their punishment.
17有如懷妊臨產的婦女,在苦痛中痙攣呻吟;同樣,上主!我們在你面前也是如此:17As a woman in travail moans and writhes in pain, so are we now in your presence.
18我們也像懷妊痙攣;然而所產的竟是風,沒有給大地帶來救恩,世界的居民也未因此而得生。18We conceived, we had labor pains, but we gave birth to the wind. We have not brought salvation to the land; the inhabitants of a new world have not been born.
19你的亡者將再生,他們的屍體將要起立;睡在塵埃中的人們都要甦醒歌詠,因為你的朝露是晶瑩的朝露,大地將拋出幽靈。19Your dead will live! Their corpses will rise! Awake and sing, you who lie in the dust! Let your dew fall, O Lord, like a dew of light, and the earth will throw out her dead.
20我的百姓!去,進入你的內室,關上門,隱藏片刻,等待盛怒過去。20Come, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a moment until his wrath is over.
21因為,看哪!上主已由自己的地方出來懲罰大地居民的罪惡,大地要暴露自己吞下的鮮血,不再遮掩被殺的人。21For look, Yahweh is coming out of his dwelling; he will punish the inhabitants of the earth for their sins. The earth will reveal the blood shed upon her and will not conceal her slain any longer.
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