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列王紀下 2 Kings
1有一個先知弟子的妻子,前來哀求厄里叟說:「你的僕人,我的丈夫死了,你知道你的僕人是一個敬畏上主的人;現在債主前來,要帶走我的兩個孩子,作他的奴隸。」1The widow of one of the fellow prophets called Elisha saying, "You know that my husband feared God. But now his creditor has come to collect payment. And as we could not pay, he wanted to take my two sons as slaves."
2厄里叟對她說:「我能為你做什麼?你告訴我:你家裡還有什麼?」她答說:「妳的婢女家裡除一瓶油外,什麼也沒有。」2Elisha said, "What can I do for you? Tell me what you have in your house?" She answered, "I have but a little oil for cleaning."
3厄里叟說:「你去,到外面向你所有的鄰居借些空器皿,不要少借;3Elisha said to her, "Go and ask your neighbors for empty jars.
4然後回家,關上門,你和你的兒子在家裡,將油倒在所有的那些器皿內,把裝滿了的,放在一邊。」4Get as many as you can; then go into your house with your sons and close the door. Pour oil into the vessels. And when they are filled, set them aside."
5她於是辭別厄里叟,回去照辦。她和她的兒子關上門,兒子給她遞器皿,她只顧倒油,5The woman went and locked herself in her house with her sons. They handed her the vessels and she filled them all.
6器皿都裝滿了,她對兒子說:「再遞給我器皿!」兒子答說:「沒有了。」同時油也止住了。6She said to one of her sons, "Bring me another vessel," and he answered, "There are no more." Then the oil stopped flowing.
7婦人就去告訴天主的人。厄里叟對她說:「你去把油賣了,還你的債,剩下的,你和你的兒子可用來過活。」7As she went back to tell this to the man of God, he said to her, "Go and sell the oil to pay for your debts; you and your sons can live on the money that is left."
8有一天,厄里叟路過叔能,那裡有一個富貴的婦人,曾挽留他吃飯;因此,厄里叟每次路過那裡,總到她家裡吃飯。8One day Elisha went to Shunem, and a rich woman invited him to eat. Afterwards, whenever he went to that town, he would go to her house to eat.
9婦人對丈夫說:「現在我看出:這個時常路過我們這裡的天主的人,是位聖者。9The woman said to her husband, "See, this man who constantly passes by our house is a holy man of God.
10我們可以在房頂上,給他蓋一間小房,裡面放一張床,一張桌子,一把椅子和一盞燈;這樣,他幾時來到我們這裡,可在那裡休息。」10If you want, we can make a small upper room for him, and place a bed, a table, a chair and a lamp in it. So when he comes, he may stay and rest."
11一天,厄里叟又到了那裡,就進入那間小房休息。11One day when Elisha came, he went to the upper room and lay down.
12厄里叟吩咐自己的僕人革哈齊說:「你叫這位叔能婦人來。」僕人叫了婦人來,婦人站在先知面前,12Then he said to Gehazi, his manservant, "Call this woman." She came when called and stood before Elisha.
13厄里叟吩咐僕人說:「現在你對她說:看,你照顧我們既然這樣周到,我們可為你作什麼事呢?要不要我們在君王或軍長前為你說句話?」那婦人答說:「我住在我本國人民中很平安。」13Elisha said to her, "You have taken all this trouble for us. Tell me: what then can we do for you? Would you like me to say something to the king or the commander of the army for you?" But she answered, "I do not need anything in this land."
14厄里叟就問革哈齊:「我們究竟能為她作什麼?」革哈齊說:「可憐她沒有兒子,丈夫又老了。」14So Elisha said to Gehazi, "What can we do for her?" The young man answered, "She has no children and her husband is now old."
15厄里叟說:「快再叫她來!」僕人又將婦人叫來,這次她卻站在門口,15And so Elisha said to him, "Call her." The young man called her and as the woman stood by the door,
16厄里叟對她說:「明年這時,你必懷抱著一個兒子。」婦人答說:「我主,天主的人哪!不會!你別哄騙你的婢女!」16Elisha said, "By this time next year, you will hold a son in your arms." She answered, "No, my lord, O man of God, you are deceiving your maidservant."
17這婦人果然懷了孕;過了一年,在厄里叟對她所說的時候,生了一個兒子。17But the woman gave birth to a son precisely at the time Elisha had told her.
18孩子漸漸長大,一天,他出去到收割的人那裡找他父親,18The boy grew. One day, when he had gone out to his father among the harvesters, he had a severe headache.
19孩子忽然對他父親喊說:「我的頭啊!我的頭啊!」他父親吩咐僕人說:「把孩子送到他母親那裡去!」19So the father ordered his servant, "Carry him to his mother."
20僕人將他抱起,送給他母親,孩子坐在母親膝上,到了中午,就死了。20The servant brought him to his mother, and the boy sat on her lap till noon, when he died.
21他母親遂上了樓,將孩子放在天主的人的床上,關上門,出來,21Then the mother went up and laid him on Elisha's bed and she left, closing the door.
22叫自己的丈夫來說:「請你給我派一個僕人,牽一匹驢來,我要快去見見天主的人,就回來。」22Then she called her husband, "Send me one of the servants with an ass. I am going to the man of God, and I will come back."
23她丈夫說:「為什麼今天要去見他,既不是朔日,又不是安息日?」婦人答說:「你放心好了!」23He asked, "Why are you going to him? It is not the new moon yet nor the sabbath." But she said, "Do not worry."
24於是,她把驢備好,對僕人說:「你快趕著走,我若不吩咐,在路上不要停下來。」24She saddled the ass, and said to her servant, "Lead on, and don't stop until I tell you."
