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馬加伯下 2 Maccabees
1過了三年,猶大和他的部下知道色婁苛的兒子德默特琉帶著大軍及戰船已在特黎頗里海口登陸,1Three years later, Judas and his men were informed that Demetrius, son of Seleucus, had landed in Tripoli with a fleet and a powerful army,
2佔領那地,殺了安提約古及他的監護人里息雅。2and had taken control of the kingdom, killing Antiochus and his tutor Lysias.
3從前任大司祭的阿耳基慕,在與外邦人絕交時期,曾甘心自污,自知無論如何不得安全,也不能再走近聖壇;3A certain Alcimus, who had been High Priest before, but was disgraced during the time of the rebellion, realized that there was no way for him to be restored to the ministry at the sacred altar.
4於是在一五一年,去見德默特琉王,獻給他一頂金冠和金棕櫚枝,此外還獻上些聖殿內常供奉的橄欖枝;他那一天沒有說什麼。4So, he went to King Demetrius in about the year one hundred and fifty-one, and offered him a golden crown, a palm and even some olive branches from the Temple as usual. On that day, he did not ask for anything.
5但當德默特琉召他來會議,詢問他猶太人有何心思和企圖時,他便乘機貢獻那無恥的計策說:5But he found a proper occasion for his evil designs when he was called to a meeting of the king's council. When he was asked with what disposition and spirit the Jews were to be confronted, he answered,
6「有一些號稱哈息待的,並以猶大瑪加伯為領袖的猶太人,時常發動戰爭,叛變無常,不讓國家獲得安寧。6"There exists a party called Hasideans among the Jews, headed by Judas Maccabeus, that keeps up war and rebellion, and hinders the reestablishment of peace and order in the land.
7因此,我既然被他們剝奪了祖傳的光榮,即大司祭的地位,現今我來到這裡:7Because of them, I have been deprived of the dignity of my ancestors, that is, the office of High Priest. And I came here,
8第一,是為誠心圖謀國王的福利;第二,是為替我同胞著想,因為,因了上述那些人的膽大妄為,我們整個民族受到不少的苦楚。8concerned for the king's interests above everything else, but for my compatriots as well, since the fanaticism of those men has plunged our people into great misery.
9如今請陛下將這些事先一一調查清楚,以後設法依照陛下對天下所懷的仁德,照顧我們的家鄉,及我們遭難的民族,9O King, look upon our land and nation which is hard pressed on all sides, with that same kindness you have for all.
10因為猶大一息尚存,國家決不能平安。」10For as long as Judas lives, it is impossible for the State to find peace."
11他正說這些話時,其他憎恨猶大的親信,也在旁激動德默特琉的憤怒。11When Alcimus had said this, the rest of the King's Friends who were hostile to Judas, quickly incited Demetrius against him.
12於是國王立即選定曾任象隊司令的尼加諾爾,委他為猶太總督,派他前去;12And the king immediately chose Nicanor, who commanded the squadron of elephants, and appointed him military commissioner of Judea
13令他去殺猶大,解散他的部下,立阿耳基慕為那莊嚴聖殿的司祭長。13with orders to kill Judas, disperse his men and restore Alcimus as priest of the great Temple.
14猶太各地被猶大所驅逐的外邦人,便都成群結隊來協助尼加諾爾,認為猶太人的不幸和災害,都於自己有利。14The pagans who had earlier escaped from Judea for fear of Judas, flocked in great number to Nicanor, thinking that the misfortunes and defeat of the Jews would mean victory for them.
15猶太人聽說尼加諾爾來侵,外邦人來犯,便頭上撒土,哀號那位永遠保存自己的民族,又常顯奇蹟保護自己產業的天主,15When the men of Judas learned about the coming of Nicanor and the invasion of Nicanor was coming and about the invasion of the pagans, they sprinkled dust upon their heads, and called on Him who had established his people forever, and had each time protected his people by wonderful manifestations.
16然後遵照領袖的命令,立時從那裡動身,在德掃村與敵人交鋒。16Then, at their leader's command they set out to march, and the battle began near Dessau.
17猶大的兄弟息孟已經與尼加諾爾交戰,但因敵兵的突擊,稍感不利。17Simon, the brother of Judas, had attacked Nicanor, but his men were suddenly confounded by the enemies, suffering a slight setback.
18可是,尼加諾爾因為聽說猶大和他的部下驍勇善戰,以及他們為國作戰的雄心,不敢用武力來解決,18However, as Nicanor had heard of the courage of Judas and his men and of how bravely they fought for their country, he feared resolving the situation by bloodshed.
19於是派頗息多尼、特奧多托和瑪塔提雅去與猶太人商議和談。19So, he sent Posidonius, Theodotus and Mattathias to arrange for peace.
20將條件詳細考慮後,首領通知眾軍隊,大家既一致贊同,他纔同意講和。20After a thorough consideration of the conditions, he communicated this to his troops and it seemed that they were unanimous about it. The treaty of peace was accepted.
21雙方也規定了同到一地會商的日期,那天,各乘轎車來就已佈置好的席位。21So they set the date on which the leaders should meet. A chariot came forward from each side and they prepared seats of honor.
22猶大在適宜的地方派兵防守,以免敵人背信突擊;雙方的談判終於獲得協議。22Judas positioned armed men in strategic places, in case of sudden treachery on the part of the enemy. But their meeting went well.
23尼加諾爾逗留在耶路撒冷時,沒有做出什麼越軌的事,而且還解散了那些來協助他的隊伍。23Nicanor spent some time in Jerusalem without doing any harm, and even dismissed the people that had gathered around him.
24他常要猶大在自己的身邊,心裡也很喜歡他;24He always had Judas with him, for he had a high regard for him.
