若望三書:Chapter 1
若望三書 3 John
1我長老致書給可愛的加約,就是我在真理內所愛的。1I, the elder, to my dear friend Gaius, whom I love sincerely.
2親愛的,祝你諸事順利,並祝你健康,就如你的靈魂常順利一樣。2Dear friend, may everything go well with you and may you enjoy health of body and soul.
3有些弟兄來,證明你在真理內,就是說你怎樣在真理內生活,我很高興。3I greatly rejoiced with the friends who arrived and praised your truth, and how you live the truth.
4我聽說我的孩子們在真理內生活,我沒有比這再大的喜樂了。4Nothing gives me greater joy than to know that my children live in the truth.
5親愛的,凡你對弟兄,尤其對旅客所行的,都是真信徒的行為。5Beloved, you do well to care for the brothers and sisters as you do. I mean those coming from other places.
6他們在教會前證明了你的愛德。你若以相稱天主的態度,幫助他們走上旅途,就是做了善事,6They spoke of your charity before the assembled Church. It will be well to provide them with what they need to continue their journey, as if you did it for God.
7因為他們出發是為主的名字,並沒有從外教人接受什麼;7In reality, they have set out on the road for his name without accepting anything from the pagans.
8所以我們應當款待這樣的人,為叫我們成為與真理合作的人。8We should receive such persons, making ourselves their cooperators in the work of the truth.
9我給教會寫過信,但是那在他們中間愛作首領的狄約勒斐,卻不承認我們。9I have written these words to the Church. But Diotrephes, who is anxious to preside over it, does not acknowledge our authority.
10為此,我若來到,必要指摘他所行的事,就是他用惡言惡語誹謗我們的事;但這為他還不夠:他自己不款待弟兄們,連那願意款待的,他也加以阻止,甚而將他們逐出教會。10So when I come, I will not cease reproaching his manner of acting, since he discredited us with words of evil intent. And not content with that, he does not receive the friends and even restrains those who want to receive them, and expels them from the Church.
11親愛的,你不要效法惡,但要效法善:那行善的是出於天主,那作惡的是沒有見過天主。11Dear friend, do not imitate evil, but only the good. Whoever does good is of God. Whoever does evil does not know God.
12眾人和真理本身都給德默特琉作證,我們自己也給他作證,而你也知道我們所作的證是真實的。12Now about Demetrius: everyone praises him, even the truth itself. We, too, praise him, and you know that when we recommend anyone, we do it according to the truth.
13我本來有許多事要寫給你,但是我不願意以筆墨給你寫;13I have many things to tell you, but I do not want to do it in writing.
14只希望快見到你,我們好親口面談。14I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face. Peace be with you. Your friends greet you. Greet the friends for me, each one by name.
若望三書:Chapter 1