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馬加伯下 2 Maccabees
1文獻上記載:耶肋米亞先知曾命令充軍的人,如上面所說的,攜帶著聖火;1It is found in the archives that the prophet Jeremiah ordered the exiles to take the fire, as we have already said.
2並且也記載著:先知曾給他們一部法律,使他們不要忘記天主的誡命,也不要因為看見一些金銀的偶像和偶像身上的裝飾,就神志昏迷;2After giving them the Law, he exhorted them not to forget the precepts of God and not to let themselves be dazzled by the idols of silver and gold with all their adornment.
3並且還用其他類似的言詞,勸勉他們不要讓自己的心遠離法律。3He spoke to them of many similar things, admonishing them never to lose their love for the Law.
4在文獻上又記載著:當先知登上梅瑟為觀望天主的產業所上過的山時,受天主的勸告,命他帶著會幕和約櫃上去。4It is also said in these writings of the past that the prophet Jeremiah, fulfilling orders from Heaven, commanded that the ark of the Covenant with its tent be brought with him. And he went to the mountain which Moses had climbed before and from where he had seen the promised land.
5耶肋米亞到了那裡,看見一個大洞,就把會幕、約櫃以及焚香壇放在裡面,然後堵上洞門。5There Jeremiah found a cave; and he brought in the ark, the tent that covered it and the altar of incense. Then he closed up the entrance with stones.
6後有幾個同來的伴侶折回去,沿路作上記號,可是沒有再找到。6Some of those who followed him returned to mark out the way, but they could not find it anymore.
7耶肋米亞知道了這事,就責斥他們說:這地方不可叫任何人知道;等到天主施行仁慈,再把百姓集合起來的時候,7When Jeremiah learned this, he reproached them and said, "This place is to remain hidden until God has compassion on his scattered people and gathers them together.
8天主纔能指示這一些東西的所在;那時上主的榮耀和雲彩將再出現,像梅瑟的時候,又像撒羅滿為使聖殿受聖祈禱的時候出現的一樣。8Then the Lord will reveal these things again and his Glory shall appear in the cloud as it appeared in the time of Moses and when Solomon asked God to come and consecrate his house."
9又記載這位智慧者,如何奉獻了聖殿祝聖和落成的祭獻。9It was also reported in these archives how Solomon, inspired by his wisdom, offered the sacrifice of the dedication and completion of the Temple.
10當撒羅滿祈禱時,有火降下,焚燒了全燔祭品,就如從前梅瑟祈禱上主時,有火從天降下焚燒了祭品一樣。10And as fire had come down from heaven through the prayer of Moses to consume the offerings and the sacrificial victim, so through the prayer of Solomon, fire also came down from heaven and burned up the holocausts.
11梅瑟說:人不能吃贖罪祭品,應當把它焚毀。11And what Moses had said was fulfilled: Inasmuch as the sin-offering was not eaten, the fire consumed it.
12撒羅滿也同樣舉行了八天的慶祝。12Solomon celebrated the feast, too, for eight days.
13此外,在史記上和乃赫米雅的回憶錄上都有同樣的記載;而且還記載乃赫米雅怎樣建立了圖書館,怎樣搜集了列王、眾先知和達味的書藉,以及諸王有關饋贈的書札等事。13This also can be read in the archives and in the Memories of Nehemiah's time. It is recounted there that Nehemiah founded a library and collected the books dealing with the kings and the prophets, the writings of David and the letters of the kings about offerings.
14同樣猶大也把因我們所遭遇的戰禍,而散失了的一切文獻搜集起來。這些文獻現在存在我們這裡。14In the same way, Judas has just gathered all the books dispersed on account of the war we suffered, and they are now in our possession.
15若你們需要的話,請你們打發人來取。15So, if you need any of them, send someone to get them for you.
