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創世紀 Genesis
1若瑟遂去呈報法郎說:「我父和我兄弟,帶著他們的牛羊和一切所有,從客納罕地來了,現今都在哥笙地方。」1Joseph went and told Pharaoh, "My father and brothers with their sheep and cattle and all their possessions have come from the land of Canaan to Goshen."
2若瑟由他兄弟中選了五人,引他們去謁見法郎。2He then presented five of his brothers to Pharaoh.
3法郎問若瑟的兄弟們說:「你們有何職業?」他們回答法郎說:「你的僕人們是放羊的人,我們和我們的祖先,都是如此。」3Pharaoh asked, "What are your occupations?" and they replied, "Your servants are shepherds as were our fathers before us.
4繼而又對法郎說:「我們來僑居此地,因為客納罕地饑荒很凶,你僕人們的羊群找不到草地,所以請陛下讓你的僕人們住在哥笙地方。」4We have come to settle in the land for there is no more pasture for our sheep, so severe is the famine in the land of Canaan. And now we pray you, may we stay in the land of Goshen?"
5法郎遂面對若瑟說:「你父親和你兄弟既來到了你這裡,5Pharaoh then spoke to Joseph, "Your father and your brothers have come to you.
6埃及國全在你面前,你可叫你父親和你兄弟住在最好的地方,叫他們住在哥笙地;你若知道他們中有能幹的人可派他們管我的牲畜。」6The land of Egypt is before you; let your father and brothers settle in the best part; let them settle in Goshen, and if among them there are capable men, put them in charge of my cattle."
7然後若瑟引他父親來謁見法郎;雅各伯向法郎請安。7Joseph brought in Jacob his father and presented him to Pharaoh
8法郎遂問雅各伯說:「請問高壽?」8who then asked him, "How old are you?"
9雅各伯回答法郎說:「我寄居人世,已一百三十年;我一生歲月又少又苦,不會達到我祖先寄居人世的年數。」9Jacob replied, "The years of my wanderings are one hundred and thirty. Brief and difficult have been the years of my life, and not as many as those of my fathers."
10雅各伯再向法郎請安,辭別法郎出來了。10Then Jacob blessed Pharaoh and withdrew from his presence.
11若瑟依照法郎的吩咐,給他父親和兄弟安排了住處,將埃及國辣默色斯境內最好的地方,給了他們作產業。11So Joseph had his father and brothers settled, giving them property in the best part of Egypt, in the land of Rameses as Pharaoh had commanded.
12若瑟並按照他們的人口,供給他父親和兄弟以及他父親全部家屬的食糧。12Joseph provided his father, his brothers and his father's entire household with food according to the number of their dependents.
13那時因為饑荒十分嚴重,各地絕糧,連埃及國和客納罕地也因饑荒缺了糧。13Now so severe was the famine that no bread was to be had in all the land. Both Egypt and Canaan were exhausted because of the famine.
14若瑟因售糧與民眾,將埃及國和客納罕地內所有的一切銀錢,都聚斂了來,將這些銀錢盡歸入法郎王室。14Joseph then collected all the money that had been given to buy bread in the lands of Egypt and Canaan. All this money Joseph took to Pharaoh's house.
15當埃及國和客納罕地的銀錢都用盡了,埃及人前來見若瑟說:「銀錢已用完了,請給我們糧食,免得我們死在你面前!」15When all the money of the people of Egypt and Canaan was gone, all Egypt came to Joseph saying, "Give us bread! Why must we die before your eyes, for want of money?"
16若瑟回答說:「如果沒有銀錢,可將你們的家畜送來;我將糧食給你們,交換你們的家畜。」16Joseph told them, "Give me your cattle to pay for bread since you have no money."
17他們遂將家畜送來,交給若瑟;若瑟便以糧食換取了他們的馬、牛、羊、驢;那一年人們就以所有的家畜,換糧食生活。17So they brought their livestock and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for their horses, sheep and cattle and even their donkeys. In that way he supplied them with food for that year.
