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宗徒大事錄 Acts
1他們在依科尼雍,還是照樣進猶太人的會堂講道,以致有很多猶太人和希臘人信從了。1In Iconium Paul and Barnabas likewise went into the Jewish synagogue and preached in such a manner that a great number of Jews and Greeks believed.
2那些固執不信的猶太人,卻挑撥並刺激外邦人的心,來相反弟兄們。2But the Jews who would not believe stirred up the pagan people and poisoned their minds against the brothers.
3他們在那裡逗留了一些日子,依賴主放心大膽地講道。主為證明他們所宣講的恩寵的話是真實的,藉他們的手顯了徵兆和奇蹟。3In spite of this Paul and Barnabas spent a considerable time there. They spoke fearlessly of the Lord, who confirmed the message of his grace with the miraculous signs and wonders he gave them power to do.
4城中的群眾就分裂了:有的支持猶太人,有的支持宗徒。4There, too, all the town was stirred by the Teaching. They were divided, some siding with the Jews and some with the apostles.
5當外邦人和猶太人連同他們的官長蓄意侮辱他們,和用石頭砸死他們的時候,5A move was made by pagans and Jews, together with their leaders, to harm the apostles and to stone them.
6他們一聽說,就逃往呂考尼雅的呂斯特辣、德爾貝兩座城和周圍的地方去了,6But Paul and Barnabas learned of this and fled to the Lycaonian towns of Lystra and Derbe and to the surrounding countryside,
7在那裡傳揚福音。7where they continued preaching the Good News. Paul and Barnabas spent a fairly long time at Lystra.
8在呂斯特辣有一個人,患軟腳病,常坐著,由母胎中即是跛子,總沒有行走過。8There was a crippled man in Lystra who had never been able to stand or walk.
9這人聽保祿講道;保祿注目看他,見他有信心,可得痊癒,9One day, as he was listening to the preaching, Paul looked intently at him and saw that he had the faith to be saved.
10便大聲說道:「直直地站起來!」這人遂跳起來行走。10So he spoke to him in a loud voice, "In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you to stand up on your feet!" And the man stood up and began to walk around.
11群眾看見保祿所行的,就大聲用呂考尼雅話說:「神取了人形,降到我們這裡了!」11When the people saw what Paul had done, they cried out in the language of Lycaonia, "The gods have come to us in human likeness!"
12他們遂稱巴爾納伯為則烏斯,稱保祿為赫爾默斯,因為它是主要發言人。12They named Barnabas Zeus, and Paul they called Hermes, since he was the chief speaker.
13在城關的則烏斯的司祭,就帶著公牛與花圈來到大門前,要同群眾一起獻祭。13Even the priest of the Temple of Zeus, which stood outside the town, brought oxen and garlands to the gate; together with the people, he wanted to offer sacrifice to them.
14巴爾納伯和保祿宗徒聽說這事,就撕裂了自己的衣服,跑到群眾中,喊著,14When Barnabas and Paul heard this, they tore their garments to show their indignation and rushed into the crowd, shouting,
15說道:「人哪!你們這是作甚麼?我們也是人啊!與你們有同樣的性情;我們只是給你們傳揚福音,為叫你們離開這些虛無之物,歸依生活的天主,是他創造了天地海洋和其中的一切。15"Friends, why are you doing this? We are human beings with the same weakness you have and we are now telling you to turn away from these useless things to the living God who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and all that is in them.
16他在過去的世代,容忍了萬民各行其道;16In past generations he allowed each nation to go its own way,
17但他並不是沒有以善行為自己作證,他從天上給你們賜了雨和結實的季節,以食物和喜樂充滿你們的心。」17though he never stopped making himself known; for he is continually doing good, giving you rain from heaven and fruitful seasons, providing you with food and filling your hearts with gladness."
18說了這些話,纔算阻住了群眾,沒有向他們獻祭。18Even these words could hardly keep the crowd from offering sacrifice to them.
19卻有些猶太人,從安提約基雅和依科尼雍來,挑唆群眾;群眾用石頭砸了保祿,以為他死了,就把他拉到城外。19They were there teaching some time. But some Jews arrived from Antioch and Iconium to argue with Paul and Barnabas. They persuaded the people to reject them, saying that all this was untrue. Finally they stoned Paul and dragged him out of the town, leaving him for dead.
20但門徒們一圍到他跟前,他就起來進了城,第二天同巴爾納伯起身往德爾貝去了。20But when his disciples gathered around him, he stood up and returned to the town. And the next day he left for Derbe with Barnabas.
21他們向那城傳揚福音,使許多人成為門徒,以後回到呂斯特辣、依科尼雍和安提約基雅,21After proclaiming the gospel in that town and making many disciples, they returned to Lystra and Iconium and on to Antioch.
22到處堅固門徒的心,鼓勵他們堅持信仰,說我們必須經過許多困難,纔能進入天主的國。22They were strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain firm in the faith, for they said, "We must go through many trials to enter the Kingdom of God."
23二人在各教會給他們選立了長老,在祈禱禁食以後,把他們託付於他們所信仰的主。23In each church they appointed elders and, after praying and fasting, they commended them to the Lord in whom they had placed their faith.
24以後,他們又經過丕息狄雅來到旁非里雅,24Then they traveled through Pisidia, and came to Pamphylia.
25在培爾革宣講道理以後,下到阿塔肋雅,25They preached the Word in Perga and went down to Attalia.
26又從那裡乘船赴安提約基雅。他們原來是從那裡被託於天主的恩寵,作現在已完成的工作。26From there they sailed back to Antioch, where they had first been commended to God's grace for the task they had now completed.
27他們一到,就聚集會眾,報告天主偕同他們所行的一切大事,和怎樣給外邦人打開了信德的門。27On their arrival they gathered the Church together and told them all that God had done through them and how he had opened the door of faith to the non-Jews.
28二人就在那裡同門徒們住了不少時日。28They spent a fairly long time there with the disciples.
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