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巴路克 Baruch
1她就是天主的誡命書,是永存的法律;凡遵守她的,必得生命;凡離棄她的,必要死亡。1She herself is the book of the commands of God, the law which endures forever. All who hold fast to her will have life but those who abandon her will die.
2雅各伯!你該悔悟,該爭取她,該在她的光照下,向著光輝進發;2Come back, Jacob, and embrace her, walk towards brightness under her light.
3你不該將你的光榮給與他人,不要將你的特權讓給異民。3Do not give up what is your glory or sell your privileges to any strange nation.
4以色列人,我們真有福!天主將所喜悅的,啟示給我們了。4We are fortunate, O Israel, for we know what pleases the Lord!
5null5Take courage, my people, you who preserve the memory of Israel.
6我的百姓,以色列的遺民啊!請你們鼓起勇氣!6You have been sold to the nations but not for your destruction; because you had aroused the anger of God, you were delivered to your enemies.
7你們被賣給外邦人,不是為被消滅,只是因為你們觸怒了天主,你們纔被交付給敵人;7For you displeased your Creator in sacrificing to demons and not to God.
8實在,你們觸怒了你們的造主,因為你們給惡魔而不給天主獻祭,8You have forgotten the Eternal God, the one who nourished you. You have filled Jerusalem with sadness, she who brought you up.
9忘了生養你們的永生的天主,使養育你們的耶路撒冷悲傷,9For she saw the anger of God fall on you and she said, "Listen, you neighboring cities of Zion, God has sent me a great sorrow.
10她眼見天主的義怒降在你們身上,不由得說:「熙雍的鄰邦!請你們聽罷!天主給我招來了莫大的憂苦,10I have seen the captivity of my sons and daughters, which the Eternal one brought on them.
11因為我看見我的兒女被放逐:這是永生者放逐他們。11I had nurtured them in joy; with tears and sadness I saw them leave.
12我曾在喜樂中,撫養了他們,如今卻在痛苦悲傷中讓他們離去。12Let no one rejoice on seeing me a widow and abandoned by all. Because of the sins of my children I am now alone, because they have turned away from the law of God.
13誰也不要對我這被眾人遺棄的寡婦,幸災樂禍!我孤苦伶仃,是為了我子女的罪惡,因為他們離棄了天主的法律;13They have not remembered its precepts; nor have they walked in the ways of his commandments, and followed the discipline which leads to uprightness.
14他們沒有認識他的規誡,沒有履行天主誡命的道路,沒有隨從他正義紀律的路途。14Let them come, the neighbors of Zion, and remember the captivity which the Eternal One laid on my sons and daughters.
15熙雍的鄰邦!請你們前來,懷念永生者放逐我兒女的事。15For he caused a distant nation to come against them, a ruthless nation with an unknown language. They had no respect for the old, and no pity for the infant;
16他從遠方給他們引來了一個民族,是一個沒有廉恥和言語不同的民族,不知敬老,也不知恤幼。16they took away the only son of the widow, as well as her daughter, and left her alone.
17他們奪去了寡婦的愛子,使她喪失兒女,孤苦伶仃。17But as for myself, how can I help you?
18但是我又怎能援助你們呢?18He who caused these evils to come upon you will deliver you from the hands of your enemies.
19只有給你們招來這些災禍的那位,纔能救你們脫離敵人的掌握。19Well, my children, go on your way; as for me, I am left alone.
20去罷!孩子們,去罷!我該獨自一個留下;20I have taken off the garment of peace and put on again the sackcloth of penance and prayer. I will cry out to the Eternal One all the rest of my days.
21我要脫去昇平時的衣飾,穿上我哀禱的苦衣,一生不斷向永生者呼號。21Come, take courage, my children, cry out to God. He will deliver you from the violence of the enemy.
22孩子們!奮勇起來,向天主呼號罷!他必拯救你們脫離強權和敵人的掌握。22Because I hoped for your salvation from the Eternal One, joy has come to me from the Holy One, because of the mercy that will come to you soon from the Eternal One, our Savior.
23我曾期望永生者拯救你們,聖者就給我帶來喜樂,因為永生者,你們的救主,不久就要對你們施行仁慈。23In tears and mourning, I saw you leave, but in joy and gladness God will bring you back to me forever.
24我曾含淚悲痛讓你們離去,天主卻快要以永遠的喜樂和歡欣,將你們交還給我;24As the neighbors of Zion have seen your captivity so they will soon see your salvation from God, when he manifests to you the great glory and the splendor of the Eternal God.
25就如現在熙雍的鄰邦看見你們被擄去,同樣不久他們要見到你們的天主以絕大的光榮,和永恒的光輝賜給你們的救援。25Children, bear patiently this punishment which came on you from God. The enemy has persecuted you, but you will soon see his downfall and you will trample him underfoot.
26孩子們!你們該忍受天主向你們發洩的忿怒。仇人迫害了你,但不久你將看見他們的沒落和踐踏他們的頸項。26My well-beloved children have walked by difficult paths, carried off like a herd stolen by enemies.
27我嬌貴的兒女被人擄去,沿著崎嶇的道路前行,好似被仇人奪去的羊群。27Take courage, my children, cry out to God, for he who sent you into exile will remember you.
28孩子們!奮勇起來,向天主呼號罷!因為使這事降到你們身上的那位,必要眷念你們。28Thus, as you distanced yourself from God, return to him and seek him ten times more earnestly.
29從前你們心意昏愚,徘徊歧途,遠離天主;如今卻要十倍往昔,回轉頭來尋求天主,29For he who caused these evils to fall on you will bring you salvation and eternal joy.
30因為給你們招來這些災禍的那位,要拯救你們,賜給你們永遠的喜樂。30Take courage, Jerusalem. He who has named you will console you.
31耶路撒冷!請你鼓起勇氣!給你起名的那位,必要憮慰你。31Cursed be those who did evil to you and rejoiced in your downfall.
32凡虐待過你,見你衰落而欣喜的,是有禍的;32Cursed be those cities in which your children were slaves, cursed the nation in which they had to live.
33奴役你子女的,是有禍的;那收留過你子女的城邑,是有禍的;33Just as that nation rejoiced in your downfall and took pleasure in your destruction so will she be afflicted and destroyed.
34因為她怎樣見你衰落而歡欣,怎樣見你滅亡而喜慶,她也要同樣因自己的荒涼而哀傷。34I will take from her the joy of being a numerous people; her pride will be turned into mourning.
35我必奪去她因人煙稠密而有的繁榮,使她的誇耀化為哀傷,35A fire will descend on her from the Eternal One and burn for many days. She will be inhabited by demons for a long time.
36因為必有長久不滅的火從永生者那裡降在她身上,使她長期受惡魔的侵擾。36Jerusalem, look towards the East, and see the joy which is coming to you from God.
37耶路撒冷!請你向東遠眺,遙望由天主那裡給你降來的喜樂。37Look, your sons who were scattered are returning. They are assembling, coming together, from the East and from the West, at the voice of the Holy One, rejoicing in the glory of God.
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