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迦拉達書 Galatians
1我保祿宗徒──我蒙召為宗徒,並非由於人,也並非藉著人,而是由於耶穌基督和使他由死者中復活的天主父──1From Paul, an apostle sent not by humans nor by human mediation but by Christ Jesus and by God, the Father, who raised him from the dead;
2我和同我在一起的眾弟兄,致書給迦拉達眾教會:2I and all the brothers and sisters who are with me greet the churches in Galatia:
3願恩寵與平安由天主我們的父及主耶穌基督賜與你們!3may you receive grace and peace from God our Father and from Christ Jesus our Lord.
4這基督按照天主我們父的旨意,為我們的罪惡捨棄了自己,為救我們脫離此邪惡的世代。4He gave himself for our sins to rescue us from this evil world, in fulfillment of the will of God the Father:
5願光榮歸於天主,至於無窮之世!阿們。5Glory to him for ever and ever. Amen.
6我真奇怪,你們竟這樣快離開了那以基督的恩寵召叫你們的天主,而歸向了另一福音;6I am surprised at how quickly you have abandoned God who called you according to the grace of Christ, and have gone to another gospel.
7其實,並沒有別的福音,只是有一些人擾亂你們,企圖改變基督的福音而已。7Indeed, there is no other gospel, but some people who are sowing confusion among you want to turn the Gospel of Christ upside down.
8但是,無論誰,即使是我們,或是從天上降下的一位天使,若給你們宣講的福音,與我們給你們所宣講的福音不同,當受詛咒。8But even if we ourselves were giving you another gospel different from the one we preached to you, or if it were an angel from heaven, I would say: fire him!
9我們以前說過,如今我再說:誰若給你們宣講福音與你們所接受的不同,當受詛咒。9As I have said I now say again: if anyone preaches the Gospel in a way other than you received it, fire that one.
10那麼,我如今是討人的喜愛,或是討天主的喜愛呢?難道我是尋求人的歡心嗎?如果我還求人的歡心,我就不是基督的僕役。10Are we to please humans or obey God? Do you think that I try to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.
11弟兄們,我告訴你們;我所宣講的福音,並不是由人而來的,11Let me remind you, brothers and sisters, that the Gospel we preached to you is not a human message,
12因為,我不是由人得來的,也不是由人學來的,而是由耶穌基督的啟示得來的。12nor did I receive it from anyone, I was not taught of it but it came to me as a revelation from Christ Jesus.
13你們一定聽說過,我從前尚在猶太教中的行動:我怎樣激烈地迫害過天主的教會,竭力想把她消滅;13You have heard of my previous activity in the Jewish community; I furiously persecuted the Church of God and tried to destroy it.
14我在猶太教中比我本族許多同年的人更為急進,對我祖先的傳授更富於熱忱。14For I was more devoted to the Jewish religion than many fellow Jews of my age, and I defended the traditions of my ancestors more fanatically.
15但是,從母胎中已選拔我,以恩寵召叫我的天主,卻決意15But one day God called me out of his great love, he who had chosen me from my mother's womb; and he was pleased
16將他的聖子啟示給我,叫我在異民中傳揚他。我當時沒有與任何人商量,16to reveal in me his Son, that I might make him known among the pagan nations. Then I did not seek human advice
17也沒有上耶路撒冷去見那些在我以前作宗徒的人,我立即去了阿剌伯,然後又回到了大馬士革。17nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me. I immediately went to Arabia, and from there I returned again to Damascus.
18此後,過了三年,我纔上耶路撒冷去拜見刻法,在他那裡逗留了十五天,18Later, after three years, I went up to Jerusalem to meet Cephas, and I stayed with him for fifteen days.
19除了主的兄弟雅各伯,我沒有看見別的宗徒。19But I did not see any other apostle except James, the Lord's brother.
20我給你們寫的都是真的,我在天主前作證,我決沒有說謊。20On writing this to you, I affirm before God that I am not lying.
21此後,我往敘利亞和基里基雅地域去了。21After that I went to Syria and Cilicia.
22那時,猶太境內屬於基督的各教會,都沒有見過我的面;22The churches of Christ in Judea did not know me personally;
23只是聽說過:「那曾經迫害我們的,如今卻傳揚他曾經想消滅的信仰了。」23they had only heard of me: "He who once persecuted us is now preaching the faith he tried to uproot."
24他們就為了我而光榮天主。24And they praised God because of me.
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