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宗徒大事錄 Acts
1我們離別了他們,便開船一直航行,來到科斯,第二天到了洛多,又從那裡到了帕塔辣。1When we had finally taken leave of them, we put out to sea and sailed straight to Cos, and the next day to Rhodes, and from there to Patara.
2我們遇見了一隻要開往腓尼基的船,便上去航行。2There we found a ship that made for Phoenicia; we went aboard and set sail.
3我們望見了塞浦路斯,就從它左邊駛過,向敘利亞駛去,在提洛靠了岸,因為船要在那裡卸貨。3We caught sight of Cyprus but passed it by on our left, as we continued on towards Syria. We landed at Tyre, where the ship had to unload cargo.
4我們找到了門徒,就在那裡住了七天;他們因聖神的默示,告訴保祿不要上耶路撒冷去。4There we found the disciples and stayed a week. Warned by the Spirit, they told Paul not to go to Jerusalem.
5日子一滿,我們便出發前行,眾人同妻子兒女陪送我們直到城外;我們跪在岸上祈禱,5But when it was time, we departed and continued on our journey. All of them, wives and children included, came out of the city with us, and on the beach we knelt down and prayed.
6彼此辭別後,我們上了船,他們就回家去了。6After that we said good-bye to one another; we boarded the ship and they returned home.
7我們從提洛到了仆托肋買,便行完了航程;向弟兄們請過安,就在他們那裡住了一天。7We continued our journey, sailing from Tyre to Ptolemais, where we greeted the brothers and sisters and spent a day with them.
8第二天我們出發,來到凱撒勒雅,進了傳福音者斐理伯的家,住在他那裡,他是七執事之一。8On the following day we left and came to Caesarea. There we entered the house of Philip the evangelist and we stayed with him. He was one of the Seven
9他有四個女兒,都是貞女,能說預言。9and had four unmarried daughters who were gifted with prophecy.
10我們住了多日。有一個先知,名叫阿加波,從猶太下來。10We were there some days when a prophet named Agabus came down from Judea. Coming to us, he took Paul's belt and bound his own feet and hands with it, saying,
11他來到我們這裡,拿起保祿的腰帶,將自己的腳和手綁了,說:「聖神這樣說:猶太人要在耶路撒冷這樣捆綁這條腰帶的主人,將他交在外邦人手中。」11"Thus speaks the Holy Spirit: This is how the Jews in Jerusalem will bind the owner of this belt and hand him over to the foreign power."
12我們一聽這話,就同當地居民請求保祿不要上耶路撒冷去。12When we heard this, we, together with these people of Caesarea, begged Paul not to go up to Jerusalem.
13保祿回答說:「你們為甚麼啼哭,使我心碎呢?為了主耶穌的名,我不但準備受綑綁,而且也準備死在耶路撒冷。」13Then he answered, "Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be imprisoned but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus."
14我們既不能說服他,也就靜默了,只說:「願主的旨意成就罷!」14When he would not be persuaded, we gave up and said, "The Lord's will be done."
15過了幾天,我們便收拾行李上耶路撒冷去;15After this we got ready and went up to Jerusalem.
16有幾個凱撒勒雅的門徒,也和我們同去,他們領我們到一個久為門徒的塞浦路斯人木納松那裡住宿。16With us were some of the disciples of Caesarea who brought us to the house of a Cypriot where we were to stay. He was called Mnason and was one of the early disciples.
17我們到了耶路撒冷,弟兄們高興地接待了我們。17When we arrived in Jerusalem the brothers welcomed us warmly.
18第二天,保祿同我們去見雅各伯,眾長老也都聚集在那裡。18The next day Paul went with us to James' house where all the elders had gathered.
19保祿向他們請安以後,就將天主在外邦人中藉他的服務所行的事,一一敘述了。19After greeting them, Paul began telling them in detail everything God had done among the non-Jews through his ministry.
20他們聽了,就光榮天主,並對保祿說:「弟兄!你看,在信教的猶太人中盈千累萬,都是熱愛法律的人;20After hearing this, they all praised God, but they said, "You see, brother, how many thousands of Jews of Judea have come to believe, and all of them are zealous for the Law.
21關於你,他們聽說你教訓在外邦人中的一切猶太人背棄梅瑟,說不要給孩子行割損禮,也不要按規例行。21Yet they have heard that you teach the Jews who live in pagan nations to depart from Moses, telling them not to have their sons circumcised and to renounce Jewish customs.
22那麼怎麼辦呢?他們總會聽說你已來了。22We shall gather the assembly for, in any case, they will hear that you have arrived.