16因為我們正要舉行潔殿禮,所以纔給你們寫信,請你們也好好地過這些日子。16We said we are now about to celebrate the feast of the purification of the Temple; you will do well to celebrate these feast days also,
17天主既然拯救了自己的全體百姓,又把產業、國家、司祭職和祝聖禮交給了自己所有的人,17for God has saved all his people and returned to everyone his own land. He let us recover the kingdom, the Temple, and the worship rendered to him in that Temple,
18正如他在法律書上所預許的。希望天主快快憐憫我們,從天下各處把我們聚集到聖所裡,因為他已從大患難中拯救了我們,潔淨了聖所。」18as is commanded in his Law. God himself, as we do hope, will soon have mercy on us and gather us together from everywhere to the Holy Place, since he has rescued us from great evils and has purified this Place.
19關於猶大瑪加伯和他的弟兄所作的一切,他怎樣清潔了偉大的聖殿,怎樣祝聖了祭壇,19The story of Judas Maccabeus and his brothers has been written by Jason of Cyrene. He narrated the purification of the Temple of the Most High, the dedication of the altar,
20怎樣與安提約古厄丕法乃及他的兒子歐帕托爾作戰,20the wars against Antiochus Epiphanes and his son Eupator,
21怎樣天主從天顯現,援助了那些勇敢為猶太教作戰的人,致使少數的人能克服全境,驅逐野蠻的大軍;21and the heavenly manifestations in favor of those who fought bravely and gloriously for Judaism. Although they were few in number, they liberated the whole land and put to flight hordes of foreigners.
22又怎樣天主大慈大悲地憐憫了他們,使他們收回了舉世聞名的聖殿,灰復了京城的自由,重整了快要廢棄的法律等等事項,22They regained the Temple renowned throughout the world, liberated the city and reestablished the laws which were nearly abolished, for the Lord was gracious to them in his great kindness.
23基勒乃人雅松共寫了五卷,我們現在要把這五卷縮為一卷。23All this, which has been set forth in five volumes by Jason of Cyrene, we shall now attempt to sum up in a single book.
24我們有見於數字的混亂,以及有心研究歷史的人因材料繁雜所遭遇的困難,24We recognize that these books contain many figures, and that it is difficult for those who wish to understand this history because of so many facts.
25就設法縮短,使喜愛閱讀的人得到愉快,使愛好背誦史事的人易於牢記,使一般手執這書的讀者獲得裨益。25So we have concerned ourselves to offer something engaging for those who simply want to read, something easily committed to memory, and profitable for anyone who reads it.
26從事這項摘要的工作,為我們並不是一件容易的事,而是一項使人流汗和失眠的工作,26For us who have undertaken the arduous task of summarizing, it has not been easy but has cost as much effort
27並不比準備筵席的人,想使眾客都稱心,更容易;但我們為了為大眾服務,纔欣然擔負起這項艱苦的工作。27as it would to prepare a banquet which would please everyone. But like those who prepare a banquet, we have endured this toil willingly in order to please others.
28讓歷史家對每一件事作詳細的分析罷!這裡我們只遵守撰寫撮要的規律。28So we leave to the historian the task of relating accurately all the details, and we have condensed this enormous work into a simple summary.
29就如建築新房的工程師,只注意建築的大體,而負責鑲嵌和繪壁的技師,該設法使各項裝飾恰到好處;我想為我們也就是如此。29For just as the architect of a new house has to be concerned about the whole construction, while the painters and decorators are concerned only about what relates to their task, so it is with us.
30至於精研深究,詳述一切史事,和苦心的考查,那是歷史家的任務;30The analysis of details and discussion on disputable points belongs to the historian.
31言簡意賅,刪除繁冗,這纔是寫撮要者的本意。31But for one who tries to condense a report, his task is to summarize and not present a complete narration of facts and events.
32現在我們就開始敘述,對以上說的不再加添,因為若是寫歷史撮要,而在前面作冗長的序言,這未免太可笑了!32So let us begin our narrative without going on at length about what has been said before, for it would be senseless to expand the preface while cutting short the narration of the history itself.
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