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希伯來書 Hebrews
1所以,有分於天上召選的諸聖弟兄啊!你們應細心想想,我們公認的欽使和大司祭耶穌,1Therefore, holy brothers, called to a supernatural vocation, consider Jesus, the apostle and High Priest of our faith.
2對那委派他的是怎樣忠信,正如『梅瑟在他的全家中』一樣。2He is faithful to God who appointed him, just as Moses was a faithful steward over God's household
3他本來比梅瑟堪受更大的光榮,就如修建房屋的人,比那房屋理當更受尊榮。3but Jesus deserves much greater honor than Moses, since he who builds the house is greater than the house.
4不錯,每座房屋都由一個人修建,但那創造萬有的卻是天主。4As every house has a builder, God is the builder of all.
5梅瑟在天主的全家中的確忠信,不過他只是臣僕,為給那當要宣布的事作證;5It is said that Moses was found faithful as a servant of God over all his household, and as witness of a former revelation from God.
6但基督卻是兒子,管理自己的家;他的家就是我們,只要我們保存由望德所生的依恃和榮耀,【堅定不移,直到最後。】6Christ came as the Son, to whom the house belongs; and we are his household, provided that we stand firm in hope and courage.
7為此,聖神有話說:『今天你們如果聽從他的聲音,7Listen to what the Holy Spirit says: If only you would hear God's voice today!
8不要再心硬了,像在叛亂之時,像在曠野中試探的那一天;8Do not be stubborn, as they were in the place called Rebellion,
9在那裡,你們的祖宗以考驗試探了我,雖然見了我的作為,9when your ancestors challenged me in the desert, although they had seen my deeds
10共四十年之久。所以我厭惡了那一世代,說:他們心中時常迷惑,他們不認識我的道路,10for forty years. That is why I was angry with those people and said: Their hearts are always going astray and they do not understand my ways.
11所以我在怒中起誓說:他們決不得進入我的安息。』11I was angry and made a solemn vow: They will never enter my rest.
12弟兄們!你們要小心,免得你們中有人起背信的惡心,背離生活的天主;12So, brothers, be careful lest some of you come to have an evil and unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God.
13反之,只要還有「今天」在,你們要天天互相勸勉,免得你們有人因罪惡的誘惑而硬了心,13Encourage one another, day by day, as long as it is called today. Let no one become hardened in the deceitful way of sin.
14因為我們已成了有分於基督的人,只要我們保存著起初懷有的信心,堅定不移,直到最後。14We are associated with Christ provided we hold steadfastly to our initial hope until the end.
15經上所說:『今天你們如果聽從他的聲音,不要再心硬了,像在叛亂之時,』15Scripture says: If you hear God's voice, do not be stubborn as they were in the place called Rebellion.
16是誰聽了而起了叛亂呢?豈不是梅瑟從埃及領出來的眾人嗎?16Who are those who having heard still rebelled? They were all those who came out of Egypt with Moses.
17四十年之久,天主厭惡了誰呢?不是那些犯了罪,而他們的屍首倒在曠野中的人嗎?17With whom was God angry for forty years? With those who sinned and whose bodies fell in the desert.
18他向誰起了誓,不准進入他的安息呢?不是向那些背信的人嗎?18To whom did God swear that they would not enter into his rest? To those who had disobeyed.
19於是我們看出:他們不得進入安息,是因了背信的緣故。19We see then that unbelief prevented them from reaching their rest.
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