25婦人於是來到加爾默耳山見天主的人。天主的人自遠處看見她,就對自己的僕人革哈齊說:「看,那是叔能婦人!25So she set off and arrived at Mount Carmel where the man of God was. Elisha saw her from afar, so he said to his servant, "Here comes our Shunamite.
26現在你跑去迎接她,向她問安說:你好嗎?你的丈夫好嗎?你的孩子好嗎?」她回答說:「好。」26Run to meet her and ask: Are you well? How is your husband? And your son?" She answered, "Everything is all right."
27婦人上到山上,來到天主的人跟前,就抱住他的腳;革哈齊前來想推開她,可是天主的人說:「由她罷!因為她心中很痛苦;上主隱瞞了我,什麼也沒有告訴我。」27She went to the man of God, and embraced his feet. Then Gehazi came to draw her away, but the man of God said to him, "Leave her, for her soul is in bitter distress, and Yahweh has not made known to me nor has he revealed it to me."
28那婦人說:「我何嘗向我主求過一個兒子?我豈不是說過:你不要哄騙我嗎?」28She said, "Did I ask, my lord, for a son? Why have you deceived me?"
29厄里叟對革哈齊說:「你束上腰,手裡拿著我的棍杖前去;不論遇見誰,不要向他請安;不論誰向你請安,你也不要回答。你去把我的棍杖放在孩子的臉上。」29Elisha said to Gehazi, "Get ready, take my staff and go. If you meet anyone, do not stop to greet him; and if someone greets you, do not greet him in return. And as soon as you arrive, place my staff on the boy's face."
30孩子的母親說:「我指著永生的上主及你的性命起誓:你不去,我決不離開。」厄里叟就起身跟她去了。30But the boy's mother said, "I swear by Yahweh and by your life that I will not leave you." So Elisha arose and followed her.
31革哈齊在他們以先去了。將棍杖放在孩子的臉上,但是沒有聲音,沒有反應;他便回來見厄里叟,告訴他說:「孩子沒有醒來。」31Gehazi went on ahead and laid the staff on the boy's face, but the boy did not move or give any sign of life, so Gehazi returned to meet them and said, "The boy has not revived."
32厄里叟一來到她家,看見孩子死了,躺在自己的床上,32Elisha came into the house, and found the dead boy lying on his bed.
33就進去,關上門,房內只有他和孩子;先知先哀求了上主,33He entered, closed the door behind him, and prayed to Yahweh.
34然後上床,伏在孩子身上,自己的口對住孩子的口,自己的眼對住孩子的眼,自己的手按住孩子的手,屈身伏在孩子身上,孩子的肉身便漸漸溫暖了。34Then he lay upon the boy, put his mouth upon the boy's mouth, his eyes upon his eyes, his hands upon the boy's hands, and warmth returned to the boy's body.
35然後他下來,在屋內來回走了一趟;又上去,屈身伏在孩子身上,對著孩子呵了七口氣,孩子就睜開了眼睛。35Elisha came down and began walking to and fro. Then he went upstairs to stretch himself upon the boy, and the boy sneezed seven times and opened his eyes.
36厄里叟叫革哈齊來,對他說:「你叫那叔能婦人來。」他便去叫那婦人,婦人就來了。厄里叟說:「抱起你的孩子來!」36Elisha then called Gehazi and said, "Call the woman." And when she came, Elisha told her, "Take your son."
37婦人一進來,就俯伏在他腳前,叩首至地;然後起來,抱起自己的孩子出去了。37She bowed at his feet, then she took her son and went out.
38厄里叟又來到基耳加耳,那地方正遭受饑荒;眾先知的弟子坐在他面前,他吩咐自己的僕人說:「你在火上放上一個火鍋,給眾先知的弟子煮些菜湯。」38Elisha returned to Gilgal. There was great scarcity of food in the region, and when the fellow prophets came to sit with Elisha, he said to his servant, "Take the big pot and prepare some broth for the fellow prophets."
39有一個弟子出去到田間採菜,看見一棵野葡萄樹,從上面採了一滿兜野果子回來,切碎放在菜鍋裡,並不知道是什麼東西。39One of them went out into the field to gather herbs; he found a wild plant, from which he gathered poisonous fruits, enough to fill his cloak. When he came back, he cut them into pieces and put them in the pot where the broth was being prepared, for he did not know what they were.
40以後,他們把菜湯倒出來給眾人吃。眾人一嘗這菜湯,都喊叫說:「天主的人,鍋裡有致死的毒物啊!」眾人都不能吃。40Then the broth was served to the men to eat. But as soon as they tasted the soup, they cried out, "Man of God, this is pure poison!" So they did not eat any more.
41那時厄里叟說:「拿點麵來!」他把麵撒在鍋裡說:「倒出來給眾人吃罷!」鍋裡就再沒有什麼毒了。41Then Elisha said, "Bring me flour." And he put it into the pot. Then he said, "Serve these men and let them eat." And there was no longer anything harmful in the pot.
42有一個人從巴耳沙里沙來,在自己的行囊裡,給天主的人帶來了初熟大麥作的二十個餅和一些新麥穗。厄里叟說:「分給眾人吃罷!」42A man came from Baal-shalishad bringing bread and wheat to the man of God. These were from the first part of the harvest, twenty loaves of barley and wheat. Elisha told him, "Give the loaves to these men that they may eat."
43僕人說:「我怎能將這一點東西擺在一百人面前呢?」厄里叟說:「你儘管分給眾人吃,因為上主這樣說:眾人吃了,還有剩餘。」43His servant said to him, "How am I to divide these loaves among one hundred men?" Elisha insisted, "Give them to the men that they may eat, for Yahweh says: They shall eat and have some left over."
44於是僕人將食物擺在眾人面前,他們都吃了,並且還有剩餘,全應驗了上主的話。44So the man set it before them; and they ate and had some left, as Yahweh had said.
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