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格林多前書 1 Corinthians
1我若能說人間的語言,和能說天使的語言;但我若沒有愛,我就成了個發聲的鑼,或發響的鈸。1If I could speak all the human and angelic tongues, but had no love, I would only be sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.
2我若有先知之恩,又明白一切奧秘和各種知識;我若有全備的信心,甚至能移山;但我若沒有愛,我什麼也不算。2If I had prophecy, knowing secret things with all kinds of knowledge, and had faith great enough to remove mountains, but had no love, I would be nothing.
3我若把我所有的財產全施捨了,我若捨身投火被焚;但我若沒有愛,為我毫無益處。3If I gave everything I had to the poor, and even gave up my own body, but only to receive praise and not through love, it would be of no value to me.
4愛是含忍的,愛是慈祥的,愛不嫉妒,不誇張,不自大,4Love is patient, kind, without envy. It is not boastful or arrogant. It is not ill-mannered nor does it seek its own interest.
5不作無禮的事,不求己益,不動怒,不圖謀惡事,5Love overcomes anger and forgets offenses.
6不以不義為樂,卻與真理同樂:6It does not take delight in wrong, but rejoices in truth.
7凡事包容,凡事相信,凡事盼望,凡事忍耐。7Love excuses everything, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
8愛永存不朽,而先知之恩,終必消失;語言之恩,終必停止;知識之恩,終必消逝。8Love will never end. Prophecies may cease, tongues be silent and knowledge disappear.
9因為我們現在所知道的,只是局部的;我們作先知所講的,也只是局部的;9For knowledge grasps something of the truth and prophecy as well.
10及至那圓滿的一來到,局部的就必要消逝。10And when what is perfect comes, everything imperfect will pass away.
11當我是孩子的時候,說話像孩子,看事像孩子,思想像孩子;幾時我一成了人,就把孩子的事丟棄了。11When I was a child I thought and reasoned like a child, but when I grew up, I gave up childish ways.
12我們現在是藉著鏡子觀看,模糊不清,到那時,就要面對面的觀看了。我現在所認識的,只是局部的,那時我就要全認清了,如同我全被認清一樣。12Likewise, at present we see dimly as in a faulty mirror, but then it shall be face to face. Now we know in part, but then I will know as I am known.
13現今存在的,有信、望、愛這三樣,但其中最大的是愛。13Now we have faith, hope and love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.
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