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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1以後我聽見他高聲喊說:「懲罰此城的,快來!每人手中應拿著毀滅的工具。」1Then he shouted loudly in my ears saying, "The punishment of the city is near; see each one of these has in his hand his instrument of destruction."
2看,有六個人從上邊朝北的門走來,每人拿著破壞的武器。他們中間有一個人身穿細麻衣,腰間帶著書記的墨盒。他們來到,就站在銅祭壇旁。2And six men came from the direction of the upper gate which faces north, each one with his instrument of destruction. With them was a man clothed in linen with writing material at his side. They came and stopped near the altar of bronze.
3那停在革魯賓上的以色列的天主光榮,就由革魯賓身上升起,來到聖殿的門限上,叫將那身穿細麻衣,腰間帶著墨盒的人召來。3Then the Glory of the God of Israel rose from the cherubim where it rested and went to the threshold of the house. Yahweh called to the man clothed in linen who had the material for writing at his side,
4上主對他說:「你要走遍此城,即走遍耶路撒冷,凡因城中發生的醜惡之事而悲痛哀號的人,要在他們額上劃一個十字記號。」4and he said to him, "Pass through the center of the city, through Jerusalem, and trace a cross on the forehead of the men who sigh and groan because of all the abominations committed in it."
5以後我聽見他向其餘的人說:「你們也跟著他走遍全城擊殺,你們的眼不要憐視,一點也不要顧惜;5I heard him say to the others, "Now you may pass through the city after him and strike. Your eyes shall not look with pity; show no mercy! Do away with them all -
6把老人、少年、處女、嬰兒和婦女都要殺盡滅絕;但凡額上有十字記號的人,不可走近。你們從聖所這裡開始。」果然他們就從在聖殿前的長老開始。6old men, young men, virgins, children and women - but do not touch anyone marked with a cross." And as they were told to begin with the sanctuary, they struck the elders who were in front of the Temple.
7以後又向他們說:「你們要玷污這聖殿,使被殺者充塞整個庭院,然後出去!」他們就出去,在城中擊殺。7Yahweh said to them, "Let the courts be filled with the slain and the Temple be defiled with their blood; go out!" They went and slew the people in the city.
8他們去擊殺時,只留下我一人。我就伏地掩面呼求說:「哎!吾主上主,你在耶路撒冷發洩你的憤怒,要滅絕以色列的遺民嗎?」8While they were slaying the people, I fell on my face and cried out saying, "Ah, Yahweh! Are you going to destroy all that is left of Israel, and unleash your fury against Jerusalem?"
9他回答我說:「以色列和猶大的家族,實在罪大惡極;此地充滿了血債,滿城都是暴行,他們還說:上主已離棄了此地,上主看不見。9He said to me, "The sin of Israel and Judah is very great; the land is filled with blood and the city full of perversion. For they say: 'Yahweh has forsaken the land; Yahweh does not see.'
10因此,我的眼也決不憐視,一點也不顧惜;反而我要把他們的行為,歸在他們頭上。」10I too will be without pity; I will show no mercy and I will bring their deeds upon their heads."
11看啊,那身穿細麻衣,腰間帶著墨盒的人,回來報告說:「我已照你吩咐的做了。」11Then the man clothed in linen who brought the writing kit reported, "I have done what you ordered."
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