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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1人不可娶父親的妻子,也不可揭開父親的衣襟。1No man shall take the wife of his father; let him not dishonor his father.
2凡外腎受傷或被閹割的人,不得進入上主的集會。2The man whose testicles are crushed and whose penis is cut shall not be admitted into the assembly of Yahweh.
3私生子不得進入上主的集會;他的後代即便到了第十代,也不得進入上主的集會。3Nor shall the half-breed be admitted into the assembly of Yahweh, even to the tenth generation.
4阿孟人和摩阿布人不得進入上主的集會;他們的後代,即便到第十代,也永不得進入上主的集會;4The Ammonite or Moabite shall never be admitted into the assembly of Yahweh even after the tenth generation,
5因為當你們出離埃及時,他們沒有帶食物和水,在路上前來迎接你們;又因他們從美索不達米亞的培托爾,雇了貝敖爾的兒子巴郎來咒罵你;5because when you came forth from Egypt, they did not go out to meet you with bread and water, but instead they hired Balaam, the son of Beor, from the Pethor in Mesopotamia, to curse you.
6但是上主你的天主不但不願聽從巴郎,上主你的天主反而將咒罵變為你的祝福,因為上主你的天主愛你。6But Yahweh, your God, did not listen to Balaam and turned the curse into a blessing because Yahweh loves you.
7你一生永遠不要為他們謀安寧和幸福。7You shall never share your prosperity or happiness with these peoples.
8你不可憎恨厄東人,因為他是你的兄弟;也不可憎恨埃及人,因為你曾在他們國內做過僑民。8You shall not regard the Edomite as abominable, for he is your brother, or the Egyptian, because you were a pilgrim in his land.
9他們所生的子孫到了第三代,即能進入上主的集會。9From the third generation, their descendants can be admitted into the assembly of Yahweh.
10幾時你出征紮營,攻打你的仇敵,應避免一切惡事。10When you set out against your enemies, you shall keep yourselves from every evil act.
11你中間如有人夜間夢遺,即成為不潔,應走出營外,不可進入營內;11If there is among you a man who is not clean by reason of nocturnal emission, he shall go and stay outside the camp.
12傍晚時,應用水洗澡,日落時,才能進營。12When evening comes, he shall bathe himself and after sunset, he may enter the camp.
13在營外應有廁所,你應去那裡便溺。13You shall have a place outside the camp for your natural necessities.
14在你的武器中;應有一把鏟;當你在外便溺時,用它來掘坑,然後用以剷土掩蓋糞便。14You shall bring a stick with your equipment with which you may dig a hole, and then cover up the excrement with the unearthed soil.
15因為上主你的天主在你營中往來,為救護你,將你的仇人交給你,所以你的營地應當聖潔,免得他在你那裡見到討厭的事,而離棄你。15Because Yahweh, your God, walks in the midst of the camp to protect you and give your enemy into your hands; your camp must be sacred, that Yahweh may not see anything indecent in it; otherwise, he will turn away from you.
16凡由主人逃到你這裡來的奴僕,你不應將他交給他的主人;16You shall not turn over to his master the slave who ran away from his house and sought refuge with you.
17他應在你中間與你同住,住在他自己所選的地方,住在他喜歡的一座城內;你不可欺負他。17He shall stay with you among your household, in the place that he chooses in one of your cities, where it seems best for him. You shall not oppress him.
18以色列婦女中不可有人當廟妓,以色列男人中亦不可有人作廟倡。18There shall not be among the daughters of Israel a consecrated prostitute, or a consecrated homosexual among the sons of Israel.
19你不可將賣淫的酬金和賣狗的代價,帶到上主你天主的殿內,還任何誓願,因為這兩樣於上主你的天主都是可憎惡的。19You shall not bring into the house of Yahweh, your God, a gift for prostitutes, or the wages of a dog, that is, a homosexual, to pay for the vow that you have made, for both of these are abominable in the eyes of Yahweh.
20借給你兄弟銀錢、食物,或任何能生利之物,你不可取利。20You shall not lend with interest to your brothers, either in money or food, or in any other thing.
21對外方人你可取利,對你兄弟卻不可取利,好使上主你的天主在你要去佔領的地上,祝福你進行的一切事業。21You can lend with interest to a foreigner, but not to your brother, so that Yahweh, your God, may bless you in all your undertakings in the land you are to possess.
22幾時你向上主你的天主許願,不要遲延還願,因為上主你的天主必向你追討,你就不免有罪了。22If you make any vow to Yahweh, you shall not be late in fulfilling it for Yahweh will surely require it of you and it would be charged as sin against you.
23如果你不許願,你就沒有罪。23If you abstain from making vows, you do not commit any sin.
24凡你口中說出來的,你應遵守;凡你親口說出向上主你的天主所許的願,你應執行。24Fulfill your promises and, if you make any vow, you shall offer what you have promised to Yahweh.
25幾時你進入你鄰人的葡萄園,你可隨意摘食葡萄,可以吃飽,但不可裝入你的器皿內。25If you go through the vineyard of your neighbor, you may eat as many grapes as you wish, but you may not bring any away.
26幾時你進入你鄰人的麥田,可以伸手摘麥穗,但不可在你鄰人的麥田內動鐮刀。26If you pass through the wheat fields of your neighbor, you may pluck the ears with your hand, but you shall not put a sickle to your neighbor's standing wheat.
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