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厄則克耳 Ezekiel
1上主的話傳給我說:1The word of the Lord Yahweh came to me in these terms,
2「人子,有兩個女人,同是一母的女兒,2"Son of man, there were two women, daughters of the same mother.
3她們在埃及行過淫,年輕時當過娼,在那裡有人撫弄過她們的乳房,在那裡有人糟蹋了她們的童身。3They became prostitutes in Egypt, even from their youth. In that land their breasts were fondled and caressed.
4她們的名字,大的叫敖曷拉,她妹妹叫敖曷里巴。她們本來屬於我,也給我生了子女。至於她們的名字:敖曷拉是指撒瑪黎雅,敖曷里巴是指耶路撒冷。4The elder was called Oholah, her sister Oholibah. Both of them were mine and they gave me sons and daughters. Oholah is Samaria and Oholibah is Jerusalem.
5敖曷拉屬我時,已行邪淫,戀愛了她的情人,鄰邦亞述人,5Oholah was mine when she played the harlot; she lusted after her lovers, the Assyrians,
6即那穿紫紅衣服的將領和公卿,全是英俊的青年,善於騎馬的騎士。6warriors dressed in purple, governors, commanders, desirable young men, riders on horses.
7於是她與所有的亞述青年行淫,並為她所戀愛的情人及其偶像所玷污。7She offered them her harlotry, to those who were the best of Assyria. She dishonored herself with all those for whom she lusted and with their idols.
8但她仍沒有放棄埃及的淫蕩,因為他們在她青年時曾同她共寢過,糟蹋過她的童身,在她身上發洩過淫慾。8But she did not forget her harlotry with the Egyptians who had lain with her and poured their lust on her from the time of her youth.
9為此我把她交在她情人手中,即她所熱戀的亞述人手中。9That is why I gave her over to her lovers, the Assyrians, the object of her lustful desires.
10他們必要揭露她的私處,擄去她的子女,用刀把她殺死:如此,因所加於她身上的懲罰,她成了婦女的警戒。10They uncovered her nakedness, seized her sons and daughters and slew her. And she became a byword among women because punishment had come to her.
11她妹妹敖曷里巴雖看見了這一切,但她的情慾更甚於她姐姐,她的淫亂也遠超過她姐姐的淫亂。11Her sister, Oholibah, witnessed this but she was even more corrupt in her lust and worse than her sister in her prostitution.
12她也戀愛那些身為將領公卿的鄰邦亞述子民,他們都是衣著華美,善於騎馬的騎士,而且都是英俊的青年。12She lusted after the Assyrians, governors, commanders, horsemen, all desirable young men, and
13我也見了她受玷污,她們兩的行徑完全一樣。13I saw how she dishonored herself. Both sisters acted in the same way but she went further than her sister.
14她的淫行有增無減。當她看見繪畫在牆上的人──用丹青繪畫的加色丁人像,14No sooner had she seen men portrayed on walls, pictures of Chaldeans sketched in vermilion than she lusted after these men,
15腰間束著佩帶,頭上纏著突出的頭巾,都有軍官的模樣,相似巴比倫人,加色丁即是他們的出生地──15tightly belted, heads top-heavy with turbans, all resembling Babylonian cavalry officers.
16她的眼一看見,就愛上了他們,遣派使者往加色丁,到他們那裡去。16She sent messengers to Chaldea and
17巴比倫人一來到她那裡,登上愛情的床,行了淫,玷污了她;她受玷污之後,遂即厭棄了他們。17they came to her in the bed of love and defiled her with their prostitution. They dishonored her so much that she turned from them in disgust.
18她既暴露了自己的淫行,揭開了自己的私處,因此我也厭棄她,如同厭棄她姐姐一樣。18But because she had given herself and exposed her nakedness, I too turned from her in disgust just as I had turned away from her sister.
19她又想念年輕時在埃及行淫的日子,遂增強了她的淫慾。19She multiplied her harlotry recalling her youth when she played the harlot in Egypt.
20她仍戀愛體壯似驢,精足似馬的情人。20She lusted after her lovers whose bodies were like those of donkeys and whose organs resembled those of horses.
21於是你渴望你年輕時的淫行,那時埃及人曾撫摸過你的胸懷,撫弄過你青春的乳房。21She returned to the shameful conduct of her youth with the Egyptians.
22因此,敖曷里巴!吾主上主這樣說:看,我要鼓動你所厭棄的情人來攻擊你,引他們從四周來攻擊你,22That is why, Oholibah, thus says Yahweh: I am sending against you your lovers from whom you have turned away in disgust and I will bring them against you from all sides,
23即巴比倫人和一切加色丁人,培科得、芍亞和科亞,以及一切同他們聯合的亞述人,英俊的青年,一切長官和公卿、軍官和將領,一切善於騎馬的人。23Babylonians and Chaldeans, men of Pekod, Shoa and Koa and all the Assyrians with them, handsome young men, governors, commanders, cavalry officers, titled people, all riding horses.
24他們率領大軍、車輛和輜重車,大隊士卒,都佩著甲、盾和盔,由四周攻擊你。我讓他們處罰你,照他們的法律判決你。24They will come against you with chariots, wagons and throngs of people who will assail you from all sides with buckler, shield and helmet.
25如此,我要在你身上發洩我的妒火,讓他們以憤怒待你,割去你的鼻子和耳朵;其餘的都死於刀下;他們還要擄去你的子女,餘下的都為火燒死。25I will put your case before them and they will judge you according to their laws. I will release my jealousy against you so that they shall deal with you furiously. They will cut off your nose and your ears and what is left of you will fall by the sword. They will seize your sons and daughters and what is left of you will be consumed by the fire;
26他們還要剝光你的衣服,奪去你的裝飾品。26they will strip you of your clothes and ornaments.
