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歐瑟亞 Hosea
1你要把號角放在你的口上,當作上主家的哨兵,因為百姓違背了我的盟約,干犯了我的法律。1Sound the trumpet, sentry! Warn the people of Yahweh because they have broken my covenant and are unfaithful to my Law.
2他們呼喊我說:以色列的天主!我們認識你。2They cry to me, "We, Israel, acknowledge you, O God."
3但以色列拋棄了善,所以敵人要迫害她。3But Israel rejected what is right and this is why the enemy will hunt them down.
4他們自立了君王,卻沒有我的同意;他們自立了首領,卻沒有叫我知道;他們用金銀為自己製造了偶像,給自己招來滅亡。4Without my approval they set up kings and without my blessing appointed leaders. With their silver and gold they fashioned idols to their own ruin.
5撒瑪黎雅!我必要除掉你的牛犢,我的怒火必要對牠燃起;以色列子民不能自新要到幾時呢?5To me, Samaria, your calf is loathsome and my anger blazes against you. How long will you remain defiled?
6牛犢是工匠製造的,牠並不是天主;撒瑪黎雅的牛犢必定被粉碎!6The calf is yours, Israel, a craftsman has made it; it is not God and will be broken into pieces.
7他們既播種了風,收的也必是風;麥子不抽穗,做不成麵粉;即便做出麵粉來,也必被外邦人吃掉。7As they sow the wind, they will reap the whirlwind. Like the erect ear of corn they will bear no grain and produce no flour, or if they do, foreigners will devour it.
9他們去投奔亞述──一匹孤獨的野驢──同時又給埃及送愛情的禮物。9Israel lived apart as a wild donkey, but he was eaten up. Now they are among pagans as a worthless object. Ephraim went to Assyria with gifts.
10縱然他們在列邦中行賄,我現在就要分散他們,使他們暫時停止給君王和首領傅油。10Now they have been given up to the nations and I shall gather them. For in no time they have been left with no prophets, or kings, or leaders.
11厄弗辣因建築了許多祭壇,但這些祭壇為他們卻只有犯罪的用途。11Ephraim built many altars but his altars made him more guilty.
12雖然我為他們寫了許多法律,卻被看作陌生人的廢話。12I wrote out for him the numerous precepts of my Law, but they look on them as coming from foreigners.
13讓他們奉獻燔祭,讓他們取吃祭肉:這一切上主都不喜歡;今後他必記住他們的邪惡,必懲罰他們的罪孽;他們必要回到埃及去。13They offer sacrifices to me because they are those who eat the meat, but Yahweh does not accept their sacrifices for he is mindful of their sin and remembers their wickedness. They will return to Egypt.
14以色列忘了自己的造主,建立了許多宮殿,猶大也增建了許多堅固的城池;但是,我必要把火投在他們的城中,吞滅城中的宮室。14Israel has forgotten his Maker and built palaces, but I will set fire to their towns and burn their palaces.
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