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亞毛斯 Amos
1那些安身熙雍,自恃撒瑪黎雅山,自命為諸民之首,為以色列家所歸之人,是有禍的!1Woe to those proud people who live, overconfident on the hill of Samaria! Woe to you, men of renown, from the first among the nations, to whom the people of Israel come!
2你們去加耳乃觀察一下,從那裡到大哈瑪特,然後下到培肋舍特人的加特,看你們是否比這些國更好?或者你們的疆域比她們的更廣大,2Pass through Kalneh and see; from there go to Hamath the great, then go down to Gath of the Philistines. Are you better than these kingdoms were? Is your territory greater than theirs?
3那些想避開凶日的,卻接近了殘暴。3You hope to postpone the evil day; in fact you bring about a year of violence.
4他們躺在象牙床上,橫臥在軟榻上,吃著羊群中的羊羔和牛欄中的牛犢,4You lie on beds inlaid with ivory and sprawl on your couches; you eat lamb from the flock and veal from calves fattened in the stall.
5伴著琴聲吟詠,自比達味,發明樂器,5You strum on your harps, and like David, try out new musical instruments.
6大碗喝酒,以上等的油抹身,但對若瑟的崩潰,卻漠不關心。6You drink wine by the bowlful and anoint yourselves with the finest oils, but you do not grieve over the ruins of Joseph.
7為此,這些人現在就要先被擄去;放蕩不羈者的狂歡,也就完了。7Therefore you will be the first to go into exile; and the feast of sprawlers will be over.
8吾主上主指著自己起誓──上主萬軍的天主的斷語──我厭惡雅各伯的驕傲,痛恨他的宮殿;我必將城和城中所有的一切交出。8Yahweh has sworn by his life, "I hate the proud city of Jacob, I hate its palaces. I will hand over the city and all that fills it."
9倘若在一家中留下了十個人,也必死盡。9In those days, if ten people are left in one house, they shall die.
10幸免的少數親友,由屋內抬出他們的骨骸,問那內室深處的人說:「還有人同你在一起嗎?」他必答說:「沒有了。」繼而說:「不要做聲,千萬不要提上主的名字!」10Their kinsman will lift the corpses and bring the bones from the house; when he will say to his comrade at the back part of the house, "Are there any more?" the other will say, "No, but hush! We must not mention the name of Yahweh."
11看,上主一下令,高樓大廈頓成瓦礫,矮小平房蕩然無存。11For this is Yahweh's command, "The great house shall crumble, and the small house fall to pieces."
12馬豈能在懸崖上奔馳,牛豈能在海上耕作?你們竟將公道變為毒藥,將正義之果變為苦藥!12Do horses run on craggy cliffs? Does anyone plow the sea with oxen? Well, you have turned the rights into a poisonous plant and the sentences of the court into wormwood.
13你們為了羅德巴爾而自鳴得意,且說:「我們豈不是靠著自己的力量取得了卡爾納殷?」13You rejoice about unimportant matters when you say, "Are we not winners once more?"
14然而,以色列家!看,我必要喚起一個民族來攻打你們,──上主萬軍的天主的斷語──從哈瑪特關口蹂躪你們直到阿辣巴河。14Yet am I stirring up against you, Israel, a nation that will oppress you from the pass of Hamath to the brook of the Arabah.
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