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伯多祿後書 2 Peter
1耶穌基督的僕人和宗徒西滿伯多祿,致書給那些因我們的天主和救主耶穌基督的正義,與我們分享同樣寶貴信德的人。1Symeon Peter, a servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who have been sanctified by our God and Savior Jesus Christ and have received a faith as precious as ours:
2願恩寵與平安,因認識天主和我們的主耶穌,豐富地賜予你們。2may grace and peace abound in you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.
3因為我們認識了那藉自己的光榮和德能,召叫我們的基督,基督天主性的大能,就將各種關乎生命和虔敬的恩惠,賞給了我們,3His divine power has given us everything we need for life and piety. First the knowledge of the One who called us through his own Glory and Might, by which we were given the most extraordinary and precious promises.
4並藉著自己的光榮和德能,將最大和寶貴的恩許賞給了我們,為使你們藉著這些恩許,在逃脫世界上所有敗壞的貪慾之後,能成為有分於天主性體的人。4Through them you share in the divine nature, after repelling the corruption and evil desires of this world.
5正為了這個原故,你們要全力奮勉,在你們的信仰上還要加毅力,在毅力上加知識,5So, strive with the greatest determination and increase your faith with strength, strength with knowledge,
6在知識上加節制,在節制上加忍耐,在忍耐上加虔敬,6knowledge with moderation, moderation with constancy, constancy with piety,
7在虔敬上加兄弟的友愛,在兄弟的友愛上加愛德。7piety with mutual affection, mutual affection with charity.
8實在,這些德行如果存在你們內,且不斷增添,你們決不致於在認識我們的主耶穌基督上,成為不工作,不結果實的人,8If all these riches are in you so as to abound in you, you will not be idle and useless; you will rather be rooted in the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.
9因為那沒有這些德行的,便是瞎子,是近視眼,忘卻了他從前的罪惡已被清除。9Whoever is not aware of this is blind and shortsighted and is forgetful of the cleansing of former sins.
10為此,弟兄們,你們更要盡心竭力,使你們的蒙召和被選,賴善行而堅定不移;倘若你們這樣作,決不會跌倒。10Therefore, brothers and sisters, strive more and more to respond to the call of God who chose you. If you do so, you will never stumble.
11的確,這樣你們便更有把握,進入我們的主和救主耶穌基督永遠的國。11Moreover you will be generously granted entry to the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
12為此,縱然你們已知道這些事,已堅定在所懷有的真理之上,我還是要常提醒你們。12So I shall always remind you of these things, though you know them and remain firm in the truth that you have.
13我以為只要我還在這帳幕內,就有義務以勸言來鼓勵你們。13It seems fitting that as long as I live in the tent of this body, I refresh your memory of them,
14我知道我的帳幕快要拆卸了,一如我們的主耶穌基督指示給我的。14knowing that my tent may soon be folded up, as our Lord Jesus Christ has shown me.
15我要盡心竭力使你們在我去世以後,也時常記念這些事。15I will, nonetheless, endeavor to see that after my departure, you will be constantly reminded of all this.
16我們將我們的主耶穌基督的大能和來臨,宣告給你們,並不是依據虛構的荒誕故事,而是因為我們親眼見過他的威榮。16Indeed, what we taught you about the power and the return of Christ Jesus our Lord was not drawn from myths or formulated theories. We ourselves were eyewitnesses of his majesty,
17他實在由天主接受了尊敬和光榮,因那時曾有這樣的聲音,從顯赫的光榮中發出來,向他說:「這是我的愛子,我所喜悅的。」17when he received glory and honor from God the Father, when from the magnificent Glory this most extraordinary word came upon him: "This is my beloved Son, this is my Chosen One."
18這來自天上的聲音,是我們同他在那座聖山上的時候,親自聽見的。18We ourselves heard this voice from heaven when we were with him on the holy mountain.
19因此,我們認定先知的話更為確實,對這話你們當十分留神,就如留神在暗中發光的燈,直到天亮,晨星在你們的心中昇起的時候。19Therefore, we believe most firmly in the message of the prophets which you should consider rightly as a lamp shining in a dark place, until the break of day, when the Morning Star shines in your hearts.
20最主要的,你們應知道經上的一切預言,決不應隨私人的解釋,20Know this well: no prophecy of Scripture can be handed over to private interpretation,
21因為預言從來不是由人的意願而發的,而是由天主所派遣的聖人,在聖神推動之下說出來的。21since no prophecy comes from human decision, for it was men of God, moved by the Holy Spirit, who spoke.
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