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歐瑟亞 Hosea
1上主對我說:「你再去愛那個另有新歡的淫婦,就如我還是愛慕以色列子民一樣;雖然他們轉向了別的神,愛上了葡萄乾餅。」1Yahweh said to me, "Welcome once more this woman who makes love to others. Love her just as Yahweh loves his people who turn to other gods and offer raisin cakes to them."
2我就用十五塊銀錢,一『荷默爾』零一『肋特客』大麥,把她給我再買回來。2So I bought her for fifteen pieces of silver and a whole measure of barley.
3然後對她說:「你要為我安心多住些時日,不要行淫,不要屬於任何人;我對你也是這樣。」3Then I said to her, "You shall stay here with me many days without giving yourself to anyone and without deserting me for another man. And I too will stand aloof."
4因為以色列子民也將好些日子沒有君王,沒有首領、沒有祭獻,沒有柱像,沒有『厄弗得』,沒有『忒辣芬』。4For the people of Israel shall be for many days without king or ruler, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without divination or household idol.
5此後以色列子民將要回轉過來,尋求上主他們的天主,和他們的君王達味;到末日,他們必要戰戰兢兢地奔向上主,來分享他的美物。5Then the people of Israel shall turn back, looking for Yahweh, their God, and for David, their king. In the last days they will come respectfully to Yahweh and to his blessings.
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