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申命紀 Deuteronomy
1凡我吩咐你們的事,你們應謹慎遵行;不可加添,也不可刪除。1Do all that I command you with out adding or taking anything away from it.
2若你們中出現了一位先知或作夢的人,給你提供一種神蹟或奇事,2What about the prophet or the professional dreamer who gives you signs or miracles?
3而他所說的神蹟和奇事實現了,以致向你說:「讓我們去隨從事奉其他的神罷!」而那神是你素不相識的;3If these signs or these marvels happen, and he takes advantage of them to say: "Come and let us follow other gods (gods which are not ours), and let us serve them,"
4你不要聽從這先知或作夢者的話,因為上主你們的天主有意試探你們,願意知道你們是否全心全靈真愛上主你們的天主。4do not pay attention to the words of this prophet or dreamer; because Yahweh, your God, is testing you to know if you really love him with all your heart and with all your soul.
5你們只應跟隨上主你們的天主,只應敬畏他,遵守他的誡命,聽從他的話,事奉他。依靠他。5It is Yahweh, your God, you will follow and him will you fear. Obey his commandments and listen to his voice. Serve him and cling to him.
6至於這先知或作夢的人,應處死刑,因為他出言背叛了領你出埃及地,由奴隸之家贖出你來的上主你們的天主,要你離棄上主你的天主命你當行的道路:如此你由你中間剷除了邪惡。6As for the prophet or dreamer, he must die because he has spoken to draw you away from Yahweh, your God, who brought you out of Egypt and redeemed you from the house of slavery. This prophet must die because he wanted you to stray from the path that Yahweh has commanded you to follow. In this way you will purge the evil from your midst.
7如果你的兄弟,你父親或母親的兒子,或你的兒女,或你的愛妻,或你視如性命的朋友,暗中引誘你說:「讓我們去事奉其他的神罷!」而那神是你和你的祖先素不相識的,7If your brother, the child of your father, or if your son or daughter, or the woman you love or your close friend secretly tries to lure you, saying: "Come, let us serve other gods," gods whom neither you nor your fathers have known,
8是你四周,離你或近或遠,由地極這邊到地極那邊的各民族所敬拜的神;8the gods of either the neighboring nations that surround you along the boundaries of your land or those far away,
9你不可對他表示同意,不可聽從他,也不可憐視他,顧惜他,袒護他;9do not yield to him or listen to him. Do not pity him, or pardon him or cover up for him,
10務要將他殺死,並且你應先動手,然後全體人民動手打死他。10but denounce him. You shall deal him his death and your hand shall be the first raised against him, and then the hand of all the people.
11你應用石頭砸死他,因為他圖謀使你離棄領你出埃及地,出奴隸之家的上主你的天主。11You shall kill him by stoning because he tried to draw you away from Yahweh, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from that house of slavery.
12這樣全以色列人聽了必然害怕,在你中間不致做出這樣邪惡的事。12All in Israel will hear of this and they will fear, and never dare to do such evil.
13如果你聽說,在上主你的天主賜給你居住的一座城內,13You may hear that in some of the cities that Yahweh will give you to dwell in,
14由你中間出來了一些壞人,勾引本城的居民說:「讓我們去事奉其他的神罷!」而那神是你們素不相識的;14some evil people have appeared. You will perhaps hear that they have perverted their fellow residents and have invited them to serve new and strange gods.
15你就該調查、探尋、仔細訪問;如果真有其事,在你中間真發生了這樣可惡的事,15Then carefully inquire about them and try to discover the truth of the matter. If it is certain and you have confirmed that such a shameful thing has indeed been done,
16你該用利劍殺盡這城的居民,完全破壞此城和城中所有的一切,連城中的牲畜也用劍殺盡,16you shall kill by the sword all the inhabitants of that city. You shall curse the city and all that is in it, even the animals.
17並把由城中掠奪的一切財物堆積在廣場上,將城和所掠奪的一切財物放火焚燒,全獻給上主你的天主,使那城永遠成為廢墟,再不得重建。17Then you shall pile up all the plunder in the center of the square and set the city on fire with all the plunder so as to fulfill the curse of Yahweh. This city will forever be a heap of ruins, and will never again be rebuilt.
18凡應毀滅之物,一件也不可留在你手中,好使上主撤回他的盛怒,對你施恩,憐恤你,照他對你祖先所誓許的,使你繁昌,18You shall not take hold of anything from this city, not even the smallest thing, in order to appease the wrath of Yahweh, and that he may have mercy on you. Then he will bless you and fulfill the promise he has sworn to your fathers
19只要你聽從上主你的天主的話,遵守我今天所吩咐你的一切誡命,實行上主你的天主眼中視為正直的事。19if you listen to the voice of Yahweh, observing all his commandments that I command you today, and doing what is right in the sight of Yahweh, your God.
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