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歐瑟亞 Hosea
1以色列!你不要高興,不要像異民一樣狂歡,因為你行了淫,離棄了你的天主,在所有的禾場上只是喜愛淫資。1Do not rejoice and celebrate, Israel, like other nations, for you have deserted your God. You are fond of prostitution gifts and run to every threshing floor where there is wheat.
2禾場與榨酒池不再認識他們,新酒也要拒絕他們。2This is why threshing floors and vats will not feed you; new wine will disappoint you.
3他們必不能在上主的地方居住;厄弗辣因必要回到埃及,且要在亞述吃不潔之物。3No longer will you remain in Yahweh's land. Ephraim will return to Egypt - in fact to Assyria, where they will eat unclean food.
4他們不能再向上主奠酒,也不能再向他奉獻自己的祭品;他們的餅好似喪餅,凡吃這餅的,必受玷污;因為他們的餅只可為他們自用,不能帶進上主的殿內。4No more will they be able to pour out the wine offering for Yahweh and no longer will they sacrifice to him. They will have only bread for mourners; all who eat it will be defiled. This food will be for themselves and it will not be taken into the house of Yahweh.
5那麼,你們在盛會之日,在上主的節日,可作什麼呢?5What shall you do on the feast? You will leave but not for the pilgrimage to Yahweh; rather you will flee because of the invaders.
6因為,看,他們由毀滅裡逃走,埃及要收集他們,摩夫要埋葬他們;他們珍貴的銀器將為蒺藜所承受,他們的帳幕將被荊棘所佔有。6Egypt will gather you and Memphis entomb you. Nettles will take over your treasures of silver and thorns creep over your tents.
7懲罰的日子來了,報復的日子到了,以色列要喊說:先知是愚人,受靈感的人是瘋子!是,這是因為你的過犯繁多,因為你的罪惡重大。7The time of punishment has come, the day of retribution is here. The Israelites will know it. The prophets will go out of their mind; the seers will become like mad men because your defeat will be as great as your sins have been.
8厄弗辣因窺伺先知的帳幕,在他的路上處處佈下了羅網,在自己天主的殿內只有敵視。8Ephraim watches before my God; his prophets try to stop the enemy on every path to protect the house of their gods.
9他們窮凶極惡已達到極點,就如在基貝亞的時日一樣;上主必不忘他們的罪孽,必要懲罰他們的邪惡。9Yet they are as corrupted as they were long ago in Gibeah. Yahweh will remember their wickedness and punish their sin.
10我發見了以色列,就如曠野中發見了葡萄;看見了你們的祖先,就如在無花果樹上看見初熟的果實;但當他們來到了巴耳培敖爾時,便將自己獻給了可憎之物,使自己也成了可憎惡的,如他們所喜愛的邪神一樣。10I found Israel like wild grapes in the desert, I saw your fathers like the first fruits on a fig tree. But no sooner had they come to Baal-peor than they gave themselves to the idol; and they became as worthless as their dirty god.
11至於厄弗辣因,他們的光榮,就如飛鳥飛去,必不生產,不懷胎,不妊娠。11The glory of Ephraim will flee away like a bird; it has died stillborn, miscarried, not even conceived.
12即使他們把自己的子女養大,我也必使他們喪亡,一個不留;幾時我捨棄他們,他們纔是有禍的。12Had they brought out children, I would take them off before they were adults, for woe to them when I abandon them!
13厄弗辣因,一如我所見的,必使自己的子女成為獵物;厄弗辣因必把自己的子女交出屠殺。13I have seen that Ephraim will make his sons like a game; he will send his sons to be slaughtered.
14上主,求你賜給他們……賜給他們什麼呢?要使他們胎荒,乳乾!14Give them, Yahweh, what you will; give them wombs that miscarry and breasts that are dry.
15他們所行的一切惡事,全在基耳加耳開始,因此,在那裡我就恨了他們;為了他們的惡行,我必將他們從我的家裡趕出去;我不再喜愛他們,他們的首領全是叛徒。15It is at Gilgal that their wickedness is seen. There I hated them. I will expel them from my House because of their evil conduct. I will love them no longer for all their leaders are rebels.
16厄弗辣因受了打擊,根子也乾枯了,再不能結果實;即使他們生產了孩子,我也必將他們的寧馨兒殺死。16Ephraim is blighted; his root is withered; he will produce no fruit. Even when they are with child, the child will die in the womb.
17我的天主必要拋棄他們,因為他們沒有聽從他;他們必要在各民族中飄流。17My God will reject them because they did not listen; he will make them wander among the nations.
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