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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的話傳給我說:1This word of Yahweh came to me,
2「人子,你要說:吾主上主這樣對以色列地域說:結局到了,大地四極的結局到了。」2"And you, son of man, listen to what the Lord says to Israel:
3現今你的結局已到:我要向你發洩我的憤怒,按你的行為裁判你,按照你所有的醜行報復你。3Finished! The end is coming for the four corners of the land. It is all over for you. I am unleashing my anger against you. I will judge you according to your ways and repay you for all your filthy practices.
4我的眼決不憐視你,一點也不顧惜你;反之,我必按照你的行為報復你,使你的醜惡彰顯在你中間;這樣,你們必承認我是上主。4I will not look on you with pity; I will be merciless. I will bring against you what is fitting for your conduct and your detestable practices and you will know it is Yahweh striking you.
5吾主上主這樣說:「看,災禍,那唯一的災禍來了。5Thus says Yahweh: Disaster! Disaster is coming!
6結局到了,那對付你的結局到了,看,已來到目前。6The end is near! It is your turn, you who live in the country.
7當地的居民啊!惡運已臨於你,時辰已到,恐怖的日子已近,山上再聽不到歡呼的聲音。7The time has come, the day is near! No joy, only panic on the mountains!
8現今我就快要向你發洩我的憤怒,在你身上盡洩我的怒火,要按照你的行為裁判你,按照你所有的醜行報復你。8Now I am unleashing my fury against you; my anger will exhaust itself on you. I will judge you according to your ways and your detestable practices.
9我的眼決不憐視,一點也不顧惜;反之,我要照你的行為報復你,使你的醜惡彰顯在你中間:這樣,你們必承認我是施罰的天主。」9I will not look on you with pity; I will be without mercy. I will judge you according to your conduct and call you to account for your detestable practices. I will not look on you with pity and I will show you no mercy. I will give you what your conduct deserves. And you will know that I am Yahweh when I strike you for your abominable practices.
10「看,那日子確已來到,惡運已定,暴行開花,傲慢發芽。10This is the day, the end is coming, the die is cast. For insolence has blossomed, pride bears its fruits
11殘暴興起,成為作惡的權杖;他們中將一無所存,他們的財富沒有了,豪華不見了,光榮一無所留。11and violence reigns. No one will escape.
12時辰到了,日子近了;買主不要歡樂;賣主也不要憂愁,因為怒火要降在一切財富上。12The time has come, the day is here! Let not the buyer rejoice or the seller regret, for the punishment will fall upon all.
13賣主雖還活著,但不得再贖回他所賣的,因為懲罰一降在一切民眾身上,誰也不能再挽回。無人在罪惡中能保全生命。13The seller will not get back what he has sold, even though he survives, for the sentence regarding the multitude will not be reversed.
14你們吹喇叭,將一切準備便當;但無人出征上陣,因為我的怒火要降在所有人民身上。14They may sound the trumpet, make preparations, but no one will go to battle, for I am indignant with all.
15外有刀兵,內有瘟疫饑荒;凡在鄉間的,要喪身刀下;在城中的,要死於瘟疫饑荒。15Outside in the open is the sword; plague and starvation in the houses. Those in the country will die by the sword, those in the city will be victims of famine and plague.
16那些僥倖逃亡的,到了山中,必像谷中哀鳴的鴿子,各人悲泣自己的罪惡。16Those who escape will go to the mountains; they will be like doves, each one moaning because of his sin.
17人人雙手疲憊無力,雙膝軟弱如水,17Every hand will be limp, every knee as weak as water;
18身穿苦衣,都為恐怖所籠罩;每人面帶羞慚,頭頂完全剃光。18they will put on sackcloth and shudder. All will be covered with shame and every head bald.
19他們將自己的銀子丟在街頭,金子為他們成了污穢之物;他們的金銀,在上主發怒之日,不能拯救他們;金銀不能使他們充饑,不能填滿他們的肚腹,因為金銀是他們犯罪的絆腳石。19They will throw their silver in the streets and their gold will be dropped like filth. Silver or gold will not save them on the day of Yahweh's anger. It will be useless to satisfy their hunger and to fill their stomachs, for it was their stumbling block, the cause of their sin.
20他們既然把自己華麗的裝飾品作為誇耀的東西,做成醜惡的偶像和怪物;20They became proud of their splendid jewel (the Temple), but they put into it their loathsome images and idols; that is why I will make it a horror.
21所以我要使偶像成為他們的不潔之物,我要把它交於外邦人手中作勝利品,給本地匪徒作為掠物,而予以褻瀆。21I will hand it over as plunder to foreigners and as booty to the most wicked of the land, and they will defile it.
22我要轉面不看他們,讓外人褻瀆我的寶藏,讓野人侵入而加以褻瀆,22I will take away my protection from them and people will profane my treasure. Robbers will enter and desecrate it
23並用來製造鎖鏈;因為此地充滿了血債,城中充滿了殘暴。23and within it there will be massacres, for the land is full of violence.
24為此,我必叫最兇惡的異民來佔據他們的房舍,消滅他們傲慢的勢力,並使他們的聖所受到褻瀆。24I will bring the most cruel of the nations to take possession of their houses. I will break the pride of the violent and their sanctuaries will be profaned.
25當恐怖來臨時,他們尋求救援,卻沒有救援。25Anguish is coming; they will seek peace but there will be none.
26禍上加禍,噩耗接踵而來;那時人向先知要求異像,卻毫無所得;司祭失去了教言,長老沒有了主意,26Disaster will follow disaster, rumor will follow rumor. In vain will they demand a vision from the prophet. The priest will have no answer; the elders will be unable to advise.
27君王失聲痛哭,王侯驚惶失措,當地居民的手顫動無力。我必按他們的行為向他們報復,照他們的功過裁判他們:這樣,他們必要承認我是天主。」27The king will mourn; the princes will be overcome with grief, and the hands of the citizens will tremble. I will treat them as their conduct deserves and judge them according to their deeds, and they will know that I am Yahweh.
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