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馬加伯下 2 Maccabees
1這時安提約古正從波斯地域含羞歸來,1By that time, Antiochus had to return without glory from the regions of Persia.
2他原來去了名叫波斯波里的京城,企圖劫掠神殿和佔領該城。但是當地民眾都起來,以武力抗拒,安提約古終於被當地的民眾打敗,含羞退回。2When he entered a city called Persepolis, and tried to plunder the temple and seize the city, its inhabitants rebelled and took up arms against him. This people threw Antiochus and his men out. They fled and returned very much humiliated.
3他一到厄克巴塔納,就聽說尼加諾爾和提摩太的軍隊潰敗了,3When Antiochus came to Ecbatana, he was informed of what had happened to the two generals - Nicanor and Timotheus - in Israel.
4遂勃然大怒,想把別人打敗他的恥辱向猶太人報復;於是命御者不停地加緊趕路。其實,是上天的懲罰催迫著他,因為他傲慢地說:「我到了耶路撒冷,必使這城變為猶太人的墳場」。4He was infuriated and determined to take revenge on the Jews for the offense he had just received in Persepolis when they forced him to flee. He ordered the chariot driver to hurry up and not to stop until the journey's end. But the judgment of God was coming upon him, for he said in his pride, "As soon as I arrive in Jerusalem, I shall turn it into a cemetery of the Jews."
5但是,無所不見的上主,以色列的天主,用不可救藥和從未見過的病症,打擊了他。他剛說完這話,他的臟腑就痛不可忍,五內感到劇痛。5Then the Lord who sees all, the God of Israel, punished him with an incurable sickness of an internal nature.
6這是極其公道的,因為他從前曾用各種罕見的刑罰,難為過別人的臟腑。6He had barely finished speaking when he felt an unbearable pain in his stomach and began to be afflicted all over his body. This was indeed just for one who had tortured others in the same way with countless new punishments.
7他不但不止息他的蠻橫,反而更加驕傲,向猶太人發洩他的怒焰,下命快跑。正當御車風馳電掣的時刻,他忽然跌下來,且跌得十分慘重,渾身的肢體都錯了節。7But this did not diminish his arrogance. In his rage against the Jews, he gave orders to journey ahead with even more speed. Yet, because his chariot was running very fast, Antiochus fell and his physical condition worsened.
8剛才自命不凡,叱吒風雲,想量山峰的人,如今卻躺在地上,被人用床抬起:這事叫人們知道是天主威能的顯示。8Not long before, in his conceit and sense of superiority he thought of giving orders to the sea and measuring the heights of the mountains. Now he lay down and had to be brought on a stretcher, giving to all a clear testimony of the power of God.
9況且,又從這萬惡的人身上生出了蛆蟲,他雖還活著,可是肌肉卻一塊一塊脫落,疼痛萬狀,腐爛的臭味使全軍想嘔。9Worms began to teem in the body of the impious and though he was still alive, his flesh tore off into pieces, leaving him in agonizing pain. The stench of his decay was so intolerable that his whole army shunned him.
10剛才彷彿要觸摸天上星辰的人,現今為他這難忍的臭味,沒有一個人願抬他。10No one went near him who not long before thought he could touch the stars of heaven with his hand.
11這樣,因痛苦纏身,他的狂傲,方開始止息;因天主的懲罰,痛苦逐漸增加,他也逐漸覺悟。11Only when he was beaten by the divine scourge did he begin to shed his arrogance. His pains grew worse, and he realized this was the punishment of God.
12當他自己也無法忍受自己的臭味時,就說:「服從天主是理所當然的,有死有壞的人,絕不可妄想與天主平衡!」12He himself could no longer endure his stench. He said, "It is right to submit to God. Mortal man should not try to be equal with him."
13這惡人不住向那不再憐憫他的上主許願說:13And the wretch made a vow to the Lord who would no longer take pity on him.
