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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1「當你們抽籤分地作為產業時,應將一塊聖地獻給上主,當作獻地,長二萬五千肘,寬二萬肘。凡在這範圍之內的地全是聖的。1When you divide the country into portions by lot, you are to allocate a sacred portion of the country to Yahweh: twenty-five thousand cubits long and twenty thousand wide.
2其中一塊作為聖所,長五百肘,寬五百肘;四面成方形,周圍有空地,寬五十肘。2The whole of this land is to be sacred, and of this square area five hundred by five hundred cubits is to be for the sanctuary, with a boundary fifty cubits wide all around.
3在這一區量出二萬五千肘長,一萬肘寬的地方,其中應有聖所,至聖所;3Out of this area you are also to measure a section twenty-five thousand by ten thousand cubits, in which there shall stand the sanctuary; this is a very holy land.
4這塊聖地,應歸於在聖所內為服事上主職的司祭,作為他們的住處和他們羊群的牧埸。4This is to be the sacred portion of the country; it shall belong to the priests who officiate in the sanctuary and approach Yahweh to serve him. There they are to have their houses and also a district set apart for the sanctuary.
5另一塊二萬五千肘長,一萬肘寬的地方,歸於在殿內服務的肋未人,作為他們的地業,及他們居住的城邑。5An area twenty-five thousand by ten thousand cubits is to be kept for the Levites serving the House to own, with towns to live in.
6再劃出建京城的地段,寬五千肘,長二萬五千肘,在保留的獻地之旁,歸於全以色列家族。6You are to give the city possession of an area five thousand by twenty-five thousand cubits, near the land belonging to the sanctuary; this is to be for the whole people of Israel.
7在保留的獻地和建城的地段兩旁,緊靠著保留的獻地和建城的地段,由西邊的往西,由東邊的往東的土地,全歸於元首。西邊的邊界,東邊的邊界,其長與其他支派所分得的土地相同。7The prince is to have a domain on either side of the very holy land and of the land belonging to the city, and adjacent to both of them, stretching westward from the west and eastward from the east, its size equal to one of the portions between the west and the east frontiers of the country.
8這是在以色列劃歸元首的領土:這樣,我的元首不再壓迫我的百姓,並將土地留給以色列家族及他們的各支派。」8This is to be his possession in Israel. Then my princes will no longer oppress my people; they must leave the rest of the country for the people of Israel, for its tribes.
9吾主上主這樣說:「以色列的元首,你們該夠了罷!你們應放棄強暴與搶掠,實行正義與公道,你們不要再向我的人民橫徵暴歛──吾主上主的斷語──9Yahweh says this: Let this be enough for you, princes of Israel! Give up your violence and plundering, practice justice and integrity, crush my people no more with taxation - it is Yahweh who speaks.
10你們應用公平的天平,準確的『厄法』,準確的『巴特』。10Have scales that are fair, a fair ephah, a fair bath.
11『厄法』和『巴特』的容量應當相等:即一『巴特』等於『荷默爾』的十分之一,十分之一『荷默爾』即一『厄法』。分量應依照『荷默爾』而定。11Let the ephah and bath be equal, let the bath hold one tenth of a homer and the ephah one tenth of a homer.
12『協刻耳』應為二十『革辣』。二十『協刻耳』加二十五『協刻耳』,再加十五『協刻耳』為你們是一『米納』。12Let the measures be based on the homer. The shekel is to be twenty gerahs. Twenty shekels, twenty-five shekels plus fifteen shekels are to make one mina.
13你們應奉上的獻儀如下:由一『荷默爾』小麥,應獻六分之一『厄法』;由一『荷默爾』大麥,也應獻六分之一『厄法』。13This is the tax that you are to levy: the sixth of an ephah for every homer of wheat, and the sixth of an ephah for every homer of barley.
14對油的規定:由一『苛爾』油,應獻十分之一『巴特』,因為十『巴特』為一『苛爾』。14The dues on oil: one bath of oil out of every ten baths or out of every cor (which is equal to ten baths or one homer, since ten baths equal one homer).
15由以色列茂盛的牧場,每二百隻羊中取一隻羔羊獻為供物,做全燔祭與和平祭,為自己贖罪──吾主上主的斷語──15You are to levy one sheep on every flock of two hundred from the patrimony of Israel for the oblation, the burnt offering and the communion sacrifice. This is for the atonement - it is Yahweh who speaks.
16全國人民應將這樣的獻儀交給以色列的元首;16Let all the people of the country be bound to give this offering for the prince of Israel.
17元首在慶節、月朔和安息日,以及以色列家族所有的慶節,應備辦全燔祭、素祭和奠祭,又應備辦贖罪祭、素祭、全燔祭與和平祭,為以色列家族贖罪。」17The prince is to provide the burnt offerings, grain offerings and drink offerings for feasts, New Moons and sabbaths, for all the solemn festivals of Israel. He is to provide the sacrifice for sin, oblation, holocaust and communion sacrifices atoning for Israel.
18吾主上主這樣說:「正月初一,你應取一頭無瑕的公牛犢,為聖所取潔。18Yahweh says this: On the first day of the first month, you must take a young bull without blemish, to purify the sanctuary.
19司祭應取贖罪祭祭牲的血,塗在聖殿的門框上,祭壇台座的四角上,和內院大門的門框上。19The priest is to take blood from the sacrifice for sin and put it on the doorposts of the House, on the four corners of the altar base and on the doorposts of the gates of the inner court.
20正月初七,為那不慎誤犯的人,也應照樣行,為聖殿取潔。20You must do the same on the seventh of the month, on behalf of anyone who has sinned through inadvertence or ignorance. This is how you are to make atonement for the House.
21正月十四,你們應過逾越節,七天吃無酵餅。21On the fourteenth day of the first month, you must celebrate the feast of the Passover. For seven days everyone is to eat unleavened loaves.
22在那一天,元首應為自己和本國全體人民獻一頭公牛犢,為贖罪祭。22On that day, the prince must offer a bull as a sacrifice for sin, for himself and all the people in the country.
23七天的慶節,他應向上主獻全燔祭:七天內每天應獻七頭無瑕的公牛犢,和七隻無瑕的公羊;每天獻一隻小山羊,為贖罪祭。23For the seven days of the feast, he must offer Yahweh a burnt offering of seven bulls and seven rams without blemish, daily for a week, and one he-goat daily as a sacrifice for sin,
24還應獻素祭:為每頭公牛犢獻一『厄法』麵,為每隻公羊獻一『厄法』麵;為一『厄法』麵加一『辛』油。24with a grain offering of one ephah for each bull and one ephah for each ram, and a hin of oil for every ephah for the oblation.
25七月十五日的慶節,他應獻同樣的祭品;七天之久應獻同樣的贖罪祭、全燔祭、素祭和油。」25For the feast on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, he must do the same for seven days, offering the sacrifice for sin, burnt offering, drink offering and the oil.
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