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歐瑟亞 Hosea
1以色列子民,請聽上主的話!因為上主譴責此地的居民:因為此地沒有誠實,沒有仁愛,沒有人認識天主;1Hear the word of Yahweh, Israel! for Yahweh has an accusation to bring against the inhabitants of this land. There is neither truth nor goodness nor knowledge of God in the country;
2只有詛咒、謊言、殺戮、偷竊、姦淫、強暴和纍纍的血案。2only perjury, lies, murder, theft and adultery, with continual bloodshed.
3因此,此地必要荒廢;凡住在這地上的,甚至田間的野獸和天空的飛鳥都要絕跡,連海中的魚類也要消滅。3That is why the country is in mourning with all who live there wasting away; the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, even the fish are dying.
4但是沒有人爭辯,也沒有人譴責!司祭啊,我要與你爭辯!4But let no one apologize or accuse another, for it is you, priest, whom I single out!
5你白天黑夜跌倒,先知也同你一齊跌倒,你竟然使你的人民喪亡。5You will stumble in broad daylight, and the prophet will fall with you into darkness; I will silence you.
6我的百姓因缺乏知識而滅亡;因為你拋棄了知識,我也要拋棄你,不讓你充當我的司祭;你既然忘卻了你的天主的法律,我也要忘記你的子孫。6My people perish for want of knowledge. As you have dropped the Knowledge, I will drop you from my priesthood, and since you ignore the law of your God, I, too, will ignore your children.
7司祭越增多,也越得罪我,竟以恥辱作為他們的光榮。7All have offended me; they have exchanged me, their Glory, for idols, their shame.
8他們賴我百姓的罪惡自肥,一心渴望他們的過犯。8Since they eat of the sacrifices for sin, they like my people to sin.
9因此,百姓和司祭,一律看待:我將按他的行徑懲治他,對他的行為予以報復,9Yet it will be for the people as for the priest; I shall punish both for their conduct and repay them for their deeds.
10好使他們吃,卻吃不飽,行淫卻不能繁殖;因為他們捨棄了上主,縱慾,10They will eat and not be satisfied; they will multiply their prostitutions but remain without child, for they have no reverence for Yahweh.
11行淫:老酒新酒叫人失去良知。11Harlotry, wine and liquors have taken hold of their hearts.
12我的人民求教於木偶,讓木杖啟示他;因為淫心迷住了他們,使他們行淫,遠離了他們的天主。12My people consult a wooden idol and rely on a rod for information. A spirit of adultery leads them astray and makes them unfaithful to their God.
13在山頂上獻祭,在丘陵上、在橡樹、楊樹和篤耨香下焚香,在濃蔭下多麼愉快;因此你們的女兒行淫,你們的兒媳犯姦。13They sacrifice on the mountain tops and offer incense on the hills, under the oak, the poplar and the terebinth, wherever the shade is pleasant.
14但我卻不因你們的女兒行了淫,而懲罰她們,也不因你們的兒媳犯了姦,而處罰她們;因為他們同蕩婦走往偏僻之處,又同廟妓一起獻祭:但無智的百姓卻因此而墮落!14That is why, if your daughters turn to prostitution and your daughters-in-law to adultery, I will not punish them, for you yourselves go off with harlots and sacrifice with temple prostitutes. A senseless people destroys itself.
15以色列!如果你行了淫,但願猶大不要陷於罪惡!你們不要到基耳加耳去,不要上到貝特阿文,也不要起誓說:「上主永在!」15If Israel is a prostitute, there is no reason for Judah to sin. Do not go to Gilgal or Beth-aven; do not swear, "As Yahweh lives!")
16的確,以色列倔強,有如一頭倔強的母牛,那麼上主那能牧放他們,有如在廣闊的草場牧放羔羊?16Since Israel is as obstinate as a stubborn cow, will Yahweh pasture it gently as a lamb?
17厄弗辣因與偶像結了不解之緣:任憑他們罷!17Ephraim is devoted to idols, let Yahweh leave him alone!
18他們與醉客為伍,任意荒淫,喜愛羞恥勝於上主的光榮。18After being drunk with wine they go with prostitutes; they prefer their idols to their Glory.
19暴風要伸展羽翼將他們捲去,他們必因自己的祭壇蒙受恥辱。19A whirlwind will sweep them away and they will have gained nothing with their sacrifices.
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