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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1有關提洛的神諭:你們哀號罷!塔爾史士的船隻!因為你們的堡壘已遭破壞。由基廷地歸來的,他們得到了這消息。1An oracle concerning Tyre: Wail, O ships of Tarshish, for Tyre is destroyed! When you return from Kittim you will hear the news and wonder.
2海濱的居民,靜默罷!漆冬的商賈曾充實了你。2Keep silent, merchants of Sidon, all you inhabitants of the coast. Your messengers passed over the sea,
3在大水之上運來的,是史曷爾的穀物;尼羅河的收穫,是她的財富;她成了萬民的商場。3across the wide oceans; the grain of Shihor, the harvest of the Nile, was your income and you were the fair of the nations.
4漆冬!羞慚罷!因為海說過:【即海中的堡壘說過:】「我沒有分娩過,也沒有生產過;沒有撫養過青年,也沒有養育過處女。」4Be ashamed, O Sidon, refuge on the sea! The queen of the sea wonders: "Have I not had labor pains and brought forth children? Have I not nourished young men and brought up daughters?"
5這風聲一傳到了埃及,大家都為了提洛的消息而戰慄。5Those in Egypt will be in anguish when they learn the fate of Tyre.
6你們過海到塔爾史士去罷!海濱的居民,你們哀號罷!6You who dwell on the coastlands, wail as you pass over to Tarshish.
7這就是你們所誇耀的城嗎?她本起源於上古,她的雙腳曾將她帶至遠方寄居。7Is this the ancient city, your pride, whose feet had carried her afar to found colonies in distant lands?
8是誰策劃了這事,來反對加過冕的提洛?她的商賈本來都是王侯,商販本來都是地上的顯要。8Who has planned this against Tyre, the imperial city whose merchants are princes, whose traders are among the great ones of the world?
9是萬軍的上主策劃了這事,為打擊她一切自矜的狂傲,侮辱地上所有的顯要。9It is Yahweh Sabaoth who has planned it, to bring down her proud majesty, to humble the great ones of the world.
10塔爾史士女兒!耕種你的地罷!海港也不在了!10Till your land like the valley of the Nile O Daughter of Tarshish, you have no more shipbuilding yard.
11上主的手已伸在海上,使萬國戰慄震驚;上主對客納罕已決定,要摧毀她的要塞。11Yahweh has stretched out his hand over the sea to make kingdoms tremble. He has ordered the destruction of the fortresses of Phoenicia.
12他說過:「漆冬女兒!遭虐待的處女,你不要再歡樂!起來,往基廷去!在那裡你也得不到安寧!」12He has said, "Rejoice no longer, ravished virgin daughter of Sidon. Arise, pass over to Cyprus; even there you will find no rest."
13看基廷的地域!【她已不成為民族,亞述已將她委棄予野獸;】人設立了高塔,毀壞了她的宮殿,使她成了一片廢墟。13Look at the land of the Chaldeans, a people now of no account. The Assyrians have destined the land to be a place for wild beasts. They have erected siege towers and demolished her bastions, razed her palaces, completely reducing her to ruins.
14塔爾史士的船隻!你們哀號罷!因為你們的堡壘已遭破壞!14Wail, O ships of Tarshish, for your haven is destroyed.
15到那天,提洛將被遺忘七十年之久,有如一位君王的歲月。過了七十年,提洛要像妓女歌曲中所唱的:15On that day, Tyre will be forgotten for seventy years, about the span of a king's life. Then at the end of seventy years, it will happen to Tyre as in a harlot's song:
16「被遺忘的妓女!拿琴遊城罷?巧彈多唱罷!好使人再記起你來!」16Take a harp, go about the city, forgotten harlot, sing your sweetest song, play your best melody, that they may remember you.
17過了七十年,上主要眷顧提洛,她要再接受纏頭,與地面世上各國交易。17At the end of seventy years, Yahweh will visit Tyre. She will return to her hire and once again play whore with all the kingdoms of the world on the face of the earth.
18她的贏利和她的進項將祝聖與上主,必不再貯藏積蓄起來,因為她的贏利將歸於那些在上主面前度日的人,使他們吃得飽,穿得體面。18But her wages and activities as harlot will be dedicated to Yahweh, instead of being stored or hoarded. Her profits will go to those who live in the presence of Yahweh, that they may have abundant food and beautiful clothes.
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