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出谷紀 Exodus
1上主訓示梅瑟說:1Yahweh spoke to Moses and said,
2「看,從猶大支派,我已召叫了胡爾的孫子,烏黎的兒子貝匝肋耳來,2"See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah.
3以天主的神充滿了他,叫他有智慧、技能和知識,能製造各種工程,3I have filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom, understanding, skill, and ability for every kind of craft:
4能設計圖案,能用金、銀、銅製造器物,4for the art of designing and working in gold and silver and bronze;
5能雕刻寶石,鑲嵌,雕刻木頭,製造各種工程。5for cutting stones to be set, for carving in wood, for every kind of craft.
6我又使丹支派阿希撒瑪客的兒子敖曷里雅布與他合作;也把智慧賜給一切有藝術技能的人,好完成我吩咐你的一切:6Here and now I give him a partner, Oholiab son of Ahisamach, one of the tribe of Dan; and to all the men that have skill I have given more, for them to carry out all that I have commanded you:
7會幕、約櫃和上面的贖罪蓋及屬於會幕的一切用具,7the Tent of Meeting; the ark of Statement and the mercy Seat that is on top of the ark,
8供桌和桌上的一切器物,純金的燈台和燈台的一切器物和香壇,8and all the furniture of the Holy Tent; the table and its furnishings; the pure lampstand and all its accessories; the altar of incense;
9全燔祭壇和一切器物,盆和盆座,9the altar of burnt offering with all its furnishings; the basin with its stand;
10行禮的衣服,亞郎大司祭的聖衣和他兒子們行祭的服裝,10the beautiful priestly vestments, that is, the sacred vestment of Aaron the priest and the vestments of his sons, for the priestly functions;
11傅禮用的油和為聖所焚的香。他們應全照我吩咐你的去作。」11the anointing oil and the fragrant incense for the sanctuary. In this they are to do exactly as I have directed you."
12上主訓示梅瑟說:12Yahweh said to Moses,
13「你要吩咐以色列子民說:你們務要守我的安息日,這是我與你們之間世世代代的記號,使你們知道,我是祝聖你們的上主。13"Speak to the people of Israel and say: 'You shall keep my sabbaths carefully, because the sabbath is a sign between myself and you from generation to generation to show that it is I, Yahweh, who have made you my own people.
14所以你們應守安息日,因為這日為你們是聖日,那褻瀆這聖日的,應受死刑;凡在這日工作的,應從百姓中剷除。14You must keep the sabbath, then; it is to be held sacred by you. Whoever does not keep it, but works on that day, must be put to death.
15六日中可以工作,但第七日應完全安息,因為是獻於上主的聖日;凡在安息日工作的,應受死刑。15Work is to be done for six days, but the seventh day must be a day of complete rest, consecrated to Yahweh. Whoever does any work on the sabbath day must be put to death.
16以色列子民要守安息日,世世代代要過安息日,作為永遠的盟約。16The people of Israel are to keep the sabbath, observing it from generation to generation: this is a lasting covenant.
17這是我與以色列子民之間的永遠記號,因為上主六天造了天地,第七天停工休息。」17Between myself and the people of Israel the sabbath is a sign forever, since in six days Yahweh made the heavens and earth, but on the seventh day he rested and drew breath."
18上主在西乃山上向梅瑟說完了話,交給他兩塊約版,即天主用手指所寫的石版。18When Yahweh had finished speaking to Moses about all these things, he gave him the two slabs of the Statement, slabs of stone written with the finger of God.
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