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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1然後我們轉向巴商進發;巴商王敖格和他所有的民眾出來攻擊我們,在厄德勒與我們交戰。1On turning back, we went up the way to Bashan. Og, the king of Bashan, and all his people came out to fight us in Edrei.
2上主對我說:「你不要怕他,因為我已將他、他所有的民眾和土地都交在你手中;你對待他,應如對待住在赫市朋的阿摩黎人王息紅一樣。」2Then Yahweh said to me: "Do not be afraid because I am giving him into your hands together with his people and his land, that you may do to him what you did to Sihon, the Amorite king who lived in Heshbon."
3上主我們的天主也將巴商王敖格,和他所有的民眾交在我們的手中;我們擊殺了他,一個也沒有給他留下。3And Yahweh gave Og, the king of Bashan, and all his people into our hands; and sparing no one, we killed everyone by the sword.
4同時我們佔領了他所有的城邑,沒有一座城不為我們所佔領;巴商王敖格的國土,阿爾哥布全地區共有六十座城邑,4We took possession of all their cities; there was not one of them that escaped us. We captured the sixty cities: the whole of the Argob region - the kingdom of Og, in Bashan.
5都是些具有高闊的城牆,安門置閂,設防的城邑;此外尚有很多無圍牆的村莊。5All these were cities fortified with high walls, with gates and bars, besides the innumerable villages in the open fields.
6我們照毀滅律毀滅了這些城邑,有如對赫市朋王息紅所做的一樣,殺盡了各城中的男女和幼童,6We completely destroyed them for the honor of Yahweh, killing all the people, as we had done with Sihon, the king of Heshbon: we wiped out all the cities, men, women and children.
7只留下了牲畜和由佔領的城中所奪的財物,作我們的戰利品。7The only things that we spared and kept for ourselves were the livestock and the plunder from the cities.
8這樣,我們在那時,由這兩個阿摩黎人王的手中,奪得了約但河東岸的土地,自阿爾農河直到赫爾孟山。8We took possession of the land occupied by the two Amorite kings, the land beyond the Jordan, from the brook of Arnon up to the Mount of Hermon
9【漆冬人稱赫爾孟為息爾翁;阿摩黎人則稱之為色尼爾】。9(the Sidonians call Hermon Sirion while the Amorites call it Senir.)
10即奪得了高原上所有的城邑,全基肋阿得和全巴商,直到撒耳加和厄德勒:這都是巴商王敖格國土內的城邑。10And we captured all the cities on the plateau and all the land of Galaad and Bashan as far as Salecah and Edrei, cities in the kingdom of Og, in Bashan.
11【巴商王敖格是勒法因人遺族中僅存的人物;他的床是鐵做的,以人肘為度,長九肘,寬四肘,尚存在阿孟子民的辣巴城裡】。11(Og, the king of Bashan, was the last survivor in the race of the giants. His iron bed, which is four and a half meters long and two meters wide, can be seen in Rabbah, a city of the Ammonites.)
12我由我們那時所佔領的土地中,將阿爾農河邊的阿洛厄爾以北的地方,基肋阿得山地的一半和境內的城邑,給了勒烏本人和加得人;12Then, we took possession of that land. I gave to the tribes of Reuben and Gad half of the mountains of Gilead with their cities, from Aroer situated at the edge of the brook of Arnon.
13基肋阿得其餘的地方和全巴商,即敖格的國土,給了默納協半個支派。【人稱阿爾哥布全地區,即全巴商,為「勒法因人地」。13And I gave to half of Manasseh's tribe the other half of the kingdom of Gilead and the whole kingdom of Og, or Bashan with the whole of the Argob region. The whole land of Bashan was called the land of the giants.
14默納協的兒子雅依爾,佔領了阿爾哥布全地區,直到革叔爾人和瑪阿加人的邊界,遂按自己的名字稱那地為「哈沃特雅依爾」,直到今日】。14Jair, a son of Manasseh, took all the territories of Argob up to the boundaries of Gesuri and Maacati. And he gave his name to these cities which until today are called villages of Jair.
15我又將基肋阿得給了瑪基爾。15I gave part of Gilead to Makhir.
16由基肋阿得到阿爾農河,以河中心為邊界,直到雅波克河,即阿孟人的邊界,我將那一帶地方給了勒烏本人和加得人;16And to the tribes of Reuben and Gad, I gave the territory from Gilead up to the brook of Arnon (the boundary lies halfway along the brook) and up to the river Jabbok, the boundary of the territory of the sons of Ammon.
17還有阿辣巴荒野,以約但河為界,從基乃勒特直到阿辣巴海,即直到東面靠近丕斯加山坡的鹽海一帶地方。17It is bounded by the Arabah in the west, and in the east by the Jordan, from Kinnereth up to the sea in the desert, known as the Salt Sea, at the foot of Mount Pisgah.
18那時我吩咐你們說:「上主你們的天主,將這地賜給了你們作產業,但你們所有戰士,應武裝起來,走在你們兄弟以色列子民前面,18Then I gave you these orders: "Yahweh, our God, has given you this land to own.
19只有你們的婦孺和牲畜,──我知道你們有很多牲畜──可留在我給你們的城內,19But only your women, your children and your livestock, your numerous livestock, will remain in the cities which I have given you.
20直到上主使你們的兄弟如你們一樣有了安身之處,等他們也佔領了,上主你們的天主賜給他們的約但河西的地方,那時你們各人才可回到我給你們為產業的地方。20All the strong men will go armed ahead of their Israelite brothers until Yahweh gives them a place where they can rest as he has given you, and they too possess the land which I will give you at the other side of the Jordan. Then each one of you will return to his own inheritance which I have given you."
21同時我也吩咐若蘇厄說:你親眼看見了,上主你們的天主對這兩個國王所做的一切;上主必同樣對待你要過河去攻擊的一切王國。21I also gave the following order to Joshua: "You have seen with your own eyes what Yahweh has done with those two kings, and he will do the same to the kingdoms where you shall go.
22不要怕他們,因為上主你們的天主要替你們作戰。」22Do not be afraid because Yahweh will fight for you."
23那時我哀求天主說:23Then I asked Yahweh:
24「我主,上主!你已開始向你的僕人顯示你的偉大和你有力的手臂,天上地下有那個神能作你所作的工作,行你所行的奇事?24"Yahweh, my Lord, you have begun to manifest your greatness and the power of your hand. For what God in the heavens and on the earth can do such works and deeds as you have done?
25求你讓我過去,得見約但河西的肥美土地,那壯麗的山嶺和黎巴嫩。」25Do let me go and see that splendid land at the other side of the Jordan, those mountains without comparison and Lebanon, too."
26但是上主為了你們的緣故對我發怒,沒有俯聽我,且對我說:「罷了!不要對我再提這事。26But because of your fault, Yahweh was angry with me and did not hear me. And Yahweh said to me: "It is enough, speak no more of this to me,
27你上丕斯加山頂去,舉目向東西南北,好好觀看,因為你不能過這約但河。27but climb to the top of Mount Pisgah and from there look to the west and to the north, to the south, and to the east. You shall see the land, but you shall not cross over the Jordan.
28你應訓示若蘇厄,堅固他,鼓勵他,因為他要率領這百姓過去,給他們分配你所觀看的地方。」28Give your orders to Joshua, encourage him and strengthen him because he will be the one to bring this people across and distribute to them the land which you see."
29那時我們住在貝特培敖爾對面的山谷中。29We, then, remained in the valley opposite Bethpeor.
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