23你就按照我們告訴你的去辦罷:我們這裡有四個人,他們都有願在身;23Then do as we tell you. There are four men among us who have made a vow.
24你帶這些人,同他們一起行取潔禮,並替他們出錢,叫他們剃頭;這樣,眾人便知道自己關於你所聽到的事原是假的,而你卻是個循規蹈矩,遵守法律的人。24Take them and purify yourself along with them and pay the sacrifice for them to shave their heads. In that way everyone will know that there is nothing true in what they have been told about you, but that you go on keeping the Law.
25關於信教的外邦人,我們已寫信決定,叫他們戒避祭邪神之物、血、窒死的禽獸和姦淫。」25As for the non-Jews who have become believers, we sent them a letter to tell them that they are only obliged not to eat meat offered to idols, or blood, or flesh of strangled animals; and also to avoid prohibited sexual union."
26於是保祿就把這幾個人帶去;第二天,同他們一起行了取潔禮,以後進 了聖殿,呈報取潔的日子何時滿期,何時為他們每人奉獻供物。26So the next day Paul took the men; he purified himself with them and entered the Temple to give notice of what day the sacrifice would be offered for each of them to end his time of purification.
27當七天快完時,從亞細亞來的猶太人見保祿在殿裡,就煽動所有的群眾,向他下手,27When the seven days were almost over, some Jews from Asia, who saw Paul in the Temple, began to stir up the whole crowd. They seized him
28喊著說:「以色列人!請幫忙,這就是到處教訓眾人反對人民、法律和這地方的那個人。他還領了希臘人們進聖殿,褻瀆了這聖地。」28shouting, "Fellow Israelites, help! This is the man who is spreading his teaching everywhere against our people, our law and this Sanctuary. And now he has even brought non-Jews into the Temple area, defiling this Holy Place."
29原來他們以前見過厄弗所人特洛斐摩同他在城裡,就以為保祿領他進了聖殿。29They said this because earlier they had seen Trophimus, an Ephesian, with Paul in the city and they thought that Paul had taken him into the Temple.
30於是全城震動,百姓一起跑來,拿住保祿,把他拉出殿外,立即把門都關上。30Then turmoil spread through the whole city. People came running from all sides. They seized Paul and dragged him outside the Temple. At once the gates were shut.
31他們正想要殺他時,有人上去報告給營部的千夫長說:「全耶路撒冷都亂了!」31They would have killed him, had not a report reached the commander of the Roman troops that all of Jerusalem was rioting.
32千夫長立時帶著士兵和百夫長跑下來,到了他們那裡;他們一見了千夫長和士兵,就停止,不打保祿了。32At once the commander took some officers and soldiers and rushed down to the crowd. On seeing him with the soldiers, the crowd stopped beating Paul.
33於是千夫長前去,拿住保祿,下令用兩條鎖鏈綁了,遂查問他是誰,作了甚麼事。33The commander went over to Paul, arrested him and ordered him to be bound with two chains; then he inquired who he was and what he had done.
34群眾中,有的喊這,有的喊那;由於亂嚷,千夫長不能得知實情,便下令將保祿帶到營裡去。34But some in the crowd shouted one thing and others another. As the commander was unable to find out the facts because of the uproar, he ordered Paul to be brought to the fortress.
35當走上台階時,由於群眾擠得兇猛,保祿只好由士兵抬著;35When Paul reached the steps, he actually had to be carried up by the soldiers because of the violence of the mob,
36一群百姓跟在後面喊著說:「除掉他!」36for a multitude of people followed shouting, "Kill him!"
37快要帶進營盤時,保祿向千夫長說:「許我向你說句話嗎?」他說:「你會希臘話?37Just as he was about to be taken inside, Paul said to the commander, "May I say something to you?" He replied, "So you speak Greek!
38莫非你就是前些日子作亂,帶領四千匕首黨人,往荒野去,的那個埃及人嗎?」38Are you not the Egyptian, then, who caused a riot some time ago and let a band of four thousand terrorists out into the desert?" Paul answered,
39保祿答說:「我是猶太人,是塔爾索人,基里基雅的一個並非無名城市的公民。我求你,准我向百姓講話。」39"I am a Jew, a citizen of Tarsus, a well-known city in Cilicia. I beg you, let me address these people." The commander agreed.
40千夫長准許了;保祿就站在台階上向百姓揮手,大家都安靜下來後,保祿便用希伯來話致辭說:40So Paul standing on the steps, motioned to the people with his hand and, when they were silent, he began to speak to them in Hebrew.
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