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歐瑟亞 Hosea
1當我著手醫治以色列時,厄弗辣因的罪孽就顯露出來,撒瑪黎雅的惡行也暴露出來,因為他們行了詭詐的事:竊賊潛入室內,而外遇強盜;1The sin of Ephraim appears clearly; the wickedness of Samaria is obvious. They cheat one another, they break into houses while bandits raid outside.
2但他們並不存心細想:我記住他們的一切惡行。現今他們的行為圍繞著他們,一一擺在我眼前。2They do not realize that I am mindful of their evil deeds. They are engulfed by their sins which are always before me.
3他們使君王歡喜,是出於惡意;使首領快樂,是出於詭詐。3They amuse the king with their wickedness and the officials with their trickery.
4個個燃起了怒火,像一座火爐,伙夫暫停煽火,直到和好的麵團發酵。4They are and remain adulterers, like an oven heated by a baker; he has not to stir the fire from the time the dough is kneaded until it rises.
5在他們的君王的慶日上,當官長們酒勁發作,不能支持的時候,君王便和惡徒勾結起來。5On the day of the king his officials get drunk and the king joins hands with the revelers.
6他們的心雖因陰謀而焦慮得像火爐一樣,但他們的怒火卻整夜停息;一到早晨,卻又如烈火復燃。6In their plotting they burn like an oven; all night their anger smolders and in the morning blazes like a fire.
7個個像火爐一樣,熾燃起來,吞噬了他們的官長;他們的君王都倒斃了,但沒有一個曾向我呼求。7They are all heated like an oven and they devour their own rulers; all their kings fall but none of them calls on me for help.
8厄弗辣因想混雜在列邦之中,厄弗辣因成了一塊尚未翻過的烤餅。8Ephraim mixes with other nations. He is like a half-baked loaf;
9外邦人耗盡了她的力量,她尚不自覺,頭上已滿佈了白髮,她還不知曉。9the nations around him consume his strength but he is unaware of it. He has become old and he does not know it.
10【雖然如此,以色列的驕傲仍呈顯在自己面上,他們仍不歸依,仍不尋求上主,他們的天主。】10Israel's arrogance is witness against him but even so they will not turn back to Yahweh, their God, or search for him.
11厄弗辣因像愚蠢無知的鴿子,一時求救埃及,一時又投奔亞述;11Ephraim is like a silly pigeon, now calling on Egypt, now turning to Assyria.
12可是不論他們往何處去,我要向他們撒開我的羅網,使他們像天上的飛鳥跌下:一聽到他們聚齊待飛,我便將他們捕捉。12But wherever they turn I shall throw my net over them for they rebelled against me and they will fall like birds.
13他們有禍了!因為他們遠離了我;他們必遭受毀滅,因為他們背逆了我。我原想拯救他們,但他們卻對我撒謊,13Woe to them who fled far from me; disgrace will fall on those who deceived me. I wanted to redeem them but they spoke evil of me.
14並沒有真心呼求我,只是在祭壇旁悲嘆;為了五穀和新酒,仍自割己身,仍背叛我。14They did not call on me sincerely when they groaned on their beds because of their wheat and wine and turned to me.
15我雖然加強了他們的手臂,然而他們仍圖謀邪惡反抗我。15When I made them successful and strong, they plotted evil against me.
16他們歸向了虛無,變成了歪曲的弓;他們的首領因自己的狂言,必喪身刀下,且在埃及地為人恥笑。16Now they turn to nothingness. They are deceptive as a twisted bow. Their leaders will fall by the sword because of their insolent talk; in the land of Egypt, people will make fun of them.
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