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宗徒大事錄 Acts
1阿格黎帕向保祿說:「准你為自己辯護。」那時,保祿便伸起手來,辯護說:1Agrippa said to Paul: "You may speak in your own defense." So Paul stretched out his hand and began in this way:
2「阿格黎帕王!我今天能在你跟前,對於猶太人所控告我的一切事,得以辯護,我覺得十分幸運,2"King Agrippa, you have just heard about the accusations of the Jews. I consider myself fortunate in having the opportunity to defend myself against all this before you today,
3尤其你熟悉猶太人的一切習俗和爭端,所以我求你忍耐聽我。3for you are an expert in the customs of the Jews and their disputes. Therefore I beg you to listen to me patiently.
4我自幼年以來,從起初在我民族中,以及在耶路撒冷,處世為人如何,猶太人都知道。4All the Jews know how I have lived from my youth, how I have lived among my own people and in Jerusalem.
5假如他們肯作證的話,他們從很早就知道:我是按照我們教中最嚴格的宗派,度著法利塞人的生活。5They have always known me and they can tell you, if they wish, that I have lived as a Pharisee in the most rigorous sect of our religion.
6現在,我因希望天主對我們祖先的恩許,而站在這裡受審。6If I am now tried here, it is because of the hope I have in the promise made by God to our ancestors.
7我們十二支派,日夜勤懇地事奉天主,希望這許諾到來。王啊!正是為了這個希望,我為猶太人所控告。7The hope of attaining this promise is behind the fervent worship which our twelve tribes render to God night and day. Yet now, O king, the Jews accuse me for this hope!
8天主既使死人復活了,為甚麼你們竟斷為不可信呢?8But why refuse to believe that God raises the dead?
9本來,我本人過去也認為,應盡力反對納匝肋人耶穌的名,9I myself in the beginning thought that I had to use all possible means to counteract the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.
10我在耶路撒冷就這樣作過。我不但從司祭長那裡取得權柄,把許多聖者關在監裡;而且他們被殺時,我還投了票。10This I did in Jerusalem and, with the authorization of the chief priests, I put in prison many who believed; and I cast my vote when they were condemned to death.
11我也曾在各會堂裡,多次用刑,強迫他們說褻瀆的話;而且分外狂怒地迫害他們,直到外邦的城市。11I went round the synagogues and multiplied punishments against them to force them to renounce their faith; such was my rage against them that I pursued them even to foreign cities.
12在這期間,我曾取得司祭長的權柄和准許,往大馬士革去。12With this purpose in mind I went to Damascus with full authority and commissioned by the chief priests.
13王啊!時當正午,我在路上看見一道光,比太陽還亮,從天上環照著我,和與我同行的人;13On the way, O King, at midday I saw a light from heaven, more brilliant than the sun, that dazzled me and those who accompanied me.
14我們都跌倒在地。我聽見有聲音用希伯來話向我說:『掃祿,掃祿,你為甚麼迫害我?向刺錐踢去,為你是難堪的。』14We all fell to the ground and I heard a voice saying to me in Hebrew: 'Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? In vain do you kick against the goad.'
15我說:『主!你是誰?』主說:『我就是你所迫害的耶穌。15I answered: 'Who are you, Lord?' And the Lord said: 'I am Jesus whom you persecute.
16但是,你起來,站好,因為我顯現給你,正是為了要選派你為我服務,並為你見到我的事,以及我將要顯現給你的事作證。16Get up now and stand on your feet. I have revealed myself to you to make you servant and witness to what I have just shown you and to what I will show you later on.
17我把你從這百姓及外邦人中救出,是要打發你到他們那裡去,17I will rescue you from all evil that may come from your own people or from the pagans to whom I am sending you.
18開明他們的眼,叫他們從黑暗中轉入光明,由撒殫權下歸向天主,好使他們因信我而獲得罪赦,並在聖化的人中得有分子。』18For you shall open their eyes that they may turn from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God; and, through faith in me, may obtain forgiveness of their sins and a place among those who are sanctified.'
19因此,阿格黎帕!我對這天上的異像並沒有失信,19Since that time, King Agrippa, I did not stray from this heavenly vision;
20相反地,我首先向大馬士革和耶路撒冷以及猶太全境的人,然後向外邦人傳報,叫他們悔改,歸向天主,作與悔改相稱的作為。20on the contrary, I began preaching first to those in Damascus, then to those in Jerusalem and throughout Judea, and then to the pagan nations, that they should repent and turn to God, showing the fruits of true conversion.
21正是為了這個緣故,猶太人在殿裡把我拿住,想要向我下毒手;21I was carrying out this mission when the Jews arrested me in the Temple and tried to kill me. But with the help of God, I still stand here today to give my testimony both to the great and the small.
22但我得蒙天主的助祐,直到今天我還站得住,向卑微和尊高的人作證。我所講的,不外乎先知和梅瑟所說過的,必將成就的事:22I do not teach anything other than what Moses and the Prophets announced beforehand:
23就是默西亞怎樣必須受難,怎樣必須由死者中作復活起來的第一人,將光明傳佈給這百姓及外邦人。」23the Messiah had to die, and after being the first to be raised from the dead, he would proclaim the light to his people as well as to all nations."
24保祿辯護到這裡,斐斯托大聲說:「保祿,你瘋了!學問太多把你弄瘋了。」24As Paul came to this point of his defense, Festus said in a loud voice: "Paul, you are mad; your great learning has deranged your mind!"
25保祿卻說:「斐斯托大人!我沒有瘋,相反,我說的是真理和清醒的話。25But Paul answered: "I am not mad, Most Excellent Festus, but everything I have said is reliable and true.
26因為王知道這些事,我便向他放心講論。我深信這些事沒有一件瞞得過他的,因為這不是在偏僻角落裡行的。26The king is acquainted with all these things, so to him I speak with such confidence. I am convinced that he knows everything about this case, for these things did not happen in a dark corner.
27阿格黎帕王!你信先知嗎?我知道你信。」27King Agrippa, do you believe the Prophets? I know that you do."
28阿格黎帕向保祿說:「你差一點就勸服我作了基督徒!」28Agrippa said to him: "You almost believe that you have already made me a Christian!"
29保祿說:「差一點也罷!差的多也罷!我總祈望天主,不但叫你,而且也叫今天聽我的眾人,除了這些鎖鏈以外,都要像我一樣。」29Paul answered him: "Whether little or more, I would that not only you but all who hear me this day may come to be as I am - except for these chains."
30於是王、總督和貝勒尼切,以及和他們同坐的人都起來,30Then the king rose and, with him, the governor, Bernice and all the attendants.
31退到一邊,彼此談論說:「這人並沒有作過甚麼該死,或該監禁的事。」31When they went out they talked among themselves and said: "This man has done nothing to deserve death or imprisonment."
32阿格黎帕對斐斯托說:「這人若沒有向凱撒上訴,早就可以釋放了。」32And Agrippa said to Festus: "Had he not appealed to Caesar, he could have been set free."
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