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亞毛斯 Amos
1我看見吾主站在祭壇旁,擊打柱帽,門限震動。他說:「我要砍下他們眾人的頭,剩下的要用刀殺盡;他們中一個也逃不了,一個也不能幸免生存。1I saw the Lord standing by the altar, and he said, "Strike the top of the columns, so that the beams shake and the roof falls down on the heads of them all. Those who are left I will slay with the sword; not one shall flee, not one shall escape.
2即使鑽入陰府,我的手必從那裡將他們揪出;即使飛上高天,我也必從那裡將他們拉下;2Though they dig down to the netherworld, my hand will take them from there; though they climb up to heaven, I will bring them down from there;
3即使藏在加爾默耳山頂,我必去搜尋,從那裡將他們逮回;即使避開我的眼目潛入海底,我也必令蛟龍將他們咬死;3Though they hide on the top of Carmel, I will search them out there and take them; though they hide from me in the depths of the sea, I will bid the sea serpent bite them.
4即使在敵人面前被擄去充軍,我必命刀劍殺死他們;我的眼注視他們,是為加害,不是為祝福。」4When they are led into captivity by their enemies, there I will command the sword to slay them. For I have set my eye upon them, not for help but for harm."
5吾主萬軍的上主一觸摸大地,大地就溶化,地上所有的居民便都哀號,全地泛濫有如尼羅,退落有如埃及大河。5When Yahweh of hosts touches the earth, it melts and all who dwell on it mourn. The earth rises up and heaves like the Nile and settles back again like the river of Egypt.
6他在高天建造了樓閣,在地上奠定了穹蒼,召海水傾流於地面,他名叫「雅威」。6He has built heaven, his upper room, and established the dome of the sky over the earth. He summons the waters of the sea and pours them upon the face of the earth: Yahweh is his name.
7以色列子民!你們對我豈不是像雇士子民?──上主的斷語──豈不是我由埃及領出了以色列,由加非托爾領出了培肋舍特人,由克爾領出了阿蘭人?7And now Yahweh says, "Are you Israelites more to me than the Ethiopians? Did I not bring Israel up from the land of Egypt as I brought the Philistines from Caphtor and Aram from Kir?
8看,吾主上主的眼注視這犯罪的國家,我必由此地面上將她消滅。然而我不全然消滅雅各伯家──上主的斷語──8My eyes are upon your sinful kingdom. I wanted to destroy it from the face of the earth, but I cannot do away completely with the nation of Jacob," says Yahweh.
9看,我必下令,要在萬民中如人用篩子篩以色列,不讓一粒落在地上。9"This is what I have ordered: I will sift the nation of Israel among the nations as one sifts with a sieve, letting no pebble pass through.
10我百姓中那些說「災禍不會臨近,不會來到我們身上」的一切罪人,都要死在刀下。10All sinners among my people shall die, those who say, 'Evil will not reach or overtake us.'
11在那一天,我必樹起達味已坍塌的帳幕,修補它的缺口,重建它的廢墟;使它重建有如往日,11On that day I shall restore the fallen hut of David and wall up its breaches and raise its ruined walls and so build it as in days of old.
12使他們征服厄東的遺民和屬於我名下的萬民──行這事的上主的斷語──12They shall conquer the remnant of Edom and the neighboring nations upon which my name has been called." Thus says Yahweh, the one who will do this.
13看,時日將到──上主的斷語──那時耕田的人要緊靠著收割的人,榨酒的人要緊靠著播種的人;山嶺要滴下新酒,丘陵都要溶化奔流。13Yahweh says also, "The days are coming when the plowman will overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes overtake the sower. The mountains shall drip sweet wine and all the hills shall melt.
14我必要轉變我民以色列的命運,他們必要重建已荒廢的城市,再住在其中;栽植葡萄園,飲其中的美酒;耕種田園,吃其中的出產。14I shall bring back the exiles of my people Israel; they will rebuild the desolate cities and dwell in them. They will plant vineyards and drink their wine; they will have orchards and eat their fruit.
15我要將他們栽植在自己的地內,他們不會再從我賜與他們的地上被拔除──上主你的天主說。15I shall plant them in their own country and they shall never again be rooted up from the land which I have given them," says Yahweh your God.
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