27這樣,我才消除你心中的淫蕩,和由埃及地開始的淫行,使你再不敢舉目看他們,再不想念埃及。27I will put an end to your shameful behavior and your harlotry dating from your time in Egypt; you will not look towards them again and will no longer dream of Egypt. Thus says
28因為吾主上主這樣說:看,我要將你交在你所惱恨的人手中,和你所厭惡的人手中。28the Lord Yahweh: I am handing you over to those you hate, to those from whom you turned in disgust.
29他們要以惱恨對待你,奪去你的一切財物,赤身露體的拋棄你:因此你放蕩的私處,好色和淫亂都要暴露出來。29They will treat you with loathing and take from you everything you have worked for, leaving you naked and uncovered and the nakedness of your harlotry will be exposed.
30他們這樣對待你,是因為你同異民行了淫,受了他們偶像的玷污。30Your shameful conduct and your promiscuity have brought this upon you, because you lusted after the nations and defiled yourself with their idols.
31你既然走了你姐姐的路,我也要把她的苦爵放在你手中。31Since you have gone the way of your sister, I will place her cup in your hand.
32吾主上主這樣說:你要喝你姐姐又深又大,容量又多的苦爵,你要成為恥笑和辱罵的對象,32Thus says Yahweh: You shall drink your sister's cup which is deep and wide. You shall be the butt of derision and mockery: the cup holds so much!
33你要酩酊大醉,滿懷憂愁。你姐姐撒瑪黎雅的爵是驚惶和毀滅的爵,33You shall be filled with drunkenness and sorrow; it is a cup of desolation and horror, the cup of Samaria, your sister!
34你必要喝,且要喝盡,連渣滓也要吞下;你還要抓破你自己的乳房:這是我所說的──吾主上主的斷語──34You will drink and empty it to the dregs, and then tear your breasts - for I have spoken, word of the Lord Yahweh."
35為此吾主上主這樣說:因為你忘了我,把我拋在背後,你也要親自承擔你好色和淫亂的懲罰。」35That is why the Lord Yahweh speaks thus: "Since you have forgotten me and turned your back on me, you too will pay for your immodesty and harlotry!"
36上主對我說:「人子,你要審判敖曷拉和敖曷里巴,向她們說明她們的醜惡:36Then Yahweh said to me, "Son of man, will you judge Oholah and Oholibah? Confront them with their abominations,
37她們犯了姦淫,手上帶著殺人的血,同偶像犯了姦淫,還焚化了她們給我所生的子女,祭祀偶像。37for they have committed adultery and stained their hands with blood. They committed adultery with their idols and even sacrificed their children - my children - as food for them.
38此外,她們還對我行了這事:在那一天她們還玷污了我的聖所,褻瀆了我的安息日,38At that time they defiled my sanctuary and profaned my sabbaths;
39因為當她們給她們的偶像祭殺自己的子女時,同一天也進了我的聖所,加以褻瀆。的確,她們在我聖殿中這樣行了。39the same day they sacrificed their children to their idols, they entered my sanctuary to desecrate it. This is what they did in my house.
40並且他們還想從遠方召人來,便遣使者到他們那裡。看,他們果然來了,你就為了他們而沐浴,畫眼,佩戴珠寶。40Both of them sent messages to men who had come from afar and they came. You bathed yourself for them, painted your eyes and decked yourself with jewels.
41以後你坐在華麗的床上,床前安放桌子,上面擺上本來獻給我的香和油。41You seated yourself on a stately couch and beside a table on which you put incense and oil that was mine.
42在她那裡可以聽到從曠野來的群眾的歡樂嘈雜聲,他們在她們姐妹的腕上帶上鐲子,在她們頭上戴上花冠。42The sound of a carefree crowd was heard there because of their number, not to mention the people brought in from the desert. They put bracelets on the wrists of the women and splendid crowns on their heads.
43那時我就關於這老淫婦說:現今她當然又要去行淫。43Then I said about this city, worn out and defiled with her adultery: This is indeed harlotry!
44的確,人都到她們那裡,就如到娼妓那裡,也照樣到淫婦敖曷拉和敖曷里巴那裡。44Men go to her as one goes to a prostitute. So they went to Oholah and Oholibah, the dissolute women!
45但正義的人必要裁判她們,如裁判姦婦和流血的人,因為她們是姦婦,血還在她們手上。45But upright men will judge as adulterous those who have shed blood, for indeed they are adulteresses and blood is on their hands."
46因為吾主上主這樣說:我要使許多人來攻擊她們,叫她們飽受虐待並遭受搶掠。46For thus says Yahweh: "Let a great assembly be gathered against them! Let them be delivered to terror and spoil!
47這群人要用石頭砸死她們,用刀砍碎她們,屠殺她們的子女,火燒她們的房屋。47The assembly will stone them, have them cut in pieces by the sword, kill their sons and daughters and burn their houses.
48如此,我要把淫亂由此地剷除,使所有的婦女受到警戒,不敢效法你們的淫行。48I will put an end to debauchery in this land; all the women will be warned and no longer will they imitate your immorality.
49我要使你們的淫行歸在你們身上。承擔敬拜偶像的罪罰:如此,你們纔承認我是上主。」49I will make your immorality fall on your own heads and when you receive the punishment of your idolatry, you will know that I am Yahweh."
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