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創世紀 Genesis
1這些事以後,天主試探亞巴郎說:「亞巴郎!」他答說:「我在這裡。」1Some time later God tested Abraham and said to him, "Abraham!" And he answered, "Here I am."
2天主說:「帶你心愛的獨生子依撒格往摩黎雅地方去,在我所要指給你的一座山上,將他獻為全燔祭。」2Then God said, "Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I shall point out to you."
3亞巴郎次日清早起來,備好驢,帶了兩個僕人和自己的兒子依撒格,劈好為全燔祭用的木柴,就起身往天主指給他的地方去了。3Abraham rose early next morning and saddled his donkey and took with him two of his young men and his son Isaac. He chopped wood for the burnt offering and set out for the place to which God had directed him.
4第三天,亞巴郎舉目遠遠看見了那個地方,4On the third day Abraham looked up and saw the place in the distance,
5就對僕人說:「你們同驢在這裡等候,我和孩子要到那邊去朝拜,以後就回到你們這裡來。」5and he said to the young men, "Stay here with the donkey. The boy and I will go over there to worship and then we will come back to you."
6亞巴郎將為全燔祭用的木柴,放在兒子依撒格的肩上,自己手中拿著刀和火,兩人一同前行。6Abraham took the wood for the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac his son. He carried in his hand the fire and the knife. As the two of them went on together,
7路上依撒格對父親亞巴郎說:「阿爸!」他答說:「我兒,我在這裡。」依撒格說:「看,這裡有火有柴,但是那裡有作全燔祭的羔羊?」7Isaac spoke to Abraham, his father, "Father!"
8亞巴郎答說:「我兒!天主自會照料作全燔祭的羔羊。」於是二人再繼續一同前行。8And Abraham replied, "Yes, my son?" Isaac said, "The fire and the wood are here, but where is the lamb for the sacrifice?" Abraham replied, "God himself will provide the lamb for the sacrifice." They went on, the two of them together,
9當他們到了天主指給他的地方,亞巴郎便在那裡築了一座祭壇,擺好木柴,將兒子依撒格捆好,放在祭壇上的木柴上。9until they came to the place to which God had directed them. When Abraham had built the altar and set the wood on it, he bound his son Isaac and laid him on the wood placed on the altar.
10亞巴郎正伸手舉刀要宰獻自己的兒子時,10He then stretched out his hand to seize the knife and slay his son.
11上主的使者從天上對他喊說:「亞巴郎!亞巴郎!」他答說:「我在這裡。」11But the Angel of Yahweh called to him from heaven, "Abraham! Abraham!" And he said, "Here I am."
12使者說:「不可在這孩子身上下手,不要傷害他!我現在知道你實在敬畏天主,因為你為了我竟連你的獨生子也不顧惜。」12"Do not lay your hand on the boy; do not harm him, for now I know that you fear God, and you have not held back from me your only son."
13亞巴郎舉目一望,見有一隻公綿羊,兩角纏在灌木中,遂前去取了那隻公綿羊,代替自己的兒子,獻為全燔祭。13Abraham looked around and saw behind him a ram caught by its horns in a bush. He offered it as a burnt offering in place of his son.
14亞巴郎給那地方起名叫「上主自會照料」。直到今日人還說:「在山上,上主自會照料。」14Abraham named the place 'The Lord will provide.' And the saying has lasted to this day.
15上主的使者由天上又呼喚亞巴郎說:15And the Angel of Yahweh called from heaven a second time,
16「我指自己起誓,──上主的斷語,──因為你作了這事,沒有顧惜你的獨生子,16"By myself I have sworn, it is Yahweh who speaks, because you have done this and not held back your son, your only son,
17我必多多祝福你,使你的後裔繁多,如天上的星辰,如海邊的沙粒。你的後裔必佔領他們仇敵的城門;17I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the lands of their enemies.
18地上萬民要因你的後裔蒙受祝福,因為你聽從了我的話。」18All the nations of the earth will be blessed through your descendants because you have obeyed me."
19亞巴郎回到自己僕人那裡,一同起身回了貝爾舍巴,遂住在貝爾舍巴。19So Abraham returned to his servants, and they set off together for Beersheba and it was there that Abraham stayed.
20這些事以後,有人告訴亞巴郎說:「米耳加也給你的兄弟納曷爾生了兒子:20Some time after this Abraham was told that Milcah too, had borne children for Nahor, Abraham's brother:
21長子伍茲,他的弟弟步次、阿蘭的父親刻慕耳、21Uz, the firstborn, Buz, his brother, Kemuel the father of Aram,
22革色得、哈左、丕耳達士、依德拉夫和貝突耳:──22Chesed, Hazo, Pildash, Jidlaph and Bethuel.
23貝突耳生了黎貝加,──這八人都是米耳加給亞巴郎的兄弟納曷爾生的兒子。23Bethuel became the father of Rebekah. These eight children Milcah gave Nahor, Abraham's brother.
24此外他的妾,名叫勒烏瑪的,給他生了特巴黑、加罕、塔哈士和瑪阿加。24He also had a concubine, named Reumah, who gave birth to Tebah, Gaham, Tahash and Maacah.
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