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得撒洛尼後書 2 Thessalonians
1保祿和息耳瓦諾及弟茂德,致書給在天主我們的父及主耶穌基督內的得撒洛尼人的教會。1From Paul, Sylvanus and Timothy, to the church of the Thessalonians which is in God our Father and in Christ Jesus, the Lord.
2願恩寵與平安,由天主父和主耶穌基督賜與你們!2May grace and peace be yours from God the Father and Christ Jesus, the Lord.
3弟兄們,我們常該為你們感謝天主,這真是相稱的,因為你們的信德大有進步,你們眾人之間彼此的愛德更為增進,3Brothers and sisters, we should give thanks to God at all times for you. It is fitting to do so, for your faith is growing and your love for one another increasing.
4以致我們可在天主的各教會中,為你們誇口,因為你們在所受的一切迫害和磨難中,仍保持了堅忍和信德。4We take pride in you among the churches of God because of your endurance and your faith in the midst of persecution and sufferings.
5這正是天主公義審判的明證,好使你們堪得天主的國,你們也正是為了這國纔受了苦難。5In this the just judgment of God may be seen; for you must show yourselves worthy of the kingdom of God for which you are now suffering.
6既然天主是公義的,必要以苦難報復難為你們的人,6Indeed, it is just that God repays with affliction those who persecute you,
7卻賞你們受難為的人,同我們一起安寧;主耶穌由天上偕同他大能的天使顯現時,7but to you who suffer, he will grant rest with us when the Lord Jesus will be shown in his Glory, coming from heaven and surrounded by his court of angels.
8要在火焰中報復那些不認識天主,和不聽從我們的主耶穌福音的人。8Then with flaming fire will be punished those who do not recognize God and do not obey the Gospel of Jesus, our Lord.
9這些人要受永遠喪亡之罰,遠離主的面,遠離他威能的光榮。9They will be sent to eternal damnation far away from the face of the Lord and his mighty glory.
10當他在那一日降來的時候,要在他的聖徒身上受光榮,在一切信眾身上受讚美。你們也在其中,因為你們確信了我們的證言。10On that day the Lord will be glorified in the midst of his saints, and reveal his wonders through those who believe in him, that is through you who have received our testimony.
11為此,我們也為你們祈禱,求我們的天主使你們相稱他的召叫;求他以德能,成全你們各種樂意向善的心,和信德的行為,11This is why we constantly pray for you; may our God make you worthy of his calling. May he, by his power, fulfill your good purposes and your work prompted by faith.
12好使我們的主耶穌基督的名字,在你們內受光榮,你們也在他內,賴我們的天主和主耶穌基督的恩寵受光榮。12In that way, the name of Jesus our Lord will be glorified through you, and you through him, according to the loving plan of God and of Christ Jesus the Lord.
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