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依撒依亞 Isaiah
1有關摩阿布的神諭:實在,摩阿布的阿爾經過一夜的蹂躪,就滅亡了!實在,摩阿布的克爾經過一夜的摧殘,就滅亡了!1An oracle concerning Moab: Laid waste in a night, Ar of Moab is silent! Laid waste in a night, Kir of Moab is ruined!
2狄朋女兒走上高丘哭泣,摩阿布為乃波和默德巴悲號;眾人的頭都剃光了,眾人的鬍鬚都剪去了;2The people of Diman have gone to the high places to weep. Over Nebo and Medeba Moab wails. Every head is shaved, every beard is shorn.
3有的在街道上穿著苦衣,有的在屋頂上痛哭;在廣場上的,人人哀號,流淚痛哭。3In the streets they wear sackcloth, on the rooftops and in the squares; everyone wails, every heart melts in tears.
4赫市朋和厄肋阿肋號啕,雅哈茲都可聽到他們的哭聲;因此,摩阿布的兩腰為之顫動,她的心靈為之恐怖。4Heshbon and Elealeh cry out; their howling is heard as far as Jahaz; the armed men of Moab cry aloud and their hearts are faint.
5我的心為摩阿布發出哀號,她的難民已逃至左哈爾。他們哭著攀上了路希特的山坡,在曷洛納因的道上揚起了失望的哀聲。5My heart cries out for Moab; her fugitives flee as far as Zoar, as far as Eglath-shelishiyah. At the ascent of Luhith they go up weeping; on the way to Horonaim their cries are heart-rending.
6尼默陵的水地成了荒野,青草枯焦了,嫩芽萎縮了,再也見不到青綠。6The watered fields of Nimrim have become a wasteland; the turf is dried up, the grass is withered, the verdure is gone.
7為此,他們將所有的積蓄和財物,都帶過了「柳樹河」。7Now they carry away their possessions, the wealth they have stored up, to the Brook of the Willows.
8因為哀叫聲傳遍了摩阿布四境,她的哭聲已傳到厄革拉因,她的哭聲已達到貝爾厄林。8Their cry rings round the border of Moab, resounds as far as Eglaim, reaches as far as Beer Elim.
9狄孟的水已滿了鮮血,我還要加禍於狄孟:為摩阿布的難民和當地的遺民將有一隻獅子。9The waters of Dimon flow with blood, but worse is yet in store, for I will bring lions upon Dimon, upon those who escape from Moab, and upon those who survive in the land.
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