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編年紀下 2 Chronicles
1全猶大人民立烏齊雅為王,繼承他父親阿瑪責雅,那時他十六歲。1Uzziah, who is sixteen years old, and, made him king in place of his father Amaziah.
2先王與祖先同眠以後,烏齊雅將厄拉特收回仍屬猶大,加以重建。2He rebuilt Elath and recovered it for Judah, after the death of Amaziah.
3烏齊雅登極時纔十六歲,在耶路撒冷作王凡五十二年;他母親名叫耶苛里雅,是耶路撒冷人。3Uzziah was sixteen years old when he became king and he reigned for fifty-two years in Jerusalem. His mother was Jecoliah, of Jerusalem.
4烏齊雅行了上主視為正義的事,完全像他父親阿瑪責雅所行的一樣。4He did what is pleasing to Yahweh, just as his father Amaziah had done;
5則加黎雅有生之日,由於他指導君王敬畏天主,所以君王時常尋求天主;在他尋求上主的時期內,天主使他事事順利。5he sought God in the lifetime of Zechariah, who taught him the fear of God. And for as long as he sought Yahweh, God gave him prosperity.
6他出兵攻打了培肋舍特人,破壞了加特、雅貝乃和阿市多得的城垣,在阿市多得境內和培肋舍特人中建築了一些城池。6He went out to fight the Philistines, tore down the walls of Gath, Jabneh and Ashdod, then rebuilt the towns in the area of Ashdod and in Philistine territory.
7天主協助他攻打了培肋舍特人和住在古爾巴耳的阿剌伯人以及瑪紅人。7God helped him defeat the Philistines, the Arabs, the inhabitants of Gurbaal and the Meunites.
8阿孟子民也向烏齊雅進貢,由於他的勢力極其強大,聲譽傳至埃及邊境。8The Ammonites paid tribute to Uzziah. His fame spread as far as the border of Egypt, since he had become very powerful indeed.
9烏齊雅在耶路撒冷的角門、谷門以及城角,建築了堡壘,加以設防。9Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem, at the Gate of the Corner, at the Gate of the Valley and at the Angle; and he fortified these.
10又在曠野修築了一些堡壘,開鑿了許多貯水池,因為他在平原和高原有很多的牲畜;又因他喜愛農業,所以在山地和田園裡,僱用了許多農夫和栽培葡萄的人。10He built towers in the wilderness too, and dug a great many cisterns, for he had large herds in the lowlands and on the tableland; and he had farmers and vinedressers in the hills and on the fertile lands; he was fond of agriculture.
11烏齊雅還備有能出征作戰的軍旅,照書記耶依耳和監察官瑪阿色雅所編定的數目,由君王的一位將帥哈納尼雅指揮。11Uzziah had an army ready for battle. They set out for war by turns, according to the census carried out by the scribe Jeiel and the registrar Maaseiah. Their commander was Hananiah, one of the king's officers.
12這些英勇戰士中的族長,總數為二千六百人。12The total number of heads of families among these valiant warriors was two thousand six hundred.
13他們屬下的軍隊,計有三萬七千五百人,都是善於作戰,協助君王征討敵人的勇士。13Under their command was a trained army of three hundred and seven thousand five hundred fighting men, a powerful force to support the king against the enemy.
14烏齊雅給他們全隊的人配備了盾牌、長槍、盔甲、弓箭和彈石。14Uzziah provided them with shields, spears, helmets, coats of armor, bows and sling stones, for each battle.
15在耶路撒冷又叫巧匠設製機械,放在堡壘和城角上,發射矢箭和大石彈。烏齊雅的名聲傳到遠方,因為他獲得了奇異的助佑,勢力極其強盛。15In Jerusalem he constructed engines, invented by experts, which were mounted on the towers and at the corners to fire arrows and great stones. His fame spread far and wide; for he was extraordinary in getting help until he was strong.
16他勢力強大了,便心高氣傲,以致自毀前途,竟敢冒犯上主他的天主,擅進上主的正殿,企圖在香壇上焚香。16But, as his power increased, he became so proud that he lost what he had gained. He defied Yahweh his God by going into the House to burn incense on the altar of incense.
17大司祭阿匝黎雅和八十個上主的勇敢司祭隨後進去,17Azariah the priest followed King Uzziah in, with eighty brave priests of Yahweh,
18阻止烏齊雅王說:「烏齊雅,給上主焚香不是你的事,而是亞郎子孫司祭的事,他們是受祝聖為行焚香禮的;請由聖殿裡出去,因為你越權,在上主天主面前也沒有光榮。」18to resist him. They said to him, "Uzziah, it is not for you to burn incense to Yahweh, but for the priests, the sons of Aaron, consecrated for the purpose. Leave the sanctuary; you have offended Yahweh God and you no longer have his blessing."
19烏齊雅發怒,手持香爐要獻香;他向司祭發怒時,就在上主殿內香壇旁,當著司祭面前,他的額上突然出現了癩病。19Uzziah, censer in hand for the burning incense, became angry with the priests and immediately, leprosy broke out on his forehead in the presence of the priests, in Yahweh's House, there by the altar of incense.
20大司祭阿匝黎雅和所有的司祭望著他,見他額上出現了癩病,便促使他出去;他自己便急忙出去,因為上主打擊了他。20Azariah the chief priest and all the other priests turned toward him and saw the leprosy on his forehead. They quickly hurried him out, and he himself was anxious to go, since Yahweh had punished him.
21烏齊雅身患癩病一直到死;因為他身患癩病,獨住在一間隔離的房裡,不能進入上主的殿。他的兒子約堂掌管朝廷,統治國家的百姓。21King Uzziah was a leper till his dying day. He lived in an isolated house, a leper, excluded from Yahweh's House. Jotham, his son, was master of the palace, and ruled the people of the country.
22烏齊雅前後其餘的事蹟,都由阿摩茲的兒子依撒意亞先知記了下來。22The rest of the history of Uzziah, from first to last, has been written by the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz.
23烏齊雅與祖先同眠,因為人說他有癩病,所以只將他葬在王陵的田間,祖先之旁;他的兒子約堂繼位為王。23Then Uzziah rested with his ancestors and they buried him in the ground where the tomb of the kings is, for they said, "He is a leper." His son Jotham succeeded him.
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