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哈巴谷 Habakkuk
1我要立在我的守望台上,置身於堡壘上窺探,看他對我說什麼,看他怎樣答覆我的怨訴。1I will stand in my watchtower and take up position on my battlements; I will see what he replies, if there is an answer to my question.
2上主回答我說:「你寫出這神視,清楚地刻在版上,使人能流利誦讀。2Then Yahweh answered me and said, "Write down the vision, inscribe it on tables so it can be easily read,
3因為這神視有一定的時期,最後必要實現,決無欺詐;若遲延了,你應等待;它必定來,決不誤期。3since this is a vision for an appointed time; it will not fail but will be fulfilled in due time. If it delays, wait for it, for it will come and will not be deferred. Look:
4看,心術不正的,必然消逝;義人必因他的信賴而生活。4I don't look with favor on the one who gives way; the upright, on the other hand, will live by his faithfulness."
5的確,財物使人失信,使人驕傲,不能使人安息;它張開自己像陰府的咽喉,又如不知饜足的死亡,聚集萬民,匯合列國,歸屬自己。5The grasping conqueror is always ready to devour, he enlarges his mouth like the netherworld; he is as insatiable as death, he seizes on all the nations and monopolizes all the peoples for himself.
6那時,這些人民豈不都吟諷刺詩,以隱語嘲弄他說:禍哉,那只顧聚歛他人財物的人,他堆積抵押於自己家中,要到何時?6But will not all the people mock him, as with one voice? Will they not write fierce satires to show him up? They will say, Woe to him who amasses what is not his and fills himself with extorted pledges.
7你的債主豈不要忽然起來?追債者豈不要醒起?你必成為他們的掠物!7Your creditors will come suddenly, your money collectors will waken and take away all your goods.
8因為你搶掠過許多民族,各民族的遺民也必要搶掠你;因為你流了人的血,使地域、城市和其中所有的居民遭受了摧殘。8Since you have plundered so many nations, shedding blood, stripping the land, their cities and homes, all the remaining nations will turn on you.
9禍哉,那取重利,而給自家招禍,並在高處設置窩巢,想避免災禍的人!9Woe to him who raises his house on unjust profits and fixes his nest so high that he thinks he can thereby escape misfortune!
10你消滅許多民族,正是為自家招來羞辱,危害自己的性命,10You have willed the disgrace of your house; you draw evil on your own head.
11因為石頭必由牆中呼喊,棟樑必由屋脊應和。11The very stones of your walls cry out against you and the rafters reply from the roof.
12禍哉,那以血債建造城市,以邪惡建立城鎮的人!12Woe to the one who builds a city on bloody foundations and sets up a town by means of evil.
13這豈不是出於萬軍上主的意願:列國只為火而勤勞,萬民辛苦只是一場空?13Has Yahweh of hosts not willed that the work of the nations go to the fire and the peoples toil for nothing?
14因為大地要充滿對上主光榮的知識,就如水充滿海洋。14Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbors and drugs them to make them drunk so that everyone looks at their nakedness.
15禍哉,那以攙有毒物的酒給自己近人喝,使他酣醉,圖見他祼體的人!15This will bring you more shame than glory. You will also drink and uncover your foreskin. The cup turns over in Yahweh's hand and pours out onto you: disgrace will swallow your glory.
16你必飽嘗恥辱,而毫無光榮。如今應該你喝,顯露你未割損之物。上主右手中的杯已輪到了你,恥辱要遮蓋你的光榮。16The violence you did in Lebanon will befall you and the animals will devour you, since you slaughtered human beings, destroyed the country with its cities and put an end to all who lived there.
17你加於黎巴嫩的摧殘,必臨於你;你施於走獸的虐待,必使你恐懼,因為你流了人的血,使地域、城市和其中所有的居民遭受了摧殘。17What use is a statue? Why do the sculptors make them? Why these images and deceiving answers? Why do their makers trust them and produce mute idols?
18彫像有何用處,竟使工匠彫刻它?鑄像,即撒謊之師,又有何用,竟值得製造它的人依賴它?他不是為自己製造了啞像?18Woe to the one who says to a piece of wood, "Wake up," and to a dumb stone, "Get up." Can it give any answer? For, even though it is plated with gold and silver, there is not a single breath of life in it.
19禍哉,那對木頭說「醒來」,對啞石說「起來」的人!這樣的東西豈能施救?看,它只是塗了一層金銀,內裡卻毫無氣息。19But Yahweh lives in his holy Temple: let the whole earth be silent before him!
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