25於是勸他娶妻生子,猶大便娶了妻子,享受人生樂趣。25He advised him to get married and have children, so Judas got married and enjoyed a peaceful life.
26阿耳基慕見他們二人交好,便帶了一份訂的和約,到德默特琉面前,說尼加諾爾對國事有異心,因為他已指定了叛國的猶大為自己的繼承人。26When Alcimus saw the good understanding between the two, he secured a copy of the signed accord and went to Demetrius, accusing Nicanor of acting against the interests of the State, inasmuch as he had appointed Judas, the enemy of the kingdom, as his minister.
27王被這惡徒的讒言所惑,勃然大怒,寫信給尼加諾爾,表示不滿意他所訂的和約,並命令他從速逮捕瑪加伯,把他解送到安提約基雅去。27The king was infuriated and stirred up by the slanders of that wicked man. He wrote Nicanor telling him how indignant he was over the treaty and ordering him to put Maccabeus in chains and to send him to Antioch at once.
28尼加諾爾得到這道諭令,極感不安,因為對方沒有什麼不對,不好輕易違背與他訂的和約;28Nicanor was dismayed to learn that he was asked to break the treaty with Judas who had done nothing wrong.
29但又不能違抗君王,所以只好尋找機會,運用機智來完成這道命令。29But he could not go against the king's orders, so he sought an occasion to carry this out by deceit.
30瑪加伯見尼加諾爾對自己冷淡,談話的態度也比以前粗暴,便瞭解這種粗暴態度決非好現象;於是召集自己不少的部下,暗自離開了尼加諾爾。30Maccabeus noticed that Nicanor had become more reserved towards him and more unpleasant in their usual meetings, so he understood that this did not promise well. He began to gather some of his men, but did not make this known to Nicanor.
31尼加諾爾見自己被猶大玩弄,便在司祭正獻日常祭時,闖進莊嚴的聖殿,命他們交出瑪加伯來。31When the latter became aware that Judas had escaped without being disloyal, he appeared in the holy Temple while the priests were offering the ritual sacrifices, and demanded that they hand Judas over to him.
32他們就起誓說不知道他找的人在那裡。32The priests declared on oath that they did not know where he was to be found.
33他就向聖殿伸出右手發誓道:「你們若不將猶大逮捕交給我,我要將天主的這座殿宇夷為平地,將祭壇拆毀,並在這裡給彫尼索建築一座壯麗的廟宇。」33Then, he stretched out his hand to the sanctuary and made this oath: "If you do not hand Judas over to me in chains, I shall raze this place consecrated to God, destroy the altar, and right here build a splendid temple to Dionysus."
34說完這話就走了。司祭們舉手向天,呼求那常為自己的民族作戰者說:34And after saying this, he left. The priests stretched forth their hands to heaven and called on him who had unceasingly defended our nation, saying
35「萬有的上主!你一無所缺,但是你卻樂意在我們中有一座聖殿作你的住所。35"O Lord of the universe, though you do not need anything, it has pleased you to put among us this temple as your dwelling place.
36那麼,至聖的上主!求你保護這座纔潔淨的聖殿,使它永遠不再受褻瀆!」36So now, keep undefiled forever this house that has just been purified."
37在耶路撒冷有長老,名叫辣齊斯,被人在尼加諾爾跟前控告了;他原是熱心愛國,極負盛名的人,因為為人慈祥,人都稱他為猶太人之父。37Razis, one of the elders of Jerusalem, was denounced to Nicanor as being a very patriotic man, well known as "father of the Jews" because of his kindness.
38他在與外邦人絕交的初期,也曾因猶太教而被控告;他已決意為猶太教犧牲自身和性命。38In the time before the rebellion, he had been accused of Judaism and with much enthusiasm he had totally given himself to the defense of Judaism.
39尼加諾爾為發洩自己對猶太人所懷的仇恨,便派了五百多人去捉拿他,39Now then, Nicanor, wishing to show his hatred towards the Jews, ordered more than five hundred soldiers to take him prisoner.
40認為逮捕這個人,一定能給猶太人一個極大的打擊。40He thought that by putting him in prison, he would deal a great blow to the Jews.
41當軍隊正要佔據堡壘,撞開庭院大門,下令放火燒門時,辣齊斯見四面受敵,便伏劍自刎,41When the soldiers were about to capture the tower and were breaking the door of the courtyard (they had already ordered that fire be brought to burn the door), Razis, surrounded on all sides, struck his belly with his own sword.
42寧願壯烈犧牲不願陷在惡人手中,使自己的身份遭受不堪的凌辱。42He preferred to die bravely rather than fall into the hands of foreigners and suffer insults unworthy of his noble birth.
43但因伏劍過急,沒有刺中要害,那時敵人已闖進門內,他便奮身跑到牆上,毅然跳到人群中。43But when he fell upon his sword, he did not hit exactly, so when he saw the troops were now rushing in through the gates, he gathered enough strength to climb to the top of the tower, and manfully threw himself down upon the soldiers.
44眾人都急忙後退,讓出一塊空地,他便落在空地上。44But they quickly withdrew, so he fell into an empty space.
45這時他還活著,於是怒火如焚的爬起來,雖然血流如注,傷勢甚重,還跑著穿過人群,屹立在一塊巖石上;45Still alive, and aflame with valor, he stood up in spite of the blood that gushed forth and the wounds he had, and came running through the soldiers.
46血快要流盡的時候,又將五臟扯出來,雙手捧著,向人群拋去,懇求那掌管生命及靈魂的主宰,把這一切再還給他;他就這樣死了。46He stood on a steep rock and there, with his blood almost completely drained from him, he took hold of his intestines with both hands and hurled them at the crowd. Then calling upon the name of the Lord of life and spirit to give them back to him again one day, he left this life.
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