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編年紀下 2 Chronicles
1撒羅滿在耶路撒冷,即在他父親達味看見異像的摩黎雅山上,在耶步斯人敖爾難的禾場上,達味所準備的地方,興工建造上主的聖殿。1Solomon then began to build Yahweh's House in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah where David his father had a vision. It was the place prepared by David, the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.
2撒羅滿在即位後第四年二月興工建造。2Solomon began building in the second month of the fourth year of his reign, on the second day.
3撒羅滿為建造天主聖殿的基地,按照古尺度計算:長六十肘,寬二十肘。3The house which Solomon built was 90 feet long and 30 feet high.
4東廊的長度與聖殿的寬度相等,即二十肘,高二十肘,裡面全貼上純金。4The Hall in front of the Great Room of the Temple was 30 cubits long across the width of the house, and its height was 180 feet. He plated it on the inside with pure gold.
5大殿裡面先蓋上一層木板,再貼上純金,上面彫刻上棕樹和花環;5The Great Room he faced with juniper which he plated with pure gold, and on it set palms and festoons.
6又以寶石點綴聖殿,甚是華麗;金子都是帕爾瓦因金。6He adorned the building with precious stones of great beauty; the gold was gold from Parvaim,
7正殿、棟樑、門限、牆壁,以及門扇,都貼金子,牆上刻有革魯賓。7and with this he faced the house, the beams, thresholds, walls and doors; on the walls he carved cherubs.
8以後,建造了至聖所,長度與聖殿的寬度相等,即二十肘,寬度也是二十肘;內部貼了六百『塔冷通』純金。8He then built the Holy of Holies; its length, across the width of the Great Room, was 30 feet, and its width 30 feet. He plated it with 25 tons of fine gold;
9釘子重五十『協刻耳』金子;連樓閣也貼上了金子。9the gold nails weighed 20 ounces. He also plated the upper rooms with gold.
10在至聖所內,以刻工刻了兩個革魯賓,外面包上黃金;10In the Holy of Holies he made two cherubs of wrought metal work and plated them with gold.
11革魯賓的翅膀,共長二十肘:這邊革魯賓的一個翅膀長五肘,伸至這邊殿牆;另一個翅膀也長五肘,與另一個革魯賓的翅膀相接連。11The total span of the cherubs' wings was 30 feet, each being 7 1/2 feet long, with one wing touching the wall of the room, while the other touched that of the other cherub.
12這一個革魯賓的一個翅膀,也長五肘,伸至那邊殿牆;另一個翅膀也長五肘,與前一個革魯賓的翅膀相接連。12One wing of a cherub, 7 1/2 feet long, touched the wall of the apartment; the second, 7 1/2 feet long, touched the wing of the other cherub.
13兩個革魯賓的翅膀都伸開,共長二十肘;他們雙足站立,面向聖殿。13The spread of these cherubs' wings was 30 feet. They stood on their feet, facing the Hall.
14又用藍線、紫線、朱紅線和細麻,作了一帳幔,上面繡上革魯賓。14He made the Veil of violet, scarlet, crimson and fine linen; he worked cherubs on it.
15他又在殿造了兩根柱子,共長三十肘;每根柱子頂上有柱帽,高五肘。15In front of the Great room he made two pillars 52 feet high, and on the top of each a capital measuring 7 feet.
16又做了類似項鍊的花環,置於柱頭上;又作了一百個石榴,懸在花環上。16He set festoons like in the Holy of holies, at the tops of the pillars, and a hundred pomegranates which he placed on the festoons.
17把這兩根柱子立在殿前,一左一右:右邊的叫雅津,左邊的叫波阿次。17He set up the pillars in front of the house, one on the right, the other on the left; the one on the right he called Jachin, the one on the left Boaz.
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