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創世紀 Genesis
1然後若瑟吩咐自己的管家說:「將糧食裝滿這些人的布袋,他們能帶多少,就裝多少;將每人的銀錢仍放在他的布袋口處,1Now Joseph gave this order to his steward, "Fill the men's sacks with as much food as they can carry and put back each man's silver in the mouth of his sack,
2再將我的銀杯和那最年幼購糧的銀錢,一併放在他的布袋口處。」管家就照若瑟吩咐的話做了。2and put my cup, the silver cup with the money for the grain in the sack of the youngest." The steward did as Joseph had directed.
3清早天一發亮,就遣送這些人帶著他們的驢走了。3As soon as it was light next morning the men were sent away with their donkeys.
4他們出了城,還不很遠,若瑟就對他的管家說:「你起身去追趕那些人,追上他們,就對他們說:你們為什麼以惡報善?4When they had gone but were still not far from the city, Joseph said to his steward, "Go quickly after those men and when you have caught up with them, say this: Why have you repaid good with evil?
5為什麼偷去我的銀杯?這杯是我主人為飲酒為占卜用的啊!你們作的實在不對!」5Isn't this the cup my master drinks from and uses for divination? You have done a wicked thing."
6管家追上他們,就對他們說了這些話。6When he caught up with them he repeated these words.
7他們回答說:「我主怎麼說些這樣的話?你的僕人們決不敢做這樣的事!7They said to him, "Why does my lord speak like that? Far be it from your servants to do such a thing.
8你看!我們在布袋口所發現的銀錢,還從客納罕地帶回來給了你,我們怎能偷你主人家的金銀呢?8The money we found in the mouths of our sacks, we brought back to you from the land of Canaan! How then could we have stolen silver or gold from your lord's house?
9在你僕人中,不論在誰那裡搜出來,誰就該死,並且我們都該作我主的奴隸。」9If one of your servants is found with the object, he will die and we too will become my lord's slaves."
10管家答說:「也好,就照你們的話做;只是在誰那裡搜出來,誰該作我的奴隸;你們其餘的人可自由離去。」10"Very well then," he said, "it will be as you say. The one who is found to have the cup will become my master's slave; the rest of you will go free."
11於是他們各人急忙將自己的布袋卸下,放在地上,各人打開自己的布袋。11Then each one quickly lowered his sack to the ground and opened it.
12管家便一一搜查,從年長的開始,到年幼的為止;結果那杯在本雅明的布袋裡搜了出來。12And he searched, beginning with the eldest and ending with the youngest. And the cup was found in Benjamin's sack.
13他們遂撕裂了自己的衣服,各人又使驢馱上重載,回城裡去了。13Then they tore their clothes and, reloading their donkeys, they returned to the city.
14猶大和他的兄弟們進了若瑟的家,若瑟還在那裡,他們就在他面前俯伏在地。14Joseph was still in the house when Judah and his brothers returned and they threw themselves on the ground before him.
15若瑟對他們說:「你們作的是什麼事?難道你們不知道像我這樣的人會占卜嗎?」15Joseph said to them, "What have you done? Didn't you know that a man such as I am is able to divine?"
16猶大答說:「我們對我主還能說什麼?還有什麼話可說?我們如何能表白自己?天主已查出了你僕人們的罪惡。我們和在他手裡搜出杯來的,都應作我主的奴隸。」16Then Judah said, "What shall we say to my lord? How can we prove our innocence? God has uncovered your servant's guilt; we are my lord's slaves, we and the one who has been found with the cup."
17若瑟答說:「我決不這樣做;在誰手裡搜出杯來,誰就該作我的奴隸;至於你們,都可平安上去,回到你們父親那裡。」17But Joseph said, "Far be it from me to do that. Only the man found to have the cup will be my slave. As for the rest, go back in peace to your father."
18猶大近前對若瑟說:「我主,請原諒,容你僕人向我主進一言,請不要對你僕人動怒,因為你原與法郎無異。18Judah then went forward and said, "My lord, allow your servant to speak. Do not be angry with your servant, although you are equal to Pharaoh himself.
19我主以前曾問僕人們說:你們還有父親或兄弟嗎?19The last time you questioned your servants saying: 'Have you a father or a brother?'
20我們曾回答我主說:還有老父和他老年生的幼兒;他的哥哥死了,他母親只剩下了他一個;為此父親非常疼愛他。20We said to my lord: 'We have an aged father who had a child in his old age. His brother is dead and he is the only one left of his mother's children. And his father loves him.'
21你就對你僕人們說:將他帶到我這裡來,我要親眼看看他。21Then you said to us: 'Bring him down so that I can see him for myself.'
22我們即對我主說:孩子是不能離開他父親的;如果離開了,他父親必會死去。22We told my lord that the boy could not leave his father, for if he did, his father would die.
23你對你僕人們說:如果你們的小弟弟不同你們一起下來,你們休想再見我的面。23You then told us that if our youngest brother did not come with us, we would not be admitted to your presence.
24我們一上到你僕人,我父親那裡,就將我主的話告訴了他。24All this we said to our father on returning there.
25後來我們的父親說:你們再去給我們買點糧食來。25So when he told us to come back and buy a little food,
26我們答說:我們不能下去;除非我們的小弟弟同我們一起,我們才下去;因為我們的小弟弟不同我們在一起,我們不能見那人的面。26we said: 'We cannot go down again unless our youngest brother is with us. We shall not be admitted to the lord's presence unless our brother is with us.'
27你的僕人,我的父親就對我們說:你們知道,我的妻子給我只生了兩個兒子:27Then my father said: 'You know that my wife had two children.
28其中一個離開我出去,我猜想,他是被猛獸撕裂了,到現在,再沒有見到他。28One went away from me and has surely been torn to pieces since I have not seen him anymore.
29如今你們連這一個也要由我面前帶走;倘若他遇到什麼不幸,你們就要使我這白髮老人在悲痛中下到陰府了!29If you take this one from me and something happens to him you will bring my gray hair in sorrow to the grave.'
30現在,如果我回到你僕人,我父親那裡,孩童沒有與我們在一起,──他原與這孩童相依為命,──30Now I can't return to my father without the boy, for my father loves him very much. If he sees that the boy is not there,
31他一見孩童沒有與我們在一起,就必死無疑;那你的僕人們就要使你的僕人,我們的父親帶著白髮在憂苦中下入陰府了。31he will die and we will have sent the gray hairs of our father in sorrow to the grave.
32況且你的僕人曾在我父面前為孩童擔保說:如果我不將他帶回來交給你,我終生在我父前負罪。32Now I, your servant, guaranteed the boy's safety and said to my father: 'If I do not bring him back, I will bear the blame before you all my life.'
33現在請讓你的僕人留下,代替孩童給我主為奴,讓孩童跟他哥哥們回去。33So now let me take the place of the boy and stay here as slave and let the boy go with his brothers,
34如果孩童不與我在一起,我怎能上去見我父親?我怕看見我父親遭到不幸!」34for I can't return to my father without the boy. Do not let me see the misery that would be too much for my father."
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