18這一年過後,第二年他們又來見他說:「我們實不瞞我主,銀錢都用盡了,畜養的家畜也全歸了我主,在我主面前什麼也沒有了,只剩下了我們自身和我們的田地。18The following year they came to him again and said, "We will not hide from our lord that all our money is gone and that our cattle now belong to you. All that is left to us are our persons and our land.
19為什麼要我們死在你面前?讓田地荒蕪呢?你用糧食收買我們和我們的田地罷!好叫我們的田地都歸法郎作主。請給我們穀種,好叫我們生活,不致於死,田地也不致於荒蕪。」19Why should we die while you look on, ourselves and our land? So buy us and our land for bread; we shall be in bondage to you and Pharaoh. Give us grain that we may live and not die and our land remain desolate."
20埃及人為饑荒所迫,人人出賣了自己的農田;若瑟遂為法郎購得了埃及所有的田地,田地遂盡歸法郎所有。20So it was that Joseph acquired all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; all the Egyptians sold their fields, so cruelly hard-pressed were they by the famine. Pharaoh became owner of the land
21並使埃及境內的人民,從這邊直到那邊,都成了農奴;21and Joseph reduced the people to servitude from one end of Egypt to the other.
22只有司祭的田地他沒有買得,因為司祭有得自法郎的常糧,可藉法郎賜與他們的常糧生活,所以沒有賣他們的田地。22Only the land of the priests he did not buy, because by a decree of Pharaoh they lived on what had been given to them by Pharaoh. For that reason they did not sell the land that belonged to them.
23那時若瑟對人民說:「今天我將你們和你們的田地,都已買下歸於法郎,這裡有你們的穀種,你們拿去播種;23Then Joseph said to the people, "Now that I have bought you and your land for Pharaoh, here is seed for you to sow the land.
24到了收穫的時候,五分之一應歸法郎,其餘四分歸你們自己,作為田地的穀種,作為你們和你們的家屬以及幼兒的食糧。」24At harvest time you will give a fifth to Pharaoh, and four fifths will be yours for seed for sowing, for food for yourselves and your families."
25他們答說:「你救了我們的性命!唯願我們在我主前蒙恩,我們情願給法郎為奴!」25They said, "You have saved our lives. If it please my lord, we shall be Pharaoh's serfs."
26由此若瑟為埃及的田地立了法例,至今有效:五分之一應歸法郎;只有司祭的田地例外,不歸法郎。26So Joseph introduced a statute that remains to this day, whereby a fifth of the produce goes to Pharaoh. Only the land of the priests did not become Pharaoh's.
27以色列人住在埃及國哥笙地方,在那裡置業繁殖,人數大為增加。27So Israel lived in Egypt in the land of Goshen. They became owners of this land; they had many children and greatly increased in number.
28雅各伯在埃及國又活了十七年;雅各伯的一生歲月共計一百四十七年。28Jacob lived for one hundred and forty-seven years, seventeen of them in the land of Egypt.
29以色列自知死期已近,便叫了他兒子若瑟來,對他說:「如果我在你眼內得寵,請將你的手放在我的胯下許下,以恩情和忠實對待我,不要將我埋在埃及。29When his life was drawing to a close he called for his son Joseph and said to him, "If you wish to be faithful and kind to me, place your hand under my thigh and promise me that you will not bury me in Egypt!
30我與我的祖先同眠了,你應將我帶出埃及,葬在他們的墓地裡。」若瑟答說:「我必照你的話去行。」30But when I rest with my fathers, carry me out of Egypt and bury me in their tomb." Joseph said, "I will do as you say."
31雅各伯接著說:「你對我發誓。」若瑟遂對他發了誓;以色列便靠著床頭屈身下拜。31Jacob insisted, "Swear to it!" He swore to him and Israel fell back on his pillow.
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