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迦拉達書 Galatians
1再說:承繼人幾時還是孩童,雖然他是一切家業的主人,卻與奴隸沒有分別,1But listen, as long as the heir of the host is a child, he has no advantage over the slaves, although he is the master of them all.
2仍屬於監護人和代理人的權下,直到父親預定的期限。2He is subject to those who care for him and who are entrusted with his affairs until the time set by his father comes.
3同樣,當我們以前還作孩童的時候,我們是隸屬於今世的蒙學權下;3In the same way we as children were first subjected to the created forces that govern the world.
4但時期一滿,天主就派遣了自己的兒子來,生於女人,生於法律之下,4But when the fullness of time came, God sent his Son. He came born of woman and subject to the Law,
5為把在法律之下的人贖出來,使我們獲得義子的地位。5in order to redeem the subjects of the Law, that we may be given our full rights of sons and daughters of God.
6為證實你們確實是天主的子女,天主派遣了自己兒子的聖神,到我們心內喊說:「阿爸,父啊!」6And because you are sons, God has sent into your hearts the Spirit of his Son which cries out: Abba! that is, Father!
7所以你已不再是奴隸,而是兒子了;如果是兒子,賴天主的恩寵,也成了承繼人。7You yourself are no longer a slave but a son or daughter, and yours is the inheritance by God's grace.
8當你們還不認識天主的時候,服事了一些本來不是神的神;8When you did not know God, you served those who are not gods.
9但如今你們認識了天主,更好說為天主所認識;那麼,你們怎麼又再回到那無能無用的蒙學裡去,情願再作他們的奴隸呢?9But now that you have known God - or rather he has known you - how can you turn back to weak and impoverished created things? Do you want to be enslaved again?
10你們竟又謹守某日、某月、某時、某年!10Will you again observe this and that day, and the new moon, and this period and that year...?
11我真為你們擔心,怕我白白地為你們辛苦了。11I fear I may have wasted my time with you.
12弟兄們!我懇求你們要像我一樣,因為我曾一度也像你們一樣。你們一點也沒有虧負過我。12I implore you, dearly beloved, do as I do, just as I became like you. You have not offended me in anything.
13你們知道:當我初次給你們宣講福音時,正當我身患重病,13Remember that I was sick when I first announced the Gospel to you.
14雖然我的病勢為你們是個試探,你們卻沒有輕看我,也沒有厭棄我,反接待我有如一位天主的天使,有如基督耶穌。14Although I was a trial to you, you did not despise or reject me, but received me as an angel of God, as Christ Jesus.
15那麼,你們當日所慶幸的在那裡呢?我敢為你們作證:如若可能,你們那時也會把你們的眼睛挖出來給我。15Where is this bliss? For I can testify that you would have even plucked out your eyes to give them to me.
16那麼,只因我給你們說實話,就成了你們的仇人嗎?16But now, have I become your enemy for telling you the truth?
17那些人對你們表示關心,並不懷好意;他們只是願意使你們與我隔絕,好叫你們也關心他們。17Those who show consideration to you are not sincere; they want to separate you from me, so that you may show interest in them.
18受人關心固然是好的,但應懷好意,且該常常如此,並不單是我在你們中間的時候。18Would that you were surrounded with sincere care at all times, and not only from me when I am with you!
19我的孩子們!我願為你們再受產痛,直到基督在你們內形成為止。19My children! I still suffer the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.
20恨不得我現今就在你們跟前改變我的聲調,因為我對你們實在放心不下。20How I would like to be with you now and speak to you personally, for I do not know what to say for the best.
21你們願意屬於法律的,請告訴我:你們沒有聽見法律說什麼嗎?21Tell me, you who desire to submit yourselves to the Law, did you listen to it?
22法律曾記載說:亞巴郎有兩個兒子:一個生於婢女,一個生於自由的婦人。22It says that Abraham had two sons, one by a slave woman, the other by the free woman, his wife.
23那生於婢女的,是按常例而生的;但那生於自由婦人的,卻是因恩許而生的。23The son of the slave woman was born in the ordinary way; but the son of the free woman was born in fulfillment of God's promise.
24這都含有寓意:那兩個婦人是代表兩個盟約:一是出於西乃山,生子為奴,那即是哈加爾──24Here we have an allegory and the figures of two covenants. The first is the one from Mount Sinai, represented through Hagar: her children have slavery for their lot.
25西乃山是在阿剌伯──這哈加爾相當於現在的耶路撒冷,因為耶路撒冷與她的子女同為奴隸。25We know that Hagar was from Mount Sinai in Arabia: she stands for the present city of Jerusalem which is in slavery with her children.
26然而那屬於天上的耶路撒冷卻是自由的,她就是我們的母親:26But the Jerusalem above, who is our mother, is free.
27誠如經上記載說:『不生育的石女,喜樂罷!未經產痛的女人,歡呼高唱罷!因為被棄者的子女比有夫者的子女還多。』27And Scripture says of her: Rejoice, barren woman without children, break forth in shouts of joy, you who do not know the pains of childbirth, for many shall be the children of the forsaken mother, more than of the married woman.
28弟兄們!你們像依撒格一樣,是恩許的子女。28You, dearly beloved, are children of the promise, like Isaac.
29但是,先前那按常例而生的怎樣迫害了那按神恩而生的,如今還是這樣。29But as at that time the child born according to the flesh persecuted Isaac, who was born according to the spirit, so is it now.
30然而經上說了什麼?『你將婢女和她的兒子趕走,因為婢女的兒子不能與自由婦人的兒子,一同承受家業。』30And what does Scripture say? Cast out the slave woman and her son, for the son of the slave cannot share the inheritance with the son of the free woman.
31所以,弟兄們,我們不是婢女的子女,而是自由婦人的子女。31Brethren, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.
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