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編年紀下 2 Chronicles
1阿撒行了上主他的天主視為善,視為正直的事,1Asa did what is good and right in the eyes of Yahweh.
2除掉了外邦的祭壇和高丘,毀壞了柱像,拆除了木偶,2He removed the altars of foreign worship and the High places. He broke down the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah's trunks.
3並命令猶大應尋求上主他們祖先的天主,遵行他的法律和誡命,3He commanded the people of Judah to do the will of Yahweh, the God of their ancestors, and to observe the Law and its commands.
4也剷除了猶大各城內的高丘和太陽柱。那時,國家在他治下安享太平。4He removed the High places and the altars of incense in every town of Judah. The kingdom was at peace under his rule.
5他又在猶大修築了幾座堅城,因為境內平靖,數年沒有戰爭,上主賜予他平安。5He rebuilt the fortified towns of Judah, since the country was at peace, and there was no war during those years, for Yahweh granted him peace.
6阿撒對猶大人說:「我們必須建築這些城邑,四周建築城垣堡壘,安置大門和門閂;地域仍屬我們,是因為我們尋求了上主,我們的天主。我們既尋求了他,他便使我們四境平靖。」於是他們興工建築,事事順利。6He told the people of Judah, "Let us rebuild these towns and surround them with walls and towers, with gates and bars while we have control of this land, since we have done the will of Yahweh our God; and he has protected us and given us peace on every side."
7阿撒的軍隊,持盾執戈的猶大人三十萬,持牌挽弓的本雅明人二十八萬:這些人都是勇士。7They built and prospered. Asa had an army of three hundred thousand Judaeans armed with buckler and spear, and two hundred eighty thousand Benjaminites bearing shield and wielding the bow, all of them brave, well-trained men.
8那時,雇士人則辣黑率領百萬大軍,戰車三百輛,前來進攻,到了瑪勒沙。8Zerah the Cushite, with an army one million strong and three hundred chariots, made an incursion which reached to Mareshah.
9阿撒出來迎戰,陳兵在離瑪勒沙不遠的責法達山谷。9Asa marched against him and drew up his battle line in the Valley of Zephathah, at Mareshah.
10阿撒呼籲上主他的天主說:「上主!在強弱懸殊之下,無人能似你能施協助。上主,我們的天主!求你協助我們,因為我們只有依賴你,奉你的名來迎擊這支大軍。上主,你是我們的天主,不要讓人勝過你!」10He called on Yahweh, his God, "Yahweh, no one but you can stand up for the powerless against the powerful. Come to our help, Yahweh our God! We rely on you, and fight against this huge army in your name. Yahweh, you are our God. Let no one defeat you."
11於是上主在阿撒和猶大人前打擊了雇士人,雇士人遂逃走。11Yahweh defeated the Cushites when Asa and the Judaean army attacked them. The Cushites fled,
12阿撒帶著跟隨他的軍民,追擊他們直至革辣爾。雇士人甚至沒有一個活的,都喪亡了,因為他們為上主和他的軍隊擊潰。猶大人奪取了很多財物。12and Asa pursued them with his army as far as Gerar. The Cushites fell even to the last for they had been overpowered by Yahweh and his camp. They collected great amounts of loot.
13他們又攻破了革辣爾四周所有的城池,因為上主的恐怖籠罩了這些城池;猶大人又將所有的城擄掠一空,因為城中有許多財物。13They conquered all the towns in the area of Gerar, for the terror of Yahweh had fallen on these towns and they plundered them all since they were full of loot.
14隨後又毀壞了群畜的圍欄,掠取了許多羊群和駱駝,便回耶路撒冷去了。14They also attacked the camps of some shepherds and carried off great numbers of sheep and camels; then they returned to Jerusalem.
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