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哥羅森書 Colossians
1作主人的,要以正義公平對待奴僕,因為該知道,你們在天上也有一位主子。1As for you, masters, give your servants what is fair and reasonable, knowing that you yourselves have a Master in heaven.
2你們要恆心祈禱,在祈禱中要醒寤,要謝恩;2Be steadfast in prayer and even spend the night praying and giving thanks.
3同時,也要為我們祈禱,求天主給我們大開傳道之門,好叫我能以宣講基督的奧秘──我就是為此帶上了鎖鏈──3Pray especially for us and our preaching: may the Lord give us words to announce the mystery of Christ. Because of this I am in chains;
4好叫我能照我該說的,把這奧秘傳揚出去。4pray then that I may be able to reveal this mystery as I should.
5與外人來往要有智慧,要把握時機。5Deal wisely with those who do not belong to the Church; take advantage of every opportunity.
6你們的言談常要溫和,像調和上了鹽;要知道應如何答覆每個人。6Let your conversation be pleasing with a touch of wit. Know how to speak to everyone in the best way.
7關於我的一切,有我們親愛的弟兄,忠信的服務者及在主內的同僕提希苛,告訴你們。7Tychicus will give news of me. He is our dear brother and for me a faithful assistant and fellow worker for the Lord.
8我打發他到你們那裡去,就是為把我們的事報告給你們,並為安慰你們的心。8I am purposely sending him to give you news of me and to encourage you.
9和他同去的,還有忠信親愛的弟兄敖乃息摩,他原是你們的同鄉;他們會把這裡的一切事報告給你們。9With him I am sending Onesimus, our faithful and dear brother, who is one of yours. They will tell you about everything that is happening here.
10我的囚伴阿黎斯塔苛問候你們,巴爾納伯的表弟馬爾谷也問候你們──關於他,你們已獲得了指示;如果他到了你們那裡,你們要接待他──10My companion in prison, Aristarchus, greets you, as does Mark, the cousin of Barnabas, about whom you have already received instructions. If he calls on you, receive him warmly.
11還有號稱猶斯托的耶穌,也問候你們;受割損的人中,只有這些人對天主的國是合作的人,他們這樣的人纔是我的安慰。11Jesus, called Justus, also greets you. They are the only Jewish people working with me for the kingdom of God, and because of that they have been a comfort to me.
12你們的同鄉,基督耶穌的奴僕厄帕夫辣問候你們,他在祈禱中常為你們苦求,為使你們能堅定不移,在天主所願意的一切事上,作成全兼誠服的人。12Greetings from your countryman Epaphras, a good servant of Christ Jesus. He constantly battles for you through his prayer that you be perfect and firm in whatever God asks of you.
13我實在能給他作證:他為你們和在勞狄刻雅及耶辣頗里的人受了許多辛苦。13I assure you that he is deeply concerned about you, as he is for the Laodiceans and those of Hierapolis.
14親愛的醫生路加和德瑪斯問候你們。14Greetings from Luke, our dear doctor and from Demas.
15請你們問候勞狄刻雅的弟兄,也問候寧法和她家裡的教會。15Greet the brothers and sisters of Laodicea, and don't forget Nympha and the church that gathers in her house.
16幾時你們宣讀了這封信,務要使這封信也在勞狄刻雅人的教會內宣讀;至於那由勞狄刻雅轉來的信,你們也要宣讀。16After reading this letter, see that it is read in the Church of the Laodiceans, and have the letter they received read in yours.
17請你們告訴阿爾希頗:「要留心你在主內所接受的職分,務要善盡此職!」17And say to Archipus, "Do not forget the ministry given to you in the Lord."
18我保祿親筆問候;你們要念及我的鎖鏈!願恩寵與你們同在!18Greetings in my own hand, Paul. Remember that I am in chains. Grace be with you.
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