14他要把從前急於夷為平地,化為墳場的聖城,宣佈為自由之地;14He had marched to Jerusalem to level it and turn it into a cemetery. But now he even promised to declare it a free city.
15要使一切先前決定不配埋葬,而該與子女一同投給飛禽走獸作食物的猶太人,得享與雅典人平等的待遇;15Moreover, he who before had refused burial to the Jews and wished to throw them with their children to the wild beasts, now offered to make them equal with the Athenians. He had plundered the temple and profaned the Sacred Place;
16要用最珍貴的禮物點綴他先前劫掠的聖殿,加倍償還一切聖器,以自己的收入支付祭獻的費用;16but now he promised to decorate it lavishly, to return a great number of the sacred vessels, and to pay for all the expenses of the sacrifices.
17此外還要作一個猶太人,周遊凡有人煙的地方,宣揚天主的大能。17And he promised to become a Jew and to proclaim in all the inhabited countries the power of God.
18然而,他的痛苦並未因此減輕,因為天主公義的審判已經來到他身上。他見自己已無希望,於是用哀懇的言詞給猶太人寫了下面的一封信:18His pains however did not diminish, for the just judgment of God had come upon him. He lost hope of recovery and wrote to the Jews this letter of supplication,
19安提約古王兼大元帥,祝良善的猶太國民安好!並祝健康幸福!19"To the honorable Jews, our citizens, good health, prosperity and all good things from the king and general, Antiochus.
20倘若你們及你們的子女健康,萬事如意,我就非常感謝上天。20If you and your children are well and your wishes are fulfilled, we give thanks to Heaven, for we remember your token of affection and kindness.
21我今毫無能力,躺在床上,很懷念你們,自從我由波斯地域回來,即患重病,所以將有關公益的事,安排一下,我以為很有需要。21On my return from Persia, I became gravely ill, and because of this, I thought it necessary to be concerned for the common security of all of you.
22不是因為我對我的病症已感絕望,反之,我極希望脫離這病苦。22I do not despair of my condition, and even have great hope of recovering from this illness.
23不過,我想起先父每次帶兵出征高原地區時,常先定下他的繼承人,23But I thought of how my father would designate his successor whenever he set out for any military expedition into the uplands,
24好在發生什麼不測的事情,或傳來什麼不幸的消息時,各省的居民都知道國事已有繼承,不致發生暴亂;24so that his subjects would not be upset if anything unexpected should happen or any misfortune should befall him. Everyone would know who is in power.
25此外,我察覺近邦的王子,與鄰國的君主,都在窺探時機,等待事變,所以我指定我的兒子安提約古為王,他就是我出巡高原各省時,曾給你們許多人託付介紹過的那位。我還給他寫了下面所寫的一封信。25I am aware that the kings of all the neighboring countries around are watching the turn of events and waiting for an opportune time. Therefore, I have designated my son, Antiochus, as king. I already presented and commended him to most of you, when I set out for the northern regions. And now I communicate to him this letter I am sending you.
26因此我懇切哀求你們,回想我對你們所施的公私恩惠,對我和我的兒子保持原有的友誼,26I ask you, then, to take into account the favors each and everyone of you has received from me and maintain the same kindness toward me and my son.
27因為我深信他必仁慈和善地履行我的意旨,甘願就和你們。」27I am sure that following my own policies of moderation and humanity, he shall live in good accord with you."
28如此,這個瀆神的殺人王,受盡了像他加於別人的劇烈痛苦,在國外的群山中,悲慘地結束了自己的性命。28In this way that blasphemer and murderer ended, suffering the terrible torments he had inflicted on others. He died miserably in the mountains of a foreign land.
29他的摯友斐理伯收殮了他的屍首。他卻害怕安提約古的兒子,就去埃及,投奔了仆托肋米非羅默托。29His companion, Philip, brought his body and then withdrew to Egypt to the court of Ptolemy Philometor, because he feared the son of Antiochus.
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