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厄弗所書 Ephesians
1因天主的旨意,做耶穌基督宗徒的保祿,致書給那些【在厄弗所的】聖徒和信仰基督耶穌的人。1Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, to the saints in Ephesus, to you who share Christian faith:
2願恩寵與平安,由我們的父天主和主耶穌基督,賜與你們!2receive grace and peace from God our Father and from Jesus the Lord.
3願我們的主耶穌基督的天主和父受讚美!他在天上,在基督內,以各種屬神的祝福,祝福了我們,3Blessed be God, the Father of Christ Jesus our Lord, who in Christ has blessed us from heaven with every spiritual blessing.
4因為他於創世以前,在基督內已揀選了我們,為使我們在他面前,成為聖潔無瑕疵的;4God chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and without sin in his presence.
5又由於愛,按照自己旨意的決定,預定了我們藉著耶穌基督獲得義子的名分,而歸於他,5From eternity he destined us in love to be his sons and daughters through Christ Jesus, thus fulfilling his free and generous will. This goal suited him:
6為頌揚他恩寵的光榮,這恩寵是他在自己的愛子內賜與我們的;6that his loving-kindness which he granted us in his Beloved might finally receive all glory and praise.
7我們就是全憑天主豐厚的恩寵,在他的愛子內,藉他愛子的血,獲得了救贖,罪過的赦免。7For in Christ we obtain freedom, sealed by his blood, and have the forgiveness of sins. In this appears the greatness of his grace,
8的確,天主豐厚地把這恩寵傾注在我們身上,賜與我們各種智慧和明達,8which he lavished on us. In all wisdom and understanding,
9為使我們知道,他旨意的奧秘,是全照他在愛子內所定的計劃:9God has made known to us his mysterious design, in accordance with his loving-kindness in Christ.
10就是依照他的措施,當時期一滿,就使天上和地上的萬有,總歸於基督元首。10In him and under him God wanted to unite, when the fullness of time had come, everything in heaven and on earth.
11我們也是在基督內得作天主的產業,因為我們是由那位按照自己旨意的計劃施行萬事者,早預定了的,11By a decree of Him who disposes all things according to his own plan and decision we, the Jews, have been chosen and called
12為使我們這些首先在默西亞內懷著希望的人,頌揚他的光榮;12and we were awaiting the Messiah, for the praise of his glory.
13在基督內你們一聽到了真理的話,即你們得救的福音,便信從了,且在他內受了恩許聖神的印證;13You, on hearing the word of truth, the Gospel that saves you, have believed in him. And, as promised, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit,
14這聖神就是我們得嗣業的保證,為使天主所置為嗣業的子民,蒙受完全的救贖,為頌揚他的光榮。14the first pledge of what we shall receive, on the way to our deliverance as a people of God, for the praise of his glory.
15因此,我一聽見你們對主耶穌的信德和對眾聖徒的愛德,15I have been told of your faith and your affection towards all the believers,
16便不斷為你們感謝天主,在我的祈禱中記念你們,16so I always give thanks to God, remembering you in my prayers.
17為使我們的主耶穌基督的天主,即那光榮的父,把智慧和啟示的神恩,賜與你們,好使你們認識他;17May the God of Christ Jesus our Lord, the Father of Glory, reveal himself to you and give you a spirit of wisdom, that you may know him.
18並光照你們心靈的眼目,為叫你們認清他的寵召有什麼希望,在聖徒中他嗣業的光榮,是怎樣豐厚;18May he enlighten your inner vision, that you may appreciate the things we hope for, since we were called by God. May you know how great is the inheritance, the glory, God sets apart for his saints;
19他對我們虔信的人,所施展的強有力而見效的德能是怎樣的偉大。19may you understand with what extraordinary power he acts in favor of us who believe.
20正如他已將這德能施展在基督身上,使他從死者中復活,叫他在天上坐在自己右邊,20He revealed his almighty power in Christ when he raised him from the dead and had him sit at his right hand in heaven,
21超乎一切率領者、掌權者、異能者、宰制者,以及一切現世及來世可稱呼的名號以上;21far above all rule, power, authority, dominion, or any other supernatural force that could be named, not only in this world but in the world to come as well.
22又將萬有置於他的腳下,使他在教會內作至上的元首,22Thus has God put all things under the feet of Christ and set him above all things, as head of the Church
23這教會就是基督的身體,就是在一切內充滿一切者的圓滿。23which is his body. He who fills all in all unfolds his fullness in the Church.
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