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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1幾時人與人之間發生爭訟,而對簿公庭,定案時,正直的,應聲明他正直;有罪的,應判定他有罪;1When there is a dispute between two persons, let them go to the judges. These will declare who is righteous and who is guilty.
2如有罪的應受鞭刑,判官應命他伏下,當面按他的罪照數鞭打;2If he deserves flogging, the judge shall make him fall down on the ground in his presence and shall have him flogged with the number of stripes in proportion to his sin.
3只可打他四十下,不可再多;怕鞭打他超過這數目,你的兄弟在你眼前過於受辱。3You may give him forty stripes - not more - otherwise, the punishment would be too much and your brother would be dishonored in your eyes.
4牛在打場的時候,不可籠住牠的嘴。4Do not muzzle an ox when it threshes the grain.
5如果兄弟住在一起,其中一個沒有留下兒子就死了;死者的妻子不可出嫁外人,丈夫的兄弟應走近她,以她為妻,對她履行兄弟的義務。5If two brothers live together and one of them dies without any child, the wife of the dead man shall not marry anyone other than the brother of her husband. He shall take her as his wife and shall give offspring to his brother.
6她所生的長子,應歸亡兄名下,免得他的名由以色列中消滅。6The first son she bears will perpetuate the name and the family of the dead. In this way his name shall not be wiped out of Israel.
7若是那人不肯娶他兄弟的妻子,他兄弟的妻子應到城門去見長老說:「我丈夫的兄弟不願在以色列中給自己的兄弟留名,不願對我盡兄弟的義務。」7If the brother-in-law refuses to take her for his wife, she shall present herself at the city gates and say to the elders, "My brother-in-law refuses to perpetuate his brother's name in Israel. He does not want to perform his duty as brother-in-law in my favor."
8本城的長老應叫那人來,對他說明;如他仍堅持說:「我不願娶她。」8Then the judges shall call this man and speak to him. If he persists and says: "I do not want to take her for my wife,"
9他兄弟的妻子應當著長老的面,走到他跟前,從他腳上脫下他的鞋,向他臉上吐唾沫說:「那不願給自己兄弟建立家室的人,應這樣對待他。」9his sister-in-law shall go up to him and in the presence of the judges remove his sandal from his foot, spit in his face and say these words, "So shall it be done to the man who does not perpetuate the name of his brother."
10從此他的名字,在以色列中,將稱為「脫鞋者的家」。10His family shall be called in Israel "the house of the barefooted one."
11若兩人彼此毆打,一人的妻子前來,救她的丈夫脫離那打他者的手,伸手抓住了那人的陰部;11If two men fight with each other and the wife of one draws near to save her husband from the blows of the other, extends her hand and grasps him by the testicles,
12你應砍去她的手,不應表示憐惜。12you shall cut off the woman's hand without pity.
13在你袋裡不可有兩樣法碼:一大一小;13You shall not keep in your bag two weights, one heavier and the other lighter,
14在你家內也不可有兩樣升斗:一大一小。14nor shall you have in your house a large measure and a small one.
15你應有準確公正的法碼,應有準確公正的升斗,好使你在上主你的天主賜給你的地上,得享長壽;15You shall have a full and exact weight, and an equally just and exact measure, that you may lengthen your days in the land which Yahweh, your God, gives you.
16因為凡做這些事的,凡做事不公平的,於上主你的天主都是可憎惡的。16Because Yahweh hates him who does such things and any kind of injustice.
17你應記得,當你由埃及出來時,阿瑪肋克在路上怎樣對待了你:17Remember what Amalek did to you when you were on the road, coming out of Egypt.
18怎樣在路上襲擊了你,乘你困乏無力,攻擊你後方所有疲憊的人,一點也不怕天主。18He went out to meet you on the way and when you were weak and tired attacked all who were left behind. He had no fear of God.
19所以,當上主你的天主賜你擺脫你四周的一切仇敵,在上主你的天主賜給你作產業的地上,安享太平時,你應由天下抹去阿瑪肋克的名字;不可忘記!19Therefore, when Yahweh, your God, after subduing all your enemies around you, has given you rest in the land which he gives you, you shall wipe out the remembrance of Amalek from under the heavens. Do not forget.
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