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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1上主!你是我的天主,我要稱揚你,我要讚頌你的名,因為你忠實真誠地成就了你舊日的奇妙計劃。1Yahweh, you are my God; I exalt you and praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, faithful and true, planned long ago.
2因為你使那城成了一堆瓦礫,使設防的城市化為一片荒涼,使傲慢人的城堡不像城市,永遠不得重建。2You have made the city a heap, the massively defended city a ruin. The bastion of foreign domination is a city no more, nor will it ever be rebuilt.
3為此,強大的民族要頌揚你,威武邦國的城市要敬畏你。3Therefore a strong people glorifies you; the head of a great nation holds you in awe.
4因為你是窮苦人的屏障,是患難中貧乏人的屏障,避風暴的藏身處,避炎熱的蔭涼所;因為殘暴人的狂怒有如冬日的暴風,4For you have been a refuge to the poor, a haven to the needy in time of distress, a harbor in the storm, a shade from the heat. For the blast from the ruthless is like an icy storm,
5有如旱地上的炎熱。傲慢人的狂暴你已抑止,有如濃蔭減輕了熱氣;連殘暴人的歌聲也從此低降。5like heat in a dry place. You silence the noise of foreigners; you subdue the singing of the despot and the proud.
6萬軍的上主在這座山上,要為萬民擺設肥甘的盛宴,美酒的盛宴;肥甘是精選的,美酒是醇清的。6On this mountain Yahweh Sabaoth will prepare for all peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines, meat full of marrow, fine wine strained.
7在這座山上,你要撤除那封在萬民上的封面,那蓋在各國上的帷幔。7On this mountain he will destroy the pall cast over all peoples, this very shroud spread over all nations,
8他要永遠取消死亡,吾主上主要從人人的臉上拭去淚痕,要由整個地面除去自己民族的恥辱:因為上主說了。8and death will be no more. The Lord Yahweh will wipe away the tears from all cheeks and eyes; he will take away the humiliation of his people all over the world: for Yahweh has spoken.
9到那一天,人要說:「看!這是我們所依賴拯救我們的天主;這是我們所依賴的上主,我們要因他的救援鼓舞喜樂,9On that day you will say: This is our God. We have waited for him to save us, let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.
10因為上主的手停留在這山上。」敵人要在自己的地方受踐踏,有如禾稭被踐踏在糞坑之中。10For on this mountain the hand of Yahweh rests. Moab instead will be trodden down, as straw trodden down on a dunghill.
11他要在其中伸開雙手,如同游泳的伸手游泳;但他的傲慢和他的手段已受了挫折。11He will stretch forth his hands there, as a swimmer spreads out his hands to swim. But Yahweh will strike down their pride together with their falsehood.
12他城牆上高聳的堡壘必被打倒、推翻,倒在地上化為塵埃。12He will raze the high-walled fortress; he will level it to the ground, as dust.
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