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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1那具有翼艇,位於雇士河對岸的地域,1Woe to the land of whirring wings beyond the rivers of Cush,
2即由海上遣發使者,在海面上乘蘆舟的:「去罷!輕快的使者!到一個高瘦膚褐的民族那裡去,到一個一向可畏的國家那裡去,到一個強大而好勝,河流橫貫其地的民族那裡去!」2which sends ambassadors by sea in papyrus boats over the waters! Go, swift messengers, to a people tall and bronzed, to a nation feared far and wide, a nation conquering and strong, whose land the rivers divide.
3舉世的居民和住在大地上的人哪!當山上的旗幟一舉,你們要觀望;號聲一響,你們要靜聽!3All you inhabitants of the world, all you who dwell on earth, when a banner on the mountain is raised, look! When a horn on the hill is sounded, listen!
4因為上主曾對我這樣說:「我要在我的住處寧靜地觀察,彷彿日光中溫暖的熱氣,彷彿收割時炎熱中的露雲」。4For thus Yahweh spoke to me: "From where I dwell, I gaze untroubled, like heat shimmering in the sunshine, like a dewy mist in the heat of harvest."
5因為在收割前,花苞已放;花蒂成熟結為葡萄時,他就要用鐮刀砍去嫩枝,將參差的枝蔓斬除。5For before the vintage, when the flowers fall, and the blooms become ripened grapes, I will cut shoots and prune and hew away spreading branches.
6這些枝蔓都要一律被棄捨給山中的猛禽,和地上的野獸;猛禽要在其上過夏,野獸要在其上過冬。6They will be left to the birds of prey and to the beasts of the earth. The birds will feed on them all summer, and the beasts all winter.
7到那時,那高瘦膚褐的民族,那一向可畏的國家,那強大而好勝河流橫貫其地的民族,要帶禮品到熙雍山上,萬軍上主的名號的居所,獻給萬軍的上主。7At that time the tall, bronzed people from a country traversed by rivers - a conquering and strong nation feared far and wide - will bring offerings to Yahweh Sabaoth, to Mount Zion. For this is the place where the name of Yahweh